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M? no not yet, whew

June 17th, 2008 by knitnzu

I thought it was time for M in the abc along…  and I have a couple of M’s… they’ll wait.

Started yet another one of these
mmm 001
this pair from my handspun! (so I guess you know what one of the M posts will be…)

I’ve been making these with lighter yarn than the pattern calls for, so I’ve been casting on 39 stitches… doing the thumb the same.  They are a great small relatively mindless project for me.

Lucia tagged me with this…
Pick up the nearest book
Open to page 123
Find the fifth sentence
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you (so I’m not doing this last part… play if you want)

“…That, too, reassured me a little, though I should never have let it,” added Brassa bitterly. “But who is this Tsarr?” said Larka. “In my life I have only heard of three who possess the Sight, until you, Larka,” Brassa whispered and Larka cowered.

From The Sight by David Clement-Davies. I am reading these totally out of order! Young adult fiction (which it seems I have been reading quite a lot of lately), but very good stories… I read Fell first, and have started The Telling Pool… but The Sight is a library book, so I’ve got to finish it first (only some 50 pages left).

In answer to a question… the textiles showed up with my friend G, Sid’s mom, who was visiting sans Sid.  They were given to her by a woman now in her 80′s who travelled quite a bit.  We think these particular textiles are from India…  G has had museum-quality huipiles, and she says these are not huipiles.

I have had a new and unpleasant experience this week.

Stress induced (I think) upper back pain. Makes me want to cry as soon as I get to work and go back to bed. 1000 mg of ibuprofen over a couple of hours sort of helped for a while. As did some stretching. And I went over to the gym and begged to borrow one of their exercise balls, which I used as a chair. I also took some breaks and stretched out over it, but I ended up leaving work an hour early.  Laying flat on the floor helped.  Sitting sucks though.  Kind of ridiculous to be discussing some review project and looking at the maps on the computer while laying on a coworker’s office floor! (even if the coworker is my husband…).

Why? Dunno.

Maybe finding out on Thursday night that the kiddo’s teacher won’t be looping up, she’s getting a job elsewhere. And the teacher she was going to team teach with is also moving someplace else… so two new teachers. This is on top of a rather recent decision to have all of the 6th grade teachers (currently in four elementary schools in Augusta) loop up with their students to the middle school (here it is grades 7 and 8). The kids are supposed to move between just two teachers. Can we label the kids so their needs might be better met? Nope.

Maybe not having any child care options for the next week and a half, or for three other weeks during the summer. Well, not NO options… but it’s a bit of this and a bit of that and a bit of each of us taking some time off. This is most likely my biggest stressor.

Maybe not exercising as much. Now that it is light earlier, I do wake up early enough… but 4:30 is too early to go to the gym, and then I fall back asleep and then it’s too late. I’ve found that I really really like being up and here before 6 am. Otherwise the morning is very rushed. This will only be worse during the day camp days, when kiddo needs to be at the bus pick-up half an hour earlier than our typical leaving time.

DH’s field season has started, and he’s often away for 2-3 nights a week. That doesn’t help much with going to the gym early in the morning. I’m not ready to leave the kiddo here alone and asleep.

But some good news. We discovered something we didn’t know.

DH was away, and scheduled to be home about midnight midweek. I’d left the bedroom light on, because it usually doesn’t bother me, and I’d fallen asleep about 11, so what was another hour… Then a little after 1 am I woke up and was restless. Maybe it’s because the dogs were restless. I was ready to turn off the bedroom light and so what if he had to crawl into bed in the dark. As I was laying there thinking about what I wanted to do about this, and wondering why the dogs were awake, some few minutes later I heard DH’s work truck pull in. The dogs ignored this. Perhaps because we give them grief for barking when the guys across the street pull in at all hours.

Then DH came in the house.

And the girls flew down the stairs like hounds from hell, barking like mad fiends.

I figured they’d stop the instant they heard DH (and saw him, there were lights on downstairs). But no, the barking went on and on! Gracie was under the table, growling and barking. And Zuzu was uncertain… she recognized DH (or so he thought), but her sister was clearly possessed and maybe there was something to it. They eventually got it through their thick skulls who was standing there talking and being silly to them.

But it made me happy.

To know that nobody is coming in the house in the middle of the night without a ruckus.

