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even the dreary foggy mornings are beautiful

April 5th, 2009 by knitnzu

Trek chose the pink bag! Congratulations to Trek!

in this morning’s news

Now that you’ve shot it, how do you cook it? The photos were not appealing. This is where I’m going today. Good thing I enjoy most people, even ones who I don’t share a lot with.

yesterday’s fog

Doesn’t it look like they are at the edge of the world?
fog 032

This is what is just over the edge of the world,
fog 034

I love this place. It’s just an old quarry pit (right at this photo above), but I still love it. It feels so northern to me. Not the northern forests, obviously, but still northern. Some days in some places I smell sweet fern, some days the pines, but it’s the days when I smell balsam poplar that I realize how much I like this place.

And then there’s the sound of 8 rampaging paws thundering into the water,
fog 037
(this goes away as the season gets hotter and drier).

Aren’t the colors subtle and beautiful?
fog 042 fog 038
I totally understand the mythology of people from misty cool places. Maybe at some level these stories are part of my bones.

Right now to get here, one has to walk all the way through the cemetery (after Memorial Day, the gates are open and one can drive to the back of the cemetery, which is also the local meet and great place, mostly for men).

On the left, all the “beds”, and on the right, you can almost see the tree I call The Sentinel,
fog 050 fog 062

Isn’t it lovely?
fog 058

And at home, little drops of water on the moss on our wall,
If I was a really good bryologist, I’d know what this is… but I’m not and I don’t. I would guess that it’s a Bryum. If you have a vague interest in mosses, check out the International Association of Bryologists Blog, especially the topic links on the left. You’ll find some basic info (what is bryology), and course info… they have the Eagle Hill class announcements posted. I’ve always wanted to go there, but for one reason and another have not been able. Nancy Slack is teaching a class, and she’s a great teacher for beginners, as well as for more advanced students.