coffee swap time!


    My partner is Rowena, somebody totally new (OK OK, new to me)!!

    So, in case you don’t already know,

  1. Whole bean or ground? Whole bean.
  2. Fully loaded or decaf? Usually fully loaded, but I do like a hearty, rich decaf.
  3. Regular or flavored? Regular please.
  4. How do I drink my coffee? HOT and with some half and half. Oops, just finished a mug with a bit of likker, it being after dinner and I having missed my afternoon brew…
  5. Favorite coffee ever? Um, I blather rather a lot about it, Carrabassett Coffee, but I am open to new adventures. I haven’t had that wicked good Jamaican or Kona stuff… that’s what I want out of the swap, to be sitting in the tropics on the veranda sipping the good stuff, with a rum boy to attend to my every whim.
  6. Am I fussy about my coffee? Um, well, you saw (scroll down to “exfoliate”) what I did with the Green Mountain stuff…
  7. Favorite treats to have with coffee? Oooh, lots… chocolate dark and rich, rich chocolatey cake, chocolate, oh, did I say chocolate? M&M’s have to make do at work sometimes…
  8. Anything else about coffee preferences? I like rich coffees… they don’t have to be dark, but I like rich over winey or acidy… like Tanzanian Peaberry, Guatamala Huehuetenengo, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea… and I love a good French Roast
  9. Yarn/Fiber I love? Yes. OK, love natural fibers… all sorts.
  10. Yarn/Fiber I hate? Plasticy stuff. Though I admit to thinking lately about fun fur, in several colors of green to make a grass skirt using board shorts as a starter (I saw this someplace… is nearly 48 too old for this sort of behaviour??)
  11. What’s on my needles? Yawn. Navy cotton fleece garter stitch baby sweater, though it’s looking more toddler-sized. And right now that’s it! OH NO, forgot about the other dh sweater…
  12. What’s on my mind to go on my needles? Slinky greenish scarfy/headwrap; finger puppets (spider, maybe centipede, other bugs, snake?); baby surprise jacket; crazy mittens with liners; a lopi sweater for me… the list goes on and on and on…
  13. Favorite colors? Earthy, deep, warm, autumny, natural. I like to look at the deep blues, but mostly they don’t do well for me (though sometimes they do…), not much for the pastels.
  14. Allergies? No.
  15. Anything else? Time, I want more time.


Stay tuned… More about Zero tomorrow!

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    Emily said,

    January 30, 2009 @ 9:55 pm

    Yes, do the grass skirt. I don’t know how well it would work, but I’d love to see it!

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