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cakes and fractals

January 29th, 2012 by knitnzu

This is what my weekend’s been about, cakes and fractals.


Yesterday I took all the yarn I dyed with mushrooms and made “cakes”!
cakes 013

It’s easier to see how the colors might play together this way, rather than when the yarn was all in skeins.
more dyeing 2

This is for a DH birthday sweater… his birthday was over a week ago, though. But this sweater has taken a LOT more work… finding the mushrooms, drying them, getting the wool (at Rhinebeck! over a year ago!), dyeing the wool, and getting it ready to knit. Now to figure out how to make the sweater… It’ll be a basic pullover, he wants stripes.

I played around with a swatch, more for gauge than color (two of these are too close to be together throughout the sweater, but I used the crummy little hanks)… I’m thinking some combination of stockinette, garter, and linen stitches.


Yesterday I also headed out to Pogo’s aka Friends Folly Farm to pick up some yarn to ship off to Scotland. I’m sending her yarn. She’s sending me a couple of bras.

pogos (2) pogos (1)

I went with a few friends, one wearing a hexagon sweater she just winged using remnants from Pogo’s bargain bin (she’s in the background). The sweater in the foreground was also just winged. I have talented friends…

Anyhow, there was little excitement to be had in the bargain bin this weekend (which I wanted for me). The friend in Scotland is getting some of the friendz blendz.

But look at the icy beauty that was still about when we walked out of the yurt!
pogos (5)
Crazy pretty tinkling sound as it fell from the trees and hit the hard icy snow. Except for reminding people of the Ice Storm of 1998, it was beautiful.


Lazy Katy! This is a shawl that has some fractal pattern…
lazykate (1)

I had a lot of issues with the lace. I’ve made much more complicated lace (see that maplewing shawl), but for some reason, this one kicked my butt. I decided to just go with it. It’s going to be scrumpled and scrunched around my neck anyhow. Also, I was going with the notion that if you repeatedly did something, even if it was an “error”, you can just consider it a design feature. This shawl has a lot of design features in the lace….

Here it is before blocking it out,

And the color is probably best here,
lazykate (5)

It’s from some gorgeous yarn, madeline tosh sock (lichen color), that I got in Brunswick ages ago, at Purl Diva. (ooooh, Ellen’s got a new website, it looks great!)

Way more details over on my Ravelry Project Page for this.

Clara covets

December 5th, 2009 by knitnzu

my icelandic mittens!
clara covets
Clara Parkes! At Purl Diva! Today!

She’s a hoot, I really enjoyed gabbing with her… and we (not the royal we, I had a friend with me!) learned that if we ever meet Ann Budd, we should get her liquored up, and she’ll be even crazier (there is a story involving a pen and signing a body part). We also learned that Clara’s cat may be a bit intellectually challenged. But nice…

We also learned that wearing soft and lovely Cormo may make a bystander pet you, and you can say, oh, feel it up higher, and get a massage!

We went to Brunswick by way of Lisbon, meaning we saw Amy, who is having a store-wide sale that she’s taking on-line… I may have bought some yarn there (for a secret xmas project) and a book… But I got Clara’s book at Ellen’s!

And a rather expensive cup of coffee in Brunswick (because I had to have the mug)… I don’t have one that fits in my car’s cupholder, and look, made in the US, how great is that? Mostly it’s the little dog that got me…
little dog little dog (1)

There was also lunch at the Frontier Cafe, which was absolutely FABULOUS!
frontier cafe frontier cafe (1)
It’s in an old mill building, right on the Androscoggin River, and the food and beer is incredible!

frontier cafe (2)
I love the bells around my neck… they were a fundraiser at the convenience store in Lisbon. I chose carefully, based on how the bells sounded!

(yes, that is my finger in one of the photos above… and it looks like there is something on my lens….)

naughty spinners

October 13th, 2009 by knitnzu

Which I guess shouldn’t surprise anybody.

The trouble I went with, and the trouble I met…
Sara and David.

More trouble,

Of course I was no trouble!
You really may not want to know what is going on here… I brought Amy a jar of freshly made lotion, and um, well… David had to go have a smoke after this.

I haven’t spun since March, and have some thin fawn colored alpaca going. Since I stress about making it thin, and haven’t spun in over half a year, I brought some corriedale in a bright color. But you can see I didn’t get much spinning done.
mandy fiber mandy spin start

icelandic mitten progress

I finished one mitten (minus the thumb), but it is much too narrow. So I started another, added more stitches, went up to 3 mm needles, and am using a different color pattern.

icelandic mittens backs icelandic mittens palms

I figure I’ll make this one, and hopefully I’ll have enough to make another without having to rip back the first one, though what would I do with one small mitten? Maybe undo it a bit and felt it into a little bag or something.

I don’t usually make this type of thumb. Not sure I like it, we’ll see…

who knew a warden could be so much fun?

September 14th, 2008 by knitnzu

Maybe it’s because she’s a chaplain? But who knew a chaplain could be so much fun?

Had a great time over at Ellen’s yesterday.

Kate Braestrup was great company, and I enjoyed the interesting, funny, serious things she to say, but mostly I enjoyed meeting her. I have not read her book, but I have heard wonderful things about it, and she did a reading… which made me want to read it!

kate 005
Loki also enjoyed Kate’s company!

kate 017
(I think they were talking about Kilim style mittens)

Gotta love the woman’s color sense!
She doesn’t knit using patterns!

This one thought I had something special for her in my bag… I think there were biscuits in there a week or two ago… but that little border collie pup got those!

There’s a few more pictures from the day here.

If you haven’t been over to Ellen’s in a while, go! She opened up the store and has more room, more patterns and books, and loads more yarn. And lots of scrumptious yummy yarn. And lots of good solid basic yarn. And did I say beautiful yarn? I brought a couple items home… but sssshhhh! Maybe I’ll put up some pictures on ravelry, at least until after xmas.

i is for impish

May 7th, 2008 by knitnzu

As in impish little kids
impish1 impish2

impish3 impish4

These are Pogo’s mohair goat kids, at Friend’s Folly Farm. Yes, yes, I had to return the wheel. So sad! But I got to spend some time gabbing and hanging around watching the kids. They are absolutely hilarious.

I suggested that Pogo start a goat kid therapy group where folks could just come and look at the kids and their antics. It was good for the soul. Kind of like hanging out with puppies. The kids didn’t want much to do with strangers approaching them (a good lesson for human kids too!), but after a bit, they’d get curious and come over to explore. Which they do with their mouths!

this little guy was especially taken with my friend’s coat!

My friend is not a knitter (gasp!) nor a spinner nor a blogger, but she loves animals and is a total suckup for tactile things like squishy fiber. We got to visit Katie in the mill, and my friend purchased some yarn so I can make her some Maine Morning Mitts.

In the mill….
Pogo says this machine is called ‘Charlotte’

I pointed out to my buddy how the fiber looks all webbed just before it comes out of the machine as roving… which is when we learned the machine has a name, based on that web! Can you see the fiber? It’s in the lower left corner. Usually I am not a big fan of blue, but this is a very happy blue. And wonderfully squishy.