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I’m in! I’m in!

February 8th, 2013 by knitnzu

I have been unable to access my blog from home for weeks… so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Some highlights.


hair (1)

It’s faded quite a bit since I did it two weeks ago (date of the photo). But it’s still pretty entertaining.


spa 051

More photos in the flickr set.

knitting the sky

I’m about 3/4 of the way around the edging on my star chart shawl, Celestarium. Here it is before I started the garter stitch edging,
shawl 064

Other knitting… I interrupted the edging to make a quick pair of fingerless piano mitts for somebody who is moving to Wisconsin, and then I forgot to take a photo!

it’s snowing!


And the State, in it’s everloving wisdom, uses leaf-blowers to move the snow around on the sidewalks,
snow 8 feb 2013 (5)

And either the state or the city uses not one, but two plows to clear the path along the river… the path in the woods that doesn’t go anywhere.
snow 8 feb 2013 (21) snow 8 feb 2013 (22)

This makes me wonder. And this also makes me wonder… the state has decided to invest in plastic trash cans. So we can all have identical rectangular cans. Because something was wrong with the old round metal ones. Or maybe they’re going to make a lot of money on them in scrap. Honestly, why?
new cans (2)
I miss my round can. It was a subtle subconscious signal for “put trash here”, while the blue rectangular plastic can means “put recyclable paper here”. Now I have to pause and think… where does the paper go? Where does the trash go? These two things are the same size and shape. One is just blue and doesn’t have a plastic bag liner.

I did see some pretty things on my walk…

Bark blowing in the wind,
snow 8 feb 2013 (11)

snow 8 feb 2013 (28)

and I love looking at bark and branch architecture,
snow 8 feb 2013 (24) snow 8 feb 2013 (13)
snow 8 feb 2013 (26) snow 8 feb 2013 (30)
(white ash bark, black cherry bark that somebody’s been nibbling through, white ash branches, sumac clones)

and even though it’s rather stark, there’s beauty along the river, and in the old Stone Building,
snow 8 feb 2013 (17) snow 8 feb 2013 (34)

Well, we’ve just had the “appetizer” part of the storm… the real deal should happen tonight. Stay warm, stay dry!

And if I’m absent, it is in part that I can’t get on the damned blog server.

more broken black, and a bit of xmas

December 19th, 2012 by knitnzu

I haven’t been able to capture the color of this yarn! It’s darker than it shows here. I should swatch some up, try some beads on it… see if the 6/0 or 8/0 beads work better.

wiltons 009

wiltons 010 wiltons 011

Stuff just keeps getting in the way of knitting, busy season and all, and I think I’m coming down with a cold. I manage to get home from work, get dinner together, and then I’m pretty much done. I’m horrified at the piles of things all over the table (the table that still has the tablecloth from Thanksgiving on it, but with an addition of glittery sparkles from writing the xmas cards).

Clutter. Nemesis.

We finally got the tree decorated. Mostly I just took ornaments out of boxes and got boyo and his friend to do much of it. And my girlfriend. Who I plied with martinis.

They did a fabulous job! Even boyo’s friend, who tells me his mom won’t let him decorate their tree, because he breaks too many ornaments.

tree (40)

It’s a shitty picture, I know. But I think I took maybe 25 pictures, and this was about the best. I have lots of favorite ornaments. These, in particular, amuse me. I’m pretty sure I paid 10 cents for them. They even came in their original box!

tree (4)

We did a bit of shopping this past weekend. Nice thing about having a 17 year old who is interested in getting more clothes? You can go shopping with him and tell him “this will go under the tree, yaknow” and he’s all fine with that. (and yes, he did drag me into Wal-Mart, first time in several years… I had to take a deep breath when we walked out, and blather about surviving the ordeal).

shopping (1) shopping (2)
(he poses with the villain, I pose with the tacky xmas decoration… and then I went out and immediately bought a bunch of silver tinsel garland to make one of these… maybe I’ll do it for Friday’s work party).

We have a new thing at work! The conference room on our floor is gorgeous (as is the rest of the floor), but it is terribly echoey. All that glass, hard floor, 3 windows, hard walls… it was fairly painful to sit through a meeting in here sometimes. We started to think about getting some acoustical ceiling tiles, and then I said “wait a second, historical rehab here, maybe we should ask somebody“, and sure ’nuff, we shouldn’t just paste the things to the ceilings.

So, several months after starting this process, and working with an architect with the state, we have this drop ceiling thingamajig. It lets most of the light through (it is darker) and also doesn’t interfere with the sprinkler system. We had a smallish meeting in there today, and the echo is better. Not gone, but better. We probably need a rug, but we are resisting that notion.

acoustic solution (1)
(there is usually a huge central table composed of 6 small rectangular tables and 2 end pieces, and chairs).

Time for bed!

Common Ground 2012

September 29th, 2012 by knitnzu

The Fair!

I took last Friday off to go to the Common Ground Fair, just to play. It was great! I thought I was going to go to a bunch of presentations, but I only made one. And I didn’t take too many pictures.

