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Coquito, a squid, and a couple trees

December 18th, 2006 by knitnzu

The squid is off! I’ve been calling her Celia the Cephalopod. Thank you Libby for felting her for me. It seems my washer no longer felts…9 times through and poor Celia was in the sorry state you saw previously.

I am NOT too phallic for a child!

Yes, we got an xmas tree. Of course dh had us all stomp to the back of the lot to be sure we saw them all. I was taken by the ones with “personality”. He likes a fuller tree. He does the cutting and carries the heavy end, so I let him decide. After it was up and had lights, he said “I believe we have achieved the perfect compromise”. (I could not have done this pic like this if I’d tried, but Nick and I really like it).

No, you haven’t had too much coquito…yet

Nick grabbed something off the ground and declared “My tree”. He even decorated it. I like it a lot!

Charlie Brown?

My aunt thinks there are not enough ornaments on my xmas trees. So, Aunt Linda, I counted them as I put them up. There are 150 on the tree. I think that is a lot. I have about as many off the tree as on (heavy things and a basket of small things including home-made felted ornaments from the 1970′s…I like to look at these, so the basket sits around). My relatives need to remember that I don’t have an artificial tree, so I can’t hang many heavy ornaments. And this year, I could only hang 4 heavy ones because of all the light branches. And nothing glass on the bottom 2-3 feet. Nick put up some glass balls for me today, and, well, read about who came, and you can imagine I had the vac out pretty quickly so nobody got hurt. Then I dropped the vac wand and busted a couple more!

Sid came to visit today. He and Zuzu are wild. Gracie tried to join in a bit, but they are too much for her, so she ran around next to them, just outside their circle. They all got on fine, though I am SURE that at one point Zuzu sauntered past Gracie and sneered “He’s mine”.

Gracie, Sid, Zuzu

I made another batch of Coquito this afternoon.
Coquito or Puerto Rican Eggnog

I think this came from the Live with Regis and Kelly show, 2003 holiday season (I was on the couch with some respiratory ailment, which is why I was watching this show). It is very yummy. Makes 1.5 liters.

Simmer 8 whole cloves, 3 large cinnamon sticks, 6 whole star anise in 2 cups water on low heat until spice essence is released. Strain, reserving the liquid.

Mix spice liquid, 750 ml rum, 8 oz. coco lopez (cream of coconut), and 8 oz. condensed milk in a blender.

Pour into chilled pitcher or glasses (if you want to drink right away). Keeps one week. Refrigeration is not needed.

This is what I do differently…I use the whole can of coco lopez and the whole can of condensed milk (they come in ~15 oz cans). I use 3 cups water, 12 cloves, 4-5 cinn sticks, 9 or so anise, and only about 2/3 the bottle of rum. It’s still wicked strong. I keep it on a cold windowsill.