I wore the experimental sweater today.  Somebody thought the lighter dyed areas looked like a leaf pattern!

eight random things

May 20th, 2007 by knitnzu

Hi! Caffeinated Knitter tagged me to tell you eight random things. Here we go (no links or pics, you’ll see why)

  1. I am right now on a train! We are sitting still, waiting for the day’s events. I keep telling friends on postcards that I’m hanging with the geezer gang, so things are a bit slow. But they are a great group and we’re having fun. The train is someplace between Harry Potter and the Orient Express. So cool….
  2. I have two syndactylous toes on each foot. This means webbed. But not all the way. Since I’m a Pisces, I tell people that this helps me swim better. In fact, this isn’t quite true. As a kid, my brother used to get me toe socks for xmas. Which I cannot wear!
  3. I do not like French Coloumbard. Must have been some incident in my young adulthood. I also do not like vodka or vodka drinks, but there was no such incident
  4. I collect odd things I find in nature. These often get passed along. Most recently was the lower jawbone of a porcupine. Perhaps the oddest thing, which I don’t think I still have, is the os baculum of a raccoon. (Since I can’t link quickly, that means penis bone!) The person I gave one of my two mummified mice to was not hugely appreciative. I thought it was a very cool gift.
  5. I can say hello, thank you, and count to at least three in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and ASL, and I can say one or two words in Swedish, Latvian, Chinese. Enough to get me in some BIG trouble.
  6. Although my name is Lisa, for most of my life I’ve been mistakenly called Linda. This is somewhat understandable from my mom, whose sister is Linda…but it gets odd when non family members do this…mostly because there is a Linda nearby or part of that group. The oddest is when the person who calls me Linda doesn’t know one.
  7. I like to have my bed made in the morning. And the kitchen counter cleaned off. There is a lot of clutter in the rest of the house. Makes my mind eased to see the two largest, flattest spots (excepting the table) clear of clutter.
  8. I have too much yarn and cannot knit it fast enough! But this is no surprise or not so odd for most of us, eh? This wasn’t such a good random thing and a moment ago I had another, but I cannot remember!

This computer on the train is a bit slow…I may be able to check in on some of you.

Oh, now I remember. When I get tired I start to sound a bit like a Canadian, especially the word ‘about’. I met a man from Alberta while getting to the plane in Phoenix, who said I sounded familiar to him.

Speaking of planes…the trip out here was a bit stressfull….delayed flights, missed connections, 45 minutes to get a bag from baggage claim and get to the OTHER terminal…like that. But I kept telling people I wasn’t going to get upset, because what good does THAT do? I knew it would somehow work out, even if my plans ended up being different. And in the end? It all worked just fine. Of course, food and a beer in Denver helped!

The Tetons are stunning, Yellowstone so cool. Hiking today near Salt Lake City. Though with the gg (geezer gang), it may be more of stroll!

Interview time

May 1st, 2007 by knitnzu

First, a knitting update. Or rather a small whine. I did a gauge swatch. I did the math. I started knitting. I had to get at least 6 inches up to be sure. My gauge was tighter!

So, what to do what to do? I am thinking that I will finish this entire back and then block it to see what size it is. As it is now, at 38 inches finished it would make a snug, fitted sweater, where I was thinking it would be somewhat looser at 40 inches. I have been wondering about making the front wider than the back by an inch or so. Has anybody ever done that? Does it fit oddly if you do? The other thought I’ve been having is to knit up a stripe that runs up each side and possibly down the arm, possibly in the contrasting top color or possibly in a contrasting stitch like seed stitch. Would it look like an interesting design feature? Or would it look like the sweater was too small and I wanted it bigger?

