Montego Bay

I have been daydreaming about hanging out at the beach under a shady umbrella being attended to by a rum boy (for drinks!)… so you might think I was thinking of this Montego Bay… but no

It is the Montego Bay Scarf.
montegobay 004
(I am drinking that coffee right now… the green sheep amuses me, it’s a second from Robbi because the glaze wasn’t supposed to flash up on on the sheep)

One would think this scarf is a simple thing, and it is… so why did it take me at least five starts? At least one or two was because I hate having a 3 foot long tail. I read about this scarf in Ravelry… folks were saying it gets longer and narrower (which makes sense), so I cast on about 10 extra stitches… Got up an inch or so and realized I couldn’t keep row 2 and 4 straight, ripped, got up about 4 inches and realized it was way too wide, so cast on fewer extra stitches, got up an inch or two and thought still too wide, so then cast on only 2 extra stitches… it is still rather wide (I am a bit of a loose knitter), but I’m going with it. That little bubble at the top of the photo (base of the scarf)? It’s not just because of how it is laying there… Maybe it’ll block out, maybe that’s what the fringe is for…

montegobay 009

Interweave Knits

Am I just in a whiney mood or does anybody else out there think that IK is not what it used to be?

Granted, there are always things that I like (such as Sean’s Harvard Square Caps-hey check out that great Komi hat on his blog!) and will make (witness the scarf above), but part of the fun is really looking hard at the patterns, or rather the finished objects.

I also really really really do not like the new layout. When the layout first changed, I wrote the editor to say how much I did not like it. And then I compared side by side Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 and found that there are some things I do like in the new version. I sent this off to the previous editor, and also recently when Eunny became editor… but I haven’t heard back.

Mostly though, I think IK is trying to capitolize on VK’s pictures in the front-patterns in the back set up. This works for VK, because the patterns in the back are just that… just the patterns, squished all together and no ads, like an encyclopedia of patterns.

But for IK, I get to the middle of the magazine, or sometimes through the first third, and then there’s little to hold my interest to read the rest of it. Which, the advertisers should know, means I don’t see their ads. I also find IK’s way of pointing you to the pattern harder to follow than VK’s simple numbering of each pattern, but I guess this makes sense if IK is going to spread the pattern over 2 or 3 pages.

And what’s with all these design features like the dots across the tops of pages 58-61, pale circles in the middle of the photos, and tire tracks down the sides of the pages?

It doesn’t work for me. Especially the little dots, because they obscure the photo of the knitted item.

now to be really snarky

What is with the bobbles on the cover sweater? Honestly, all I could think of was skin tags. “Bobbled nosegay panels” in my mind screamed “booby skintag panels“. I admit to prejudice over these, because in my mind lots of bobbles on a sweater are akin to being breasted like artemis.

To be fair, the bonus photos over at IK’s website are better than the extra photos in the hard copy. And it is basically a decent cardigan.

And we all have our opinions of what we like and what we don’t, and I love that… I might like something you think is absolutely hideous (I have been thinking about something like this pattern, so I am intrigued by the Pfeiffer Falls pattern), and vice-versa… but isn’t that what makes it all so interesting??

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  1. 1

    Chris said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 10:07 am

    Thanks for the mug link! I hear ya on IK. I hate the new layout. HATE HATE HATE. And really, there’s no excuse for bobbles.

  2. 2

    mollybee said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 11:32 am

    Snort~Bobble skin tags! I don’t like IK anymore either. I liked the holiday gift issue but I haven’t purchased the past few regular issues. Don’t like the layout and there are very few patterns that anyone would actually wear unless you’re on a knitter’s catwalk somewhere!

    Remedy for 3 foot long tail. (You won’t need your tinfoil hat for this one). You ready? *Snip*. :-)

  3. 3

    mia said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

    Oh what a coincidence?! I’m gonna be IN Montego Bay in about two weeks! Ya hoo – I’ll make ssure and have a fruity drink and a few extra stares at all the cute waiters by the pool for ya :)

  4. 4

    Emily said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

    Eh, IK can’t be everything to every body. I haven’t bought it in a while, but that’s nothing to do with the projects. I did look at the preview for this winter and nothing jumped out as a must knit, but then again hardly anything does these days.

    That color of blue is gawgeous.

  5. 5

    limedragon :-: Harriet said,

    November 20, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

    That’s a cute mug! I’ve bookmarked the potter, thanks! :)

    I do miss the old IK layout. That was great, having the pics and pattern together. On the other hand, I like how IK has “themes” now.

    Such a pretty blue you’re using for Montego Bay!

  6. 6

    Sara said,

    November 20, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

    I so want to knit Montego Bay someday… I can’t wait to see it finished!!

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