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September 22nd, 2006 by knitnzu

Still mildy depressed about the rabies quarantine. At least it’s in home and Zuzu can be in the fenced yard under adult supervision. Weird news, the neighbor 2 doors down found a bat in the house and the teenage son tossed it outdoors. Weirder news, the neighbor next to them just finished the 5 week rabies treatment because there were 2 bats in the house, one found and tested negative, but no info on the other. I need to go and get the scoop first hand.

Spent the day “working” at LYS. It was a social day! Got a bit of knitting done on sizzle.

Here’s hedgies to cheer you (me) up. These were baby gifts, the zombie looking one got pupils before being given.


And here’s Mr. Zedge…my 10 year old son wanted a hedgy! These are all based on Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog pattern. Mr. Zedge and the purple one above are variations using sport weight yarn.


Off to MOFGA Common Ground Fair (working the invasive species booth) tomorrow. There is FIBER there!