buttons! … and bugs…

I didn’t get much sewing done (which is where I’m at, sew up the sides and sleeves and then knit bands along each front side).

But I did get some buttons!
buttons 037

I’ll use the ones on the left, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to easily change them out for the skulls. For when I’m, um, hormonal. Maybe they’d be an early warning system for people, “Danger Danger Will Robinson“.

Or maybe I should plant a poison garden. (Check out those photos, this woman has a wicked, and wicked funny, sense of humor)


Anybody else been finding it extremely slow lately?

The Hunt for the Comet Darner!

These are a type of dragonfly, that according to a wildlife biologist I know are very, very difficult to catch. Which makes this story all the more exciting. For us bug geeks anyhow. And maybe these young men have a new perspective on the world around them now.

Weird bug lady

Have you seen her work? Recently a plush tardigrade was shown on the craftzine blog. But check out her flickr account, whoa!

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  1. 1

    Blogless Carrie said,

    May 21, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

    Wow – feeling a little dark today? Love the buttons, love the poison garden photos. Will have to look at the bugs later….

    Cheers –

  2. 2

    Emily said,

    May 21, 2009 @ 9:39 pm

    I agree, I like the buttons on the left better. But those skulls are so tempting!

  3. 3

    Dotty said,

    May 22, 2009 @ 12:08 am

    Love the skully buttons. Yes, there is a way to have both buttons. When you knit the bands, knit both of them with button holes. Then sew one skully button to one plain one. Insert them into the button holes like you would on a tuxedo shirt.

  4. 4

    Chris said,

    May 22, 2009 @ 8:17 am

    Oh, the skully buttons are excellent!

  5. 5

    Amy said,

    May 22, 2009 @ 8:44 am

    Those skull buttons are most excellent. Where did you find them?

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