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regal treasure box!

October 11th, 2011 by knitnzu

From a guy named Lord… he was cleaning out some of his mom’s stuff and thought I’d be interested in a box of knitting/needlepoint type stuff. Well, jah! The box hand-off happened this afternoon…
knit box 008

In the end, though, there is little I want out of the box… But if somebody else would like anything here, let me know! I’ll ship to you (at your cost). I told Mr. Lord there that I would find somebody for these things… and if not, there’s always the free table at SPA in February…

Whooo…. check out these old patterns!
knit box 010 knit box 011 knit box 012 knit box 013 knit box 014 knit box 015 knit box 016 knit box 017 knit box 018

Some partially done project, looks like maybe a Turkish design… I think the yarn is a wool/acrylic blend.
knit box 020 knit box 021

White-ish baby yarn…
knit box 024
The Princess has subtle aqua flecks of color in it. Mostly acrylic, wool to the right.

Crocheted and tatted things, and leftover crochet cotton…
knit box 026 knit box 027

There’s a plastic grocery bag full of partial balls (some nearly full) of various acrylic yarns, and a smaller amount of what looks like wool (including pink mohair).

I may keep this, to overdye, when I finally get that project going…
knit box 022

Fashion’s Pets

Did you have any idea??
knit box 019
Made by smart women everywhere, with Dawn Nylons, Dacron and Wools…

Columbus Day on Maine Ave… Three hold ups between here and Gardiner… we sat nearly 20 minutes at this one… Can you see the bucket loading up the dump truck? I think three trucks came out of there before traffic started moving…
traffic jam maine ave

carnaby update

Went with the big silver buttons… They’re all sewn on. I plan to wear this Thursday, and will try to get a “full fashion criminal” photo.
(the old I’m thinking about these buttons picture)

Oh Minerva!

November 21st, 2010 by knitnzu

You started showing that cameltoe too young…
columbia minerva 719 (2)

and then you turned into a total b1tch party girl…
columbia minerva 719 (1)

…Both from Columbia Minerva booklet 719, as is this, which I think could be really fetching… no seriously… (but sans gloves)

columbia minerva 719

Here’s Minerva, all grown up…
My next project??? Um…. not…

I have to write up a presentation for my Spanish class tomorrow night (it’s continuing adult ed through the HS, talk about a good deal!), but I am procrastinating! More than you ever wanted to know about wool and vicuna, and in Spanish… or at least Spanglish. I’ve printed out a bunch of pictures, and a vocabulary list… so if I have to I could wing it, sort of…

Love how you work your tool

November 17th, 2010 by knitnzu

can you show me how to work my tool like that?

I came home from Friend’s Folly the other with a small stack of old pattern books in addition to that bargain bin yarn. Even though I can’t smell their mustiness, they smell funny, so maybe there’s hope for my sense of smell to come back. This Fleisher’s was my favorite…

fleishers92 001
Gosh, Dad, you’re right, yours is thicker and harder

fleishers92 002
…and this is where you put it in…

fleishers92 003
Don’t worry son, one day you’ll be a man

fleishers92 004
Well, Dad, mine may be skinnier, but it’s sharper and shiny…

fleishers92 005
What’s in your basket?

fleishers92 006
Son, you shouldn’t keep all your balls in one basket… Here, let me rake a few out

fleishers92 007
(yeah, I know, that was lame)

There are a few more pictures, but, honestly, the men’s pattern pictures are usually so much more entertaining.

waaa waaa waaa and how lucky I am…

September 4th, 2008 by knitnzu

First a waa…

I need some sleep! My neighbors have been practicing some electronic music in the very wee hours. Monday night’s sleep was disrupted from about 2:30 to 4, Tuesday’s about the same… and there was a drum set involved in this one, and last night’s at just before 4 am… Since I get up around 5:30, I never got back to sleep. I can do this on occasion (which has been the issue in the past), but not night after night after night.

