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snow melt contest winner part 1

April 4th, 2009 by knitnzu


The winner in the random drawing for the snowmelt contest is trek!

But apparently not everybody is totally addicted to checking their email and blog comments…

I’ll let you know what color bag she chooses.

Thanks to all who entered, and special thanks to those who pumped the bags and the contest on their own blogs.

And again, huge thanks to Jo and Charlie of Nantuckett Bagg for sending the bags to me, free, to give away to you!

Good luck to the rest of you on guessing the actual date!

It’s been rainy, and warmish (above freezing at night), so mud season (aka “spring” in other parts of the country) has begun.

I saw a red nub in the yard this morning… rhubarb beginning to poke out. We didn’t plant it…

Am working at the Sportsman’s Show tomorrow morning. The Department has a booth, and folks from all of the bureaus and programs are helping out. So if you’re there on Sunday morning, come say hello!