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Yesterday we went for a boat ride. I think kiddo liked going fast on the open water, but I could have spent all the time standing on the bow of the boat in the estuaries….
dolphins (23)
(biggify to see the baby’s nose!)

dolphins (15) dolphins (16)
Swimming in the wake of the boat, and leaping! That was pretty exciting!! We saw a bunch of dolphins on the south end of Estero Bay, and the mama and baby is from the estuary by Wiggins Pass.

The day before, kiddo and I headed up to Sanibel Island to go shelling. A little internet research said the Lighthouse Beach was the place to go.
sanibel19april lighthouse (2)

We got there early, but there weren’t the amazing humongous shells on the beach like people write about. It was still lovely. Because of the causeway currents, you can’t swim there (and besides, it was early and the water, though much warmer than Maine’s coast, wasn’t all that enticing to go in more than knee high). We got a small bucket of small shells, saw plovers (I think they were plovers),
sanibel19april plovers (3)
a live sea urchin, washed up sponges (?? they were heavy!), and early on I just pushed my foot through what I thought was seaweed, but what was really this,
sanibel19april_pufferfish (2)

It was dead, and covered in weeds, but it hurt! I still have the marks on my toe! We also went to the shell museum, which was small but really interesting (kiddo thought so too). We missed Ding Darling, but that’s a trip in itself. I thought Sanibel looked like a great place to really get away from it all and hang in one spot (if you like beaches and birds). I also had to go to the Goodwill on the island. Came out with a cashmere sweater for my bathrobe project.

A couple of days earlier we went to the Southwest Florida Museum of History, which had a King Tut exhibit going (reproductions, so sad, but mom-who saw the real stuff-said that you saw so much more here). They also had a Pullman car to play in… and we did! The sleeping room had a pull down bunk, a small bureau, and a chair next to the bureau. But it wasn’t just a chair… Lift up the seat and it’s the commode!
swfl museum pullman car (2) swfl museum pullman car (3)
And because sanitation is important, once you’re done wiping your arse, you pull down the back of the seat to get to the sink!
swfl museum pullman car (4) swfl museum pullman car (5)

We cracked ourselves up, the kiddo was amused but put on a good teenager face,
swfl museum pullman car

We got our kitty fix,
emily (2)
vatch out, i vill try to suck your blud (Emily)

max (3)
No, really, I’m not looking at your wool, I’m not interested in yarn, no, really (Max)

Off to see alligators (we hope) in a bit at Corkscrew.

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  1. 1

    Molly Bee said,

    April 21, 2010 @ 8:00 am

    I’m so glad you’re having a good trip. Lots of animals! YAY!

  2. 2

    Chris said,

    April 22, 2010 @ 7:59 am

    Looks like a fun and lovely visit! (Hi, Emily! Hi, Max!)

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