Ruth put up an interview and gave me some interview questions. Here they are,

  1. How long have you been knitting and who taught you? I think since 1985 or so. My roommate Tami taught me. We ordered lopi and a marled wool from some catalog. I started with the plain sweater. It was coming out far too small. Gauge? What’s that? I was knitting into the back of every loop. But by then I was nearly to the armpits of a seamless sweater. So I put it down and started the lopi sweater. Got the sleaves and body done, then put it all down. Then I left the long term relationship (the sweater was for him…). I was back living with Tami, and gave all my knitting leftovers to her. She finished the sweater and gave it to me. At 9 1/2 months pregnant, it was humongous still (he is 6’3″)! The neck was a bit tight so I didn’t wear it much. Since then, I’ve taken out the neck, with plans to put it back on, then felt the whole thing and cut it up as a cardigan. I’ll have to get a picture. Then I forgot how to knit until about 2000, or whenever the first Harry Potter movie came out. My sister-in-law retaught me. On good wool. But what did I make? That red and gold scarf. In. Red. Heart. Ugh!
  2. Karma or Dogma? Can I say both? I could write a 30 page manuscript about my ideas and opinions on this one! I believe the universe is bigger than any human can know. That we are at essence spiritual creatures. That if we all lived as JC and Buddha would have us, in that we love and respect each other (and other living things and the planet…), well, we’d all be better off. But if you don’t accept JC you’re going to hell? Uh-uh, I can’t go there.
  3. How did you meet your last SO (significant other) and how did it end? At grad school, I think in 1991, maybe 1992. The first time I noticed him, I thought, who is that (geek, oddball, etc) sitting there? He was in the same relationship as from high school, I was in and out of my rebound after an 8 year relationship. I actually don’t remember how we actually ‘met’ or when we started ‘going out’. All I know is that we were in and out for a bit. That I kept giving him back to her. And he kept leaving. At the end of grad school, I found that I was pregnant, we were both looking for jobs. We both interviewed for a job that I was offered, but when I said yes, they said, now we can see if we can really give it to you (this was the feds folks). Then he got a firm offer, and we went off to PA. DS was born later that year, we got married the following spring, split up, and after almost 3 years got back together. Now here we are, in Maine, all of us together. Life is good. He’s a good guy.
    note the goony grin, that he’s playing nerf darts and grilling dinner!
    note the multiple hiding places for extra ammo, and the very serious expression

    run away run away

  4. What’s the best job you ever had? I was having a hard time yesterday with answers to these questions and was talking with DH and DS about some of them. DS says immediately to this question, ‘being a mom‘. OK, of course! I also liked doing field botany/ecology work for NY Heritage, I mean, I got payed for slopping around in swamps and stuff, and changing oil and tires at Swedish Auto, I got to feel so handy!
  5. What are the three songs you want played at your wake? This is a tough one! I don’t know! I like music, but I also like quiet. DH will play music while he’s working around the house, in the yard. I will usually not! Amazing Grace on bagpipes probably. Maybe Dog Dreams. Is two enough? If not, something with a good primal drum beat.

Want to play? Here’s the scoop:

  1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (and give me your email address if you can to make this easier on me!)
  2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
  4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here’s hoping I am more coordinated today than yesterday. At lunch time I was getting water and looked down and thought ‘gee, that brown shoe is very dark’. Mmmm-hmmm, because it was black.

the black one has an open back, and the brown is closed!

Blogless Carrie asked how one tells a he snake from a she snake. So I’ve been doing some research and I joined a garter snake forum (who knew?). Maybe somebody will tell us!

7 x 7 meme

March 23rd, 2007 by knitnzu

Jennifer tagged me with this! I had to think about some of these. Some of hers work for me and at first I thought I should have different ones, then I decided it was ok! I also was struggling about the 7 most important, then decided any 7 “good ones” would work. I just got out the web pages for dummies book to see how to make a bulleted list, so I am learning something new!

Seven Things To Do Before I Die

  • Visit Skye, the rest of Scotland, and PEI
  • See a black man and a woman in presidential offices (ok, doesn’t have to be THOSE two!
  • Knit down the stash
  • Meet Maria, the girl we sponsor in Guatemala
  • See cure for cancer
  • See humanity become responsible stewards of the planet
  • See the next generation of our family as happy adults with children of their own

Seven Things I Cannot Do

  • Eskimo roll my kayak (yet)
  • A cartwheel
  • Crochet more than a chain
  • Keep my mouth from working more quickly than my brain
  • Tolerate meanness or cruelty
  • Wear toe socks
  • Have sex with a man besides dh (he contributed THAT one!)

Seven Things That Attract Me to (Maine)

Seven Things I Say

  • Yeah, and I’m your mother (in response to “you’re SO mean”)
  • What were they thinking?
  • Kiddo
  • Hmmmph
  • Thereyago
  • Okeedokee
  • Finish up

Seven Good Books

Seven Good Movies

Seven Blogs to Tag


Goat eyes…They have horizontally slit pupils! This page talks about slit pupils and says ungulates have horizontal slit pupils. I had to look at a horse’s eyes, and, yes, they do have horizontal pupils, but their eyes are so big that it doesn’t look as odd as a goat’s. Check out the slit pupil in an octopus eye. Wikipedia says goats have horizontal slits to help them see in mountainous terrain. Hmmm… I still think it has something to do with being tasty prey.

Last night I learned the right way to catch the carried yarn for my wind turbine hat. Picture maybe on Sunday, by then I’m hoping it’ll be done!

I’ll be at the Bangor Garden Show all day on Saturday. Same deal as the Portland show. Stop and visit!