Listening to Leslie Wood Paul. She was giving the talk about Traditional Passamaquoddy Medicines for Fredda, What my Grandmother Taught Me. She was charming and I’m sorry I didn’t get to hear Fredda this year. There will be another time for sure.

common ground fair 2012 (1)

And the critters, of course. There were many, many more sights, sounds, smells, and creatures (4 and 2-legged), but you’ll just have to imagine…
common ground fair 2012 (3) common ground fair 2012 (9)
common ground fair 2012 (13) common ground fair 2012 (11)

I might have come home with some yarn from … I now have more than enough to mix and match colors to make several fabulous hats.

High Fashion, or Fashion Criminalista

I wore my knit skirt, and it got lots of comments and compliments. I kept telling people “you can make this too, the pattern is free at Knitty

It was much like this, but this was another day (crappy photo, sorry)…
new boots (1)

Between then and now I found some new boots! I have had the lust for some Frye boots, but they pinch my toes, and I’ve never felt like spending over $200 to be uncomfortable… so I was thrilled to find these for $50, and they’re comfy. Not the classics that Fryes are, but they’ll do.
new boots (2)

In the Garden

I’ve been loving the morning glories out on the trellis. And also the sun gold tomatoes… num num!
garden 14 sep (2)

Morning dew on a foggy morning… Amazing spinner with tiny jeweled beads…
garden 14 sep (13) garden 14 sep (12)

And in other news

The mushroom sweater is done and blocked. I just need a photo of Don in it.

And my brother from California is visiting! He turned 50 yesterday, and we went exploring the Old Max (the maximum security forensic unit at the old mental health institute). He thought it was a great birthday present, especially the graffiti that said F*&* the Cops. Yes, we got a photo of him there too…
old max 110

I can see clearly now… and bats!

August 12th, 2012 by knitnzu

Well, when I’m in the barn and looking out. More to the point, the glass won’t be falling out of the panes any time soon.

This was a rather large project for only 3 windows, lots of work to get the old panes out, clean up the wood, sand, paint (primer and two coats, both sides), get the new glass in, and get them up.

To start with:
windows 026 windows 006
windows 024 windows 004

Windows out, panes out,
windows 005 windows 015

Variety of points I found,
windows 025

Kinda not a lot to work with in places,
windows 028

windows 034 windows 049

Between waiting for things to dry, and having to do things like work, and going away for a weekend to play, the project took almost 2 weeks,
windows 072

windows 073 windows 074
(the photo on the right was waiting for 4 replacement panes).

windows done (1)

windows done (2)

And now I have to do the ones over the deck.

I learned a lot in this process…

It is easy to break glass getting the panes out. It is hard to cut glass when there’s only an inch or half an inch to trim off. I ended up having the hardware store cut it for me.

Only after I set the glass in the smaller windows with narrower mullions did I learn you can trim the ends of the points (not the pointy end, the flanges).

I bought a glazer’s putty knife, and it was really helpful, because it’s so stiff.

I was extremely frustrated with the local hardware store. I went to them first to get more DAP 33 glazing compound and points. They didn’t have points. And I waited 20 minutes while the single person available helped another person, and then another helper came out. He couldn’t find the points either. So I left the compound and went off to Lowe’s, where one can buy a whole gallon of the stuff for only $6 more than the quart cost at the local shop. And they had lots of points.

Apparently the DAP can be very variable. I’m used to it sometimes being a tad dry (add a drop or two of linseed oil while you knead it). But the new gallon was wet! It was unworkable! I found one reference online where they talked about adding whiting to stiffen it up so it’s workable. This is calcium carbonate, or lime. When I asked for whiting at the local hardware store, they didn’t know what I meant. I said what I wanted it for, they still didn’t know. So I said “calcium carbonate”. She says “something a little less Latin please?”. Sorry, hon, not Latin. Anyhow, I told her “you know… lime???” Oh, we have that, but you have to buy 50 pounds. Cripes. I needed about 3 ounces.

So I used cornstarch on my hands. It helped. And I kneaded some into the compound. Probably beetles will get into it, but we’ll be gone by then.

Also, I re-glazed the windows over the deck about 10 years ago, and they are in sore need of it again. I learned this time around that it helps if you either put down linseed oil on the mullions (I didn’t do this, but if I had oil paint, I would have), or prime and paint them (this is what I did).

I did take the windows out and had them flat to work on. I can’t imagine doing all these little panes in place.

There, now you know.

Bats! At work!

We think they’re living on the unoccupied 3rd floor… in the past 5 weeks, we’ve had 5 bats in our office areas… one was flying up and down the hall. These two were just hanging out. One in a doorway, where it wasn’t there the 5 minutes before, and then it was. It was squeeky/noisy/unhappy about being moved. The other I discovered under my gym bag. It was pretty sleepy.

Claire thinks they’re cute, and they are. It’s nice to see they don’t appear to have the dreaded whitenose syndrome. We think these are little brown bats.

bats 004 bats 001

bat no. 2 (3) bat no. 2 (18)

Good thing Claire has such long legs (she’s a few inches taller than me!)… she hardly got any burdock on her.