I would have gone over and banged on their door… but… the young men are unpredictable, and one has a history of violence, and DH is out of town (coming home tomorrow evening… yay!). I don’t fear so much for my safety, but for retribution to my property when I’m not home, that my dogs could find some tasty poisoned treat in the yard, and worst of all is the worry that kiddo (who is nearly 13) is here alone now for an hour or so in the afternoon.

When I came home for lunch today, I stayed, and crashed on the couch for a bit… When I picked up some food at the store (within a mile of us), I realized that if I had to drive any distance, I would be putting myself and others on the road in some serious danger because I was so tired.

I did talk to their mother this evening. I think she’s heavily medicated, either professionally or on her own… not much going on behind her eyes these days. She may be afraid of her boys, I don’t know.

And the other waaa…

This morning when I walked kiddo the 5 blocks to his bus stop (an excuse to go for a quick walk with the girls before work), I saw two men with funny backpacks.

They were herbiciding my street!

I thought we could walk the sidewalk, but they herbicided that too. I should have left the girls home, but I didn’t.

I did call public works and complain, and sent an email to the director of public works and to the mayor. WTF were they thinking, doing a spray application at the hour that young people are out and about walking to their bus stops???? Shouldn’t they notify the residents? What if somebody had a serious chemical sensitivity? Even though I changed my shoes and washed my hands, I smelled herbicide on my hands for an hour or two. Maybe it’s just because I was pissed.

little waa…

Missing knit night this week… too much going on in the ‘hood here.

But I am lucky

I got to have a 10 week old puppy in my office for a half hour or so this morning… and on my lap much of the time. The rest of the time he was chewing my shirt, my toes, my phone cord, the window cords…. He’s a border collie lab mix named Trip. His “dad” blogs here, Turnorama, where he has just posted pics of Trip! Check out those little piranha teeth! Bill’s got some amazing photos there of places he’s been… most recently Labrador.

and other luckiness

I joined freecycle some time ago, and just this morning responded to a notice… and came home with these,
asst old knit mags

Mini waaa… can’t find the scanner cord, so I took some pics from Modern Needlecraft, No. 53, dated 1963 I think. It’s the green one with the butt ugly crocheted sweater on the front.

The green sweater on the right reminds me a bit of the cobblestone pullover… all mixed up.
modernneedlecraft1968 003
and what about those shoes???

Here’s a version with big buttons, or bobbles, or I don’t know what
modernneedlecraft1968 007
and you know what I think of bobbles…

The ribbed guy sweater is good though…

And do you think the little ornament inset is telling us we should be wearing this at holiday parties???
modernneedlecraft1968 005

I know leggings are coming back into fashion (::shudder::), but let’s hope it is never again like this,
modernneedlecraft1968 010

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep! I’ll be running the fan for some white noise.

G is for Gentlemen

April 10th, 2008 by knitnzu

As in Gentlemen Prefer
What do gentlemen prefer? From the pics in this pattern book, I’d say each other. Or the fruit (notice the placement of those bananas).

I saw this in the book from SIL, and thought I must have it. Found it on ebay, and it was here very quickly and for under $3.50. Cheap entertainment!

Do all they guy sweater books have men with rods?
gents 001

“I see what I desire”
gents 002
…and it isn’t this lady on my arm….

1967, a time when vermouth on the table was part of a knitting book,
gents 003
and check out the high tech radio!

Hands off our meat, lady…
gents 004

This is the only picture where the male model looks somewhat interested in the female model,
gents 007
Or maybe he’s just coveting her cool shiny jacket?

(use your Arnold voice here)
We are men, men with equipment, men with


gents 011 gents 010
They couldn’t have cameras with regular lenses…. no. no. no.

gents 012
(love the coy bend in his knee)

The rest of the pictures from this booklet are at the bottom of this flickr set. Were men’s trousers tighter back in the day? Were they like the Hotel Syracuse (no ballroom)? Or is it to whet our appetites that these model’s drawers are a tad snug in certain areas?