Temperaments and Telephones

Taken out of chronological order, but presented in order of smoochyloviness…


I helped a friend temperament test a litter of puppies this morning!

These are cousins to my girls, as the puppies’ mom, Bear, is my girls’ auntie. This was a mixed litter. Three boys have a German shepherd dog father, two boys and two girls have a border collie father (Bear is half border collie and half yellow lab). It was a pretty even litter, temperament-wise, though there was some variation, and definite differences between the pups with the different fathers (the border collie pups were more interested in fetch and overall more mature).

It was a great puppy fix!

bear puppies 4 nov 2012 (1)

bear puppies 4 nov 2012 (12) bear puppies 4 nov 2012 (14)

bear puppies 4 nov 2012 (16) bear puppies 4 nov 2012 (19)

The two girls went home with their new owners today.


We were without internet for two weeks and a day. Felt like an eternity. Felt like living in the dark ages.

All because Fairpoint isn’t good at maintaining their equipment, and we had an old circuit out in the Network Interface Device (NID).

And because it took four days for GWI to let me know that testing the modem at the NID indicates the problem is outside the house. GWI is our phone and internet provider, but Fairpoint maintains the lines, or they supposedly do.

During those four days, however, I totally re-wired all the phone lines, from the NID to all the jacks.

phone wiring (6) phone wiring (2)

I don’t have any in process pics in the cellar, but here’s my brother’s favorite part of my cellar…
phone wiring (3)

The phone lines are all behind that “blow out” in the wall. This wall is between the main part of the house (with its dirt floor cellar) and the ell (concrete floor, as is below the barn and old carport).

Anyhow, it was an extremely frustrating process trying to get the tech support to believe that there was a problem outside the house, and to get one of their techs out here to confirm that. And that yes, I do have great sounding phone lines when there is no modem plugged in (Fairpoint tested this at some point).

And I had a colonoscopy about a week after it all went down, which meant no internet (Netflix) during the prep! As we also have no cable tv service (our only means of any tv reception), there was also no tv.

Thankfully I have friends who lent me dvds to watch. Firefly was the series of choice during the whole colon cleansing episode. If you haven’t seen it, it’s great fun… think space western, ala Whedon.

Who cracks me up.

Remember to vote on Tuesday!

(and all good news on the colon front… except for that nasty bruise where the needle went in my arm, and then I found another nasty bruise elsewhere during a fool body tick check. I figured if a clean needle stick made lovely colors, then, well, um… but it was all good).

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    sam said,

    November 4, 2012 @ 8:55 pm

    I just saw that joss video today – it was hysterical. my bf and I watched it in tensioned silence in the beginning, and then relaxed into laughing. pups are too cute!

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