rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the river

Well, floating…

Today several of us floated and paddled the Kennebec River 9 miles from Sidney to Augusta. It was lovely to be on the water on this hot day. We kept cool! We saw 8 eagles, a bunch of kingfisher, a few great blue herons, an osprey, and several jumping sturgeon!

There’s a bunch of these “islands” in the river, from back in the day when they floated logs for the timber industry (aka log boom piers, this link shows the ones just south of Augusta). Usually they span the river, but the ones we saw here went along the west side of the river. They were used to pen the logs for a time before sending them down to the mills.
kayak 013

Here’s a PBS video about log driving on the Kennebec, which took place until 1976!

Can you see the eagle?
kayak 018

kayak 022 kayak 023
kayak 024 kayak 029
kayak 032 kayak 042

Here is somebody else’s old blog post about paddling the river, from Waterville to Augusta.

Do you recognize that Canoeing Canadian? She was a Kayaking Canadian today, and she didn’t bring her cat this time!

She spotted the dead animal (young fox we believe… the skull sutures didn’t look right for adult), skull and bones and bits of fur and skin. She even picked up the skull… but I poked at it to get the gobs of leathery skin and fur off (because even with the dysosmia, I could tell it reeked), and a tooth got stuck in my finger! The stick I was using slipped and the tooth was hiding in the fur. It landed in the bottom of the river. It stuck just like a rose thorn, but it bled pretty well. Luckily rabies isn’t a concern with an animal as long dead as this one was.

I put the skull on the back of Linda’s boat… when we finally landed in Augusta it got baggied up. But phew! Nobody wanted to be upstream (downwind) of her for the rest of the ride!
kayak 021

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    Chris said,

    July 16, 2012 @ 7:20 am

    Ewwww about the fox skull. Other than that it sounds like a lovely way to spend a hot day.

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