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April 2nd, 2009 by knitnzu

Remember the contest, it ends tomorrow!

Snow Melt Contest with prizes of Nantucket Baggs and fiber!

Enter your guess on the contest post please.

evidence of spinning

So here’s what I spun up (trying for thin) from the samples from Amy’s class (posting at lunch, so this will be light on links!).
evidence spinning
Some eensy “skeins” there… I love love love the color and feel of the yellow wool/tencel blend, but I have a hard time spinning it… maybe I need to get more tension in it so it doesn’t fall apart on me.

evidence of knitting

evidence knitting
The back of the sweater is nearly done, less than an inch to go.

And notice that most of the snow seems to be gone in my front yard, though you can still see some where it got piled up, which leads us to

evidence of spring

evidence garlic
Now you may be thinking WTF (mud?), but what it is is the garlic bed, with little garlic shoots coming up! You get an inkling of the backyard slope here…

See, green and growing garlic,
evidence garlicshoot

… and this little beauty made its way through about six inches of leaves…
evidence crocus

evidence bags

No not really, these are the contest prize bags!
evidence bags