Spring! Snow melt contest!

Well, it seems it has become a tradition to have a contest to guess when the big piles of snow at work will melt (check out the category “contest” down on the right side). As it is the first day of spring, it’s time to announce the contest!

Guess when these piles of snow will melt. As in be ALL gone, no ice in the mud, just damp. There are two piles of snow this year, so whichever melts LAST.

Pile 1 (this has been the bigger pile in the past couple years, but not this year).
snowpiles (3) snowpiles (2)

Pile 2 (this was the bigger pile in the first few years, and seems to be this year too).
snowpiles (4) snowpiles (1)

Rule! One guess. Put it in the comments in this post.

Deadline for guesses! March 30, 5 pm.

Two winners! One will be chosen randomly, and one will be the winner for the closest date to the actual all gone and melted date. In the unlikely event that two people guess the same date and it is the melt date, I’ll draw randomly. If two people guess either side of the melt date, I’ll take the one who guesses the closest date BEFORE it is all gone vs after.

Prizes! Fair warning, I’m destashing… If a non-knitter wins, I’ll grab a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Possibilities include yarn or fiber, enough for a small project. Here are some, but there is more… If you have a website or Ravelry profile, I’ll look around and see what you have and like to work with and offer some things that I think you might like.

greta socks purple (1) alpafina str berylmeilenweit french twist carezza handpaint originals firefly (1) meilenweit perhaps

I have some spinning fiber, but no pictures. And 6 Encore Worsted in an orange/pink/white, great for a small girl… happy to send all of that off, enough for a sweater.

26 thoughts on “Spring! Snow melt contest!

  1. Iba a decir 23 de abril porque aquí es la fiesta del libro y de la rosa, un día precioso, pero como ya lo han dicho voy a apostar por el cumpleaños de mi hermano: april 21st.

  2. I’m going with May 29th – Mother would have been 97 on that day…

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com