Winston got his mouse and other goodies! Obviously he is pleased.

Oh I love you, you addictive little nip

Remember the pic of all the cat goodies? There was one odd brown thing in the back…it was a triangle of some veloury yarn with eyelash (something headed for the trash at LYS). I stuffed it with catnip and folded it over, sort of like a wonton . My brother (Winston now keeps him) received this package, at the jail . He was excited…must be the mice! But as he opened the package, and the brown item came out, his co-workers asked him WHAT is THAT? He had no idea, hmmm, is it a cock and ball warmer? So, thinking it was something racy, he stuffed it back into the box post-haste. I had to clarify things for him. It’s a cat toy!

Do you know about kiva ? You get to lend some money (even small amounts) to an entrepreneur in the developing world (you get to choose who and what for), they repay the money to kiva after about a year, you get your money back and can either reinvest or take it and go. My brother wants to give a kiva “gift” to my son and our neices…I say “YOU BET!” What a great idea!

I leave you with

I may be striped but I am NOT jail bait

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