friday night lites

Well, really I took the pics on Thursday night. While driving through the rotaries. Maybe that’s why these places are high accident areas? (Knitting at the end of the post…)

East side, and west… no need to embiggen, they are fuzzy (I was driving)…
litesrotary litesrotary3

How about the landscaping at home?
That’s a weeping katsura, rhododendron, and the deck rail…

Wednesday was my last day of jury duty. Report at 9, so time for a morning walk with the girls. I’ve been rather taken with the light on the dried goldenrod heads.  Doesn’t quite translate in the photo…

Once there, half dozen or so of us discovered that between the time we got the message to report (Monday night) and Tuesday night, the reporting time changed to 10. But we couldn’t leave. Glad to have some knitting! And then yet another hour went by, we filed into the courtroom (in a very specific order and fashion), to be told that our presence (our awesome presence) helped settle the case without a trial. So we were dismissed! I was a bit disappointed. The judge is a character, and I thought a day in court with him would be not only educational, but also entertaining.

Here’s what I was working on,
fri 018
a sport weight version of blue hills

This is fuzzy, but you can see all the little balls…helmet1
I ripped a legwarmer (yes, just one, I have yet to rip the other) I made some years ago. The yarn is Nomotta Extra, which I like very much. And I like the colors, so I was glad to find a use for my little balls. The tweedy yarn is Wildfoote in mums. The colors match exactly! Sadly the finished hat is a bit small for the original intendee, so it’ll go to his younger brother. I’ve started another, but have no more lovely tweedy yarn to work with it.

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    Patricia said,

    December 1, 2007 @ 11:44 pm

    I’m so jealous that you were on a jury, as it is so unlikely I’ll ever be. :( and I know you’re disappointed about not serving, but your presence truly IS awesome. So, is your service over now? Love the baby sweater. Hope Gracie’s feeling ok now – what a scare! and hope that later you’ll tell me who the judge was.

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