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Fiber College!

September 15th, 2012 by knitnzu

Last Friday (a week ago), I headed up to Searsport for Fiber College. I had friends who were staying there and I went with friends who were taking classes. I was just playing. But I got put to work in the afternoon, because I was the human model for Gale Zucker’s photography class. The entire day was a great lot of fun.

Very foggy when we arrived,
fiber college 007

And even though I was cold and needed to put my leggings on under my shorts, I still had to put my feet in the water,
fiber college 010

Saw the work of a most awesome spinner,
fiber college 017
for which I was extremely grateful.

Fiber College was held at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground. They have really beautiful grounds, right on the ocean, and lovely gardens. Here’s the “naughty finger” plant for Diana, who broke her wrist while she was camping here!
fiber college 104

I learned a lot in Gale’s photography class, even though I wasn’t behind a camera… I got to play too in the first part of the class, and I was assigned “yellow”. I think I got some good pics, but they’re not loaded up yet.

And I did another “model” thing this summer, for a breast cancer awareness calendar… also not loaded up yet, but I’ll post about that soon.

It took about a week, but I finally took some photos of my “haul” from the vendors… It was a really foggy morning on my way to work, and I stopped by the river to take some photos
foggy morning (3)

Alpaca/silk from Portland Fiber Gallery
fields of gold roving (6) fields of gold roving (4)
It is SO soft… so cuddly… I can’t wait to get my hands on it to spin it!

But first I need to finish DH’s birthday sweater (from last January). There is about half an inch of collar left to finish. All the seams are sewn, the rest is done… I’m hoping the collar will be OK, we’ll see.

And buttons… I got some old casein buttons.

buttons 029

Not sure what I’ll do with them all, but there are plenty for three sweaters, and a single one (above) for a bag,
buttons 036 buttons 039

Blog post brought to you by my new laptop! The ipad is fun and great for browsing, but it’s way too much of a pita to manage photos on it, and certainly to copy and paste between multiple screens (write a blog post). Also, there was rather a lot of resource competition for the pc. And the laptop has Windows 7 and Office 2010, which are soon coming to us at work, so I figure I’ll have a bit of experience with them here first (justifications, I have them!)…

Here’s hoping that this will help me post more regularly… because, as always, I have a lot to say.

regal treasure box!

October 11th, 2011 by knitnzu

From a guy named Lord… he was cleaning out some of his mom’s stuff and thought I’d be interested in a box of knitting/needlepoint type stuff. Well, jah! The box hand-off happened this afternoon…
knit box 008

In the end, though, there is little I want out of the box… But if somebody else would like anything here, let me know! I’ll ship to you (at your cost). I told Mr. Lord there that I would find somebody for these things… and if not, there’s always the free table at SPA in February…

Whooo…. check out these old patterns!
knit box 010 knit box 011 knit box 012 knit box 013 knit box 014 knit box 015 knit box 016 knit box 017 knit box 018

Some partially done project, looks like maybe a Turkish design… I think the yarn is a wool/acrylic blend.
knit box 020 knit box 021

White-ish baby yarn…
knit box 024
The Princess has subtle aqua flecks of color in it. Mostly acrylic, wool to the right.

Crocheted and tatted things, and leftover crochet cotton…
knit box 026 knit box 027

There’s a plastic grocery bag full of partial balls (some nearly full) of various acrylic yarns, and a smaller amount of what looks like wool (including pink mohair).

I may keep this, to overdye, when I finally get that project going…
knit box 022

Fashion’s Pets

Did you have any idea??
knit box 019
Made by smart women everywhere, with Dawn Nylons, Dacron and Wools…

Columbus Day on Maine Ave… Three hold ups between here and Gardiner… we sat nearly 20 minutes at this one… Can you see the bucket loading up the dump truck? I think three trucks came out of there before traffic started moving…
traffic jam maine ave

carnaby update

Went with the big silver buttons… They’re all sewn on. I plan to wear this Thursday, and will try to get a “full fashion criminal” photo.
(the old I’m thinking about these buttons picture)

spinning and spinning and spinning

July 12th, 2010 by knitnzu

Went to Amy’s spin-in on Saturday with She Who Never Posts. Had a great time and saw Julie and some other folks. I seem to have my spin groove back. For the moment I know, but let me wallow in it…

I spun up some alpaca I’ve had around for a couple of years that had a very little bit on a single bobbin…
alpaca_july2010_350yds (1)
Details in Ravelry page, but basically a 2 ply, sport-ish, 350 yds.

Next up… experimenting with that long draw on some fiber I’m not loving too much anymore. (Is that Amy’s alter-ego in that painting, wearing her braids with the bow in her hair???? bwahahahahaha)


July 6th, 2010 by knitnzu

As in Navajo plied.


Something I got from Amy a few years back… it was intended for spindle spinning…. hahahahahahaha (OK, I know some of you actually do that). It’s wool, but I don’t know what sort, or the color. Toasted something seems to be in my memory. My calculations tell me I have about 370-375 yards total, but I’m doubtful.

Loops about 21-22 inches long x 2 (because though I made the niddy noddy shaft 9 inches long, I didn’t take into account the horizontal bars) = 42 x 107 strands = 4494 divided by 12 inches = 374.5.

mad math skillz no? I need more practice spinning and plying, but this should be good for mitts or part of a hat.

It’s hot… oooh! dropped 0.2 degrees in the past hour to 86.2. And I have a bench burn. I learned earlier this evening that loose dresses ride up when you slide along a wooden bench. Or attempt to slide along the bench, but don’t quite because your upper thigh got stuck to the wood. Walking tenderly… Back to shorts tomorrow. Or loose linen pants…

EDITED: OH! 375 FEET…. is about 125 yards. That makes more sense. Skillz, I tell ya….

But it was for a good cause…

June 12th, 2010 by knitnzu

.. and it was cheap!

Does any of us need more yarn? Do I really know what I plan to do with this? (well, actually I do have an idea…)
number one and romance
$3 for the basket!

I’m thinking the red boucle (50 wool/50 mohair) for a tightly knit boxy pillbox hat? Maybe combined with the auburn kid mohair.

I’m trying to clean out “stuff”, because more is always coming in…
lincoln beauty ware set
50 cents!

These are Lincoln Beauty Ware, but I can’t find any online that are similar. Mostly I see them with the labels horizontal or with black and gold labels. Here’s one that must’ve started with me in worse shape, and I didn’t like the black and gold, which promptly fell off, so I moved to barn storage of nails and such.
lincoln beauty ware 1960s

I love rectangular storage, and I have another set that I use. They’re really handy, but I don’t have the counter space to keep them out.
garner ware
These are Garner Ware, and you can see them around online in chrome. I saw a matching yellow breadbox dated 1950′s.

Grey day, maybe an excuse to go hook up the dvd to the old tv to watch True Blood (the next dvd just got here!), something I’m not excited about the recent 8th grade graduate seeing… I can work on the boxy cardigan… Maybe…