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snow pile gone! recycled bags! plushy slippers!

July 23rd, 2011 by knitnzu

I’m pretty sure the snowpile must be gone by now… The pile was still pretty big a week ago, but here it is on July 20,
snowpile 20july2011
Since the latest guess was July 4, Krysta won! On Thursday, there was just a smidge of darkish (meaning ice) sand. I never actually went down there, but then there was no question who won!

We went to the parade at the Old Hallowell Days. It’s a great small town affair. Here’s one of the more interesting things in the parade,
old hallowell days parade 2011 (3)
I mean, who knew there was a Farriers Association for the Prevention of Hoofrot, never mind a Ladies’ Auxilary? Ah…. just a joke. But check out the dancing rubber duckies at the link, they were my favorites!

There was a small craft contingent there, and I fell in love with Julie and her One Woman Studio bags.

Don’t you agree that my friend Alphy Poulin needs this bag?
one woman studio bags
He’s the ballet master at the Julliard school, and I was hoping to get this to him before he left for Brazil… oh well, it’ll be waiting for him when he gets back to NYC!

My new “purse”:
one woman studio bags (7) one woman studio bags (8) one woman studio bags (9)
front, back, and inside… seatbelt strap!

And a couple of totes (one is likely to be given as a gift)
one woman studio bags (5) one woman studio bags (4)
Aren’t they entertaining? And practical???

The elf slippers were a tad big for mom, so they went to a niece (who wanted me to make her a pair just the same). And so,
plush slippers for mom plush slippers for mom (1)
And they fit her great! Details over on my Ravelry project page.

How do I know? I spent the past two nights with mom, but can you believe I didn’t bring my camera?

The plan, successfully accomplished, was to go into Boston for an appointment for a fitting at Intimacy at Copley Place. It was yesterday, when temps were about 104 in Boston… We were going to take the train in, and the subway through town, but that part of the plan was abandoned in favor of air conditioned car, a parking garage, and air conditioned walking through all the shopping.

And the fitting? O-M-G. If you’re having problems finding a bra, go to this store!

The fitter said “I can’t believe you’ve been having all this trouble, you are an easy fit“. And nearly everything she brought me did fit, was comfortable, and was lovely. I blew a paycheck, but now I have an assortment of bras that work and can throw away the old ones (they are too tired to work for anybody else).

And I got a bathing suit… a bikini! Now I know I don’t have the body I did at 20, but what the hell, right? Now I need to go to the beach… or to Europe!

My personal crusade for a well fitted and comfortable (and attractive) bra may be over, but I will still probably talk about it. So, if you want more info, let me know. I can help you help yourself get into a better bra.

still snow!

July 13th, 2011 by knitnzu

I have pics, but haven’t downloaded them yet… the pile is still bigger than a big truck!

Cortisone shot in the other elbow yesterday. I could brush my teeth and wipe my butt pain-free. So maybe I’ll be knitting more soon.

snowpile update, dogs, and, well…

June 14th, 2011 by knitnzu


It’s still there and still sizable.
snowpile 14june2011
Looks like some relative of a certain Hutt, no?

The other day I saw a LOT (like 100′s) of these snails, which I think are the same kind I saw last year where the snow pile melts.
snail (6)
Here’s what the snail guy says:

These look like amber snails, family Succineidae. Six species (all native) representing four genera have been recorded in Maine with Catinella vemeta, Novisuccinea ovalis, and Oxyloma retusa being the most widely distributed/common. I don’t have much experience with them and examination of soft parts is usually necessary for identification to species.

There, your zoology/taxonomy lesson for the day…


Yes I haz them.
gracie14june2011 zuzu14june2011 zuzu14june2011 (1)
Mz Gravy Cakes – Zuzu hears something (Gravy too in the background) – Zuzu, as ever, looking at some object of her desire, usually it’s an orb

more about, well, bras

Again with the TMI. But I’m betting I’m not the only woman I know who could use a better fitting bra…

For the initial installment in the saga.

It is painfully apparent that I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for years. The one I have worn (34DD) is “pretty good” (considering how badly most women’s bras fit them), but even so, it has left permanent discoloration (like bruising) along the upper edge of the thing, and divots in my shoulders. I think this, along with general forward rotation issues related to aging, may play a role in or exacerbate my occasionally recurrent back pain (which started this past weekend, I have a chiro adjustment next week, yes I did dig a few holes, but honestly, they were few and not large) and tendinitis issues.