All the bat appear to be behaving normally, so we don’t really worry too much about rabies. But I tell everybody not to touch them!

I have loads more to post, but it’ll have to wait for another day… dyeing! spinning! dinosaur bra!

June ramblings

June 22nd, 2012 by knitnzu

Knitting and Fibery stuff

There has been some knitting going on around here, though admittedly not the past week or so. I’m about halfway on one of the sleeves for DH’s birthday sweater (it should be noted that his birthday is in January).

We finished and presented the “fish mobile” aka One Fish Two Fish. Mom and baby both seem to like it!
fish mobile done (3) fish 009

It was a joint project for somebody at work. More photos, the pattern link, etc. on my Ravelry project page. The actual fish pattern is for a cat toy, and we made the rest of it up.

I made a little shawl (Rav link), but I’m not sure what I think about it. I wish it were longer, shallower, and perhaps a different color. It’s too hot right now to give it much serious consideration.
sss_shawl (3)

Made it to the Fiber Frolic earlier this month! I’ve missed the past two years because of funerals or memorial services. Double bonus for me this year: nobody in the family died, and I got to go hang with friends! I brought home some bamboo/cotton, and some plain bamboo tencel… secret project in progress.
yarnsonnets (5)

The best part of the day was hanging with some fibery friends, and seeing more of them there. We were all quite smitten by these angora bunny babies. And I want some of these rubber chicken earrings!
frolic2012 (1) frolic2012 (3)

Lucia is a cake making machine! She untangled the skein and wound it up in a center pull cake!
yarnsonnets frolic2012 you fight like a girl

And Sara fights like a girl. And she’s in love with a yarn colorway of the same name.

Around the gardens

That sounds so posh, no? How about around the yard…

Our peas are finally flowering, as are the peonies (mmmmm!) and roses. The iris are done (and didn’t put on a big show, except for the weedy purple siberians, which I adore). This might be the first year I really noticed how beautiful the pea flowers are.
flowers 19june2012

Peonies are just behind the peas… If you embiggen, you might see what is hiding up in back of the peonies… near where the roses are.
flowers 19june2012 (3)

It’s this guy! He served for years as a place to put bird food.
flowers 19june2012 (10)

flowers 19june2012 (9)

The roses are also quite lovely… I have no idea what the ones out back are. Likely some old fashioned thing.
flowers 19june2012 (7)

Out front we have a bank with Rugosa rose aka beach rose. They’re weedy, and they can be invasive in coastal situations, but they work pretty well in our yard.
flowers 19june2012 (17) flowers 19june2012 (18)

And on the other side of the yard, in the shade, the hosta are doing well.
flowers 19june2012 (28)

Even that gawdawful goutweed has a certain appeal on a hot day…
flowers 19june2012 (24)

Yesterday’s lunch

I was gifted some wonderful stainless lunch pails at Christmastime. I’ve been carrying my lunch in them, and for the past few weeks it has been salad. For quite a while I’ve had a thing for baby arugula, but lately it’s been the lettuce from the garden. And berries on the salad. And stinky cheese (gorgonzola is my favorite). And usually some bit of protein: eggs, nuts, leftover fish or chicken… numm numm!

It has been stinking hot here the past couple of days, and the AC wasn’t working at work. It was actually much cooler outside, so that’s where I headed for lunch.

lunch20june2012 lunch20june2012 (1)

lunch20june2012 (2)


And here’s what I did at lunch: worked on the beaded crochet bracelet! I strung the beads at breakfast, crocheted a bit here and there, and by the end of the day I was done! The instructional video at the link is really clear, even for me. But this suits my crochet skills, which are “chain”.
crochet bead bracelet (1) crochet bead bracelet

I wanted it really long, and to wrap several times. Mission accomplished. And there are enough beads left on the string for another. And I have loads more beads. I see an obsession coming on…
crochet bead bracelet (2)

Other obsessions

Bras, but you know that, right? I gifted my two nieces (19 and 17) with a fitting and a nice bra. They were happy! Mom came too. We went to Bella Intimates in Rye, NH. It’s a beautiful little shop run by a lovely woman, Shelley.
bella (2)

I feel like such a giant next to these girls (and mom)… height-wise and boob-wise.
bella (3)

But it was all good. Shelley says she has a friend doing a photo shoot for a calendar, and wants us to be part of it! A multi-generational thing. Plans are for July 8. I forget what the calendar is for (I’m thinking breast cancer), but I’ll keep you posted.

And finally

Remember the Gilligan’s Island meeting props? I finally got around to making a small Bond set. These are for somebody who is switching jobs to another agency. I made his reversible.
glenn (3) glenn (4)
The Bonds are easy to name… but can you name the girls?? Two of these have the appropriate Bond girl on the flip side.
Dalton as BondFamke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp
Roger Moore as BondLois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead
And of course, Sean Connery as Bond – and the best named Bond girl, Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore