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ummm, where did that come from?

April 6th, 2009 by knitnzu

So the Sportsman’s Show yesterday was interesting. I saw and heard lots of things that made me scratch my head…

Babies in camo. Me? I’d want mine in bright orange or pink. But then I’m not out sneaking up on creatures.

Speaking of babies,
So of course (after I was done with my shift) I had to go ask, how does one come by a baby moose? Road kill.

I suppose, and I suppose this could be used in some sort of educational or museum display.

But this is just wrong,
I don’t care if the bear cub was road kill… Making a table out of it is not right. And did you notice the lamp? I wonder if this lives in a place that has an umbrella stand made of an elephant foot. Or a lampshade of human skin? Or a collection of tattoeed skins?

I mean, what’s next?

Let me say that I have nothing against hunting, or trapping, when done responsiby, though I do neither and have no desire to do so.

In my life before marriage I dated a trapper and ran his trap line with him one morning. A raccoon got caught in one of the traps intended for beaver (I think, maybe muskrat), and when we got there the trapper shot the raccoon. Which was the responsible thing to do. But it was hard for me.

One moment life, the next not life. Death.

Not long after (when we were no longer dating, for many reasons), I was doing some wetland survey work with my friend A and in the late afternoon we came upon a turkey in a leghold trap. I remember being very upset that the trapper (NOT the one I’d dated!) had not checked his lines by that time of day (though I have no idea why I knew that). The turkey had worked so hard to get out of the trap that it had totally dislocated its toe. So I cut it off (it was just skin by this point) and he ran away very quickly. I was really, really angry, and when we walked out of the woods, who did we bump into? Big, mean, and ugly trapper. You know how some people just radiate an aura that you want nothing to do with? He was one of those. I figured he’d be pissed that somebody messed with one of his traps, but I also figured it served him right. I hoped he’d wonder about finding one toe. And realize that we had cut it off. Coupla girls.

so what was good about the show?

Spending the morning with Scott, a Forest Ranger, hiding here,
and meeting some other folks, but the best thing?

The dogs.

Here’s one, a walking announcement…
They were all so well behaved.