The new 32GG isn’t working so well. I cry when I wear it. Even though I’ve learned that many bras need breaking in (like shoes?), it’s just not working for me. Not super comfortable, physically, or in my image of myself. Way bouncy shelf. I’m working on a trade of some sort with somebody I know that would like it. But honestly, I will give the thing away if it comes to it.

The 30H they sent is better, but it isn’t perfect enough that I want to get more of this style/size. And one needs more than one bra. I’m hoping to find one that fits even better and is even more comfortable, but where the heck to start? I heard the fitter at Breakout Bras is fabulous (here’s their sizing info) so I sent them an email with notes on what brands/styles/sizes didn’t fit and how (too loose in the band, cups too small, that sort of thing), and got a response.



This morning I ordered 4 styles, 3 sizes each. We’ll see where this goes.

If I can get off the floor, where I fell in shock.

Snow Melt Winner!

April 2nd, 2011 by knitnzu

Mary T! (Blogless…). I’m waiting to hear back from her regarding what she’d like… I was going to wait to announce the winner until I heard from her, but thought some of you might want to know. More later…

snow melt contest 2011!!

March 26th, 2011 by knitnzu

I think it might be the fourth year?

EDITED TO ADD: Contest deadline 6 pm Friday, April 1.

Guess when this humongous snowpile will melt!
snowpile 3march2011 (7) snowpile 3march2011 (2)
Photos from March 3. It has melted a bit since then, but then snowed more, and it’s been cold again. So it looks about the same.

Leave a comment in this post with the date that you think this pile will be all gone.

Two winners: (1) randomly drawn from the entries and (2) the person who guesses closest to the actual totally gone date. If two people guess the same date, I’ll flip a coin. If two people are equally off on the date, I’ll take the one who was closest but not over.

Prizes: Your choice of

  • selmalala
    selmalala sock yarn
  • meilenweit
    meilenweit sock yarn
  • mandy 002
    4 ounces corriedale, “mandy”
  • needle cases 071
    your choice of a dp or circular needle case
  • $25 donation to your favorite human rights, child advocacy, or animal welfare organization. Something along the lines of: MSF/Doctors Without Borders; Amnesty International;York Center for Wildlife; Heifer International…You get the idea
  • Hints: scout around in the archives…

    We still have a fair amount of snow

    My neighbor across the street has crocus and snowdrops in front of the house. Here’s where our crocus grow (left) and scilla (right):
    front yard 17march2011 front yard 17march2011 (1)
    These photos are from last week… I’d say there’s almost no snow now where the scilla should be, and about 8 inches where the crocus come up. That blip of blue in the photo is the top of a 12 inch ruler.

    The front yard:
    front yard 17march2011 (4) front yard 17march2011 (5)
    (again, last Friday… I meant to write this post last week, and have been lazy about taking new pictures)

    a new decade

    Perhaps I’m lazy because last Saturday I turned 50. Rather quietly… Had a lovely dinner, co-workers took me out for lunch on Thursday, there’s a great massage coming, received some sparkly baubles for my ears and hand made chocolate, and a friend brought tulips…
    birthday 2011

    They were such a bright note of spring in this otherwise snowy landscape that I kept them around past their time… for the past few mornings I thought “I should toss those”, but then the morning sun would shine through them and the color was still lovely.
    birthday tulips (2) birthday tulips (4)


    The next night went to Reid State Park to see the “super moon”… clearly a small handheld point and shoot without a tripod is not the way to capture a beautiful image. But it was a great time! And a lot of people came
    reid dusk 19mar2011 reid orange moon and waves reid moonlight on ocean
    (can ya feel the power of the waves???)

    And here, some video…

    Two moons!

    I am rather amazed that over 200 people looked at that last one… these really are just silly…


    and unknitting and reknitting and unknitting…

    Third start, and then ripped it all out…
    carnaby take 3 carnaby take 3 (1)
    Was missing a purl row at the start of the stockinette section… and it was too short (after thinking that before it was too long)…

    black and white boys

    sid (1) sid
    Sid, sporting a fancy new haircut

    And Seamus, that Canoeing Cat, soaking in a bit of heat…
    seamus (1)