Common Ground 2012

The Fair!

I took last Friday off to go to the Common Ground Fair, just to play. It was great! I thought I was going to go to a bunch of presentations, but I only made one. And I didn’t take too many pictures.

Listening to Leslie Wood Paul. She was giving the talk about Traditional Passamaquoddy Medicines for Fredda, What my Grandmother Taught Me. She was charming and I’m sorry I didn’t get to hear Fredda this year. There will be another time for sure.

common ground fair 2012 (1)

And the critters, of course. There were many, many more sights, sounds, smells, and creatures (4 and 2-legged), but you’ll just have to imagine…
common ground fair 2012 (3) common ground fair 2012 (9)
common ground fair 2012 (13) common ground fair 2012 (11)

I might have come home with some yarn from … I now have more than enough to mix and match colors to make several fabulous hats.

High Fashion, or Fashion Criminalista

I wore my knit skirt, and it got lots of comments and compliments. I kept telling people “you can make this too, the pattern is free at Knitty

It was much like this, but this was another day (crappy photo, sorry)…
new boots (1)

Between then and now I found some new boots! I have had the lust for some Frye boots, but they pinch my toes, and I’ve never felt like spending over $200 to be uncomfortable… so I was thrilled to find these for $50, and they’re comfy. Not the classics that Fryes are, but they’ll do.
new boots (2)

In the Garden

I’ve been loving the morning glories out on the trellis. And also the sun gold tomatoes… num num!
garden 14 sep (2)

Morning dew on a foggy morning… Amazing spinner with tiny jeweled beads…
garden 14 sep (13) garden 14 sep (12)

And in other news

The mushroom sweater is done and blocked. I just need a photo of Don in it.

And my brother from California is visiting! He turned 50 yesterday, and we went exploring the Old Max (the maximum security forensic unit at the old mental health institute). He thought it was a great birthday present, especially the graffiti that said F*&* the Cops. Yes, we got a photo of him there too…
old max 110

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    sara said,

    October 9, 2012 @ 1:06 am

    Hey. I’m back to reading blogs…what fun it was to see you and spend time at Fiber College…

    I want to go to Old Max!!! Sounds wicked cool!

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