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I think I figured it out…

March 17th, 2013 by knitnzu

Why I can never get onto my blog from home… Firefox automatically adds the www to the url, and I’m having trouble getting it NOT to.

Real blog post coming soon! I finished knitting the sky! I’m about to steek a sweater!

ETA-or maybe not. It might be my service provider. I brought my laptop to work and can get on here just fine, but it’s hit and miss at home.

and the itty bathrooom is done!

May 10th, 2011 by knitnzu

or is it?

Mostly it is… here’s pics of progress (many of these are fuzzy, so no real need to embiggen)…
may2011 001 may2011 003 may2011 027 may2011 019

  • OMG, you mean there’s aNOTHER vanity below the counter?
  • Plywood floor over the ick, moved the toilet drain so it’s centered
  • El cheapo floor INSTALLED! Can you believe that PANELING (that dark line) on the wall? I pulled off a foot of sheetrock, and a length of quarter round (because this is such an attractive item in the middle of a wall), and underneath was this paneling…
  • whooooo eeeee, that burnt sienna mixed in with that can of off-white? WAY too pink! (it’s sort of pink in the Sedona way, but pinker than I was after)

…and then…
may2011 051 may2011 050

  • two coats of paint (barefoot beach in the toilet closet, zenful outside to match the other space), including the trim
  • pictures hung
  • baseboard installed, nailholes puttied, primed, painted
  • what you don’t see… light fixture replaced in the toilet closet, found it in the barn
  • all the trim in the family room also puttied, primed, and repainted
  • ceiling in the dining room sealed with Killz and painted (to paint over the stain from the leak upstairs that was repaired a while ago, but still leaked, and then fixed again)

Uh-oh… still need to do the trim under where that paneling was…
may2011 034

And since I had the paint out, and it was relatively warm this past weekend… I went after that entry door. The one to the family room (that I painted a couple years ago, but never did the door). Which meant taking out the glass, scraping off all the paint, and putting it all back together,
entry door (1) entry door

… and someplace along the way I got frustrated about trying to find things in the barn, and organized/cleaned out all the little cubbies. Still loads to do (like that pile of scrap wood), but things are at least more organized, such that a type of item isn’t in 7 places anymore…
may2011 036 may2011 040may2011 039 may2011 038

Found this out in the front bank,
I emailed Enterprise Foundries in Lewiston, but they’ve never made anything like this. Turns out there are about eleventy million Enterprise Foundries.

Trimmed Gracie, except for her head, and she was looking like a crazy lion head girl. It was hard to trim her fur so it would be spinnable, and avoid snipping her. So I have a small bag, maybe 4 ounces or so. Then I trimmed them both. No pics of that… but they look better. Both got their odd wacko trims tamed.
dogs 18april 2011 (3)
leaping lionhead girl

I must stop looking around at things. I keep eye-ing (eying?) up that front storm door. It’s tongue and groove ~4 inch boards that are all coming apart. The window has no trim on the bottom section, and the glass moves off the boards. And the bottom hinge is missing. We don’t use the door much, but I worry somebody will get hurt. I’m thinking making a door out of shiplap. It’s narrower than most standard storms, plus the ones I’ve seen are rather unattractive.
front storm before (8) front storm before (2)


51 bottles!
wine 8 may2011 (1)


Slowly knitting on the Carnaby Skirt; it’s about half done. All this house work has irritated the tendinitis. I’m about to start elf slippers for mom. In pink. And with bells. Of course!

“finished” yarn, good bones

July 20th, 2010 by knitnzu

I finished the alpaca and corriedale I recently spun. Nothing fancy, just a wash for the alpaca, but I tried to full the corriedale a bit because parts of it were loosely spun and loosely plied.
alpaca_july2010_350yds (1) alpaca_july2010_washed
Before and after, they don’t look much different!

mandy 026 mandy fulled
Before and after, also don’t look much different, but the washed one is a bit fulled, as I’d hoped.

good bones! good deal!

Had to have this (the pics are fuzzy, sorry),
workbench_chair workbench_chair (2) workbench_chair (1)
Passed a yard sale on the way to refrigerator shopping on Saturday and found this workbench chair for TWO DOLLARS. It has such potential. I love the knobs and the framework. It’s even pretty comfortable. The leatherette is some butt ugly (and greasy filthy), but picture this with matte black metal parts and some flashy bright seat coverings (I’m thinking maybe orange and pink).

new fridge!

Right now, this instant, the delivery guys are taking apart the old fridge and about to put the new one in. It is a very UNsexy appliance and I got a utilitarian model. What is great? This…

chevron hat finished

January 31st, 2010 by knitnzu

chevronhat 018

More pictures and modifications over on my Ravelry project page.

I should probably block it, or at least give it a vinegar rinse. My hands turned shades of blue and green when knitting… But for now it’s on my head. Maybe it’ll add some interesting highlights, what do you think?

really old socks

Is 30 years really old for socks? Mom and dad brought these back from Germany for me in 1980. Emily wanted to see them, so…

germankneesocks (1) kneesock
The elastic is starting to wear out a bit… but they still stay up well, and they come to my knees! The heels are only just starting to wear a bit, maybe I should darn them before next winter.

the cold has caused…

Us to finally replace the dryer hose, and more importantly the vent cap (which was broken).

Perhaps a bigger crack in the tub surround. I’d caulked a couple weeks ago (so nice to get rid of the old and moldy) and put a bit of caulk on some crack that developed a couple months ago… but then, yesterday…

Really, it’s time for a new surround, but the duct tape should hold us for a few more months.

And all that heavy rain caused a big bubble on a wall near the ceiling last week.

(I had pics! I thought I downloaded them! I did not… but I did delete them off the camera)

It was about the size of a newborn baby. It was full of water. We punctured it and then, like a bad cyst, the whole thing exploded. Now it just looks scabby on the wall. In the summer we’ll repaint. By then the sheetrock should be dry, eh?

There was no ice dam… DH rakes the snow off that roof all the time. Just a fluke, perhaps.

knitting with my own handspun

January 30th, 2010 by knitnzu

Chevron hat, which I saw a bit ago at Purl Diva. I think it’ll be a good choice for this yarn, because I never wet it after spinning it, and it is surely full of some energy! I think the chevrons and garter ridges will help the biasing. Can’t tell yet if it’ll be too big, if so, I’ll full it a bit…
chevronhat 004

I should finish that pullover for DH, but I totally modified the pattern, and even though I took what I thought were great notes, now that I’ve started the second sleeve, I can’t tell if I meant K2, W&T, and on the next round K2 past the W&T, if I counted the wrap or not in the two stitches. I suppose I could look at the other sleeve… I don’t think I hid the wraps that well!

There’s an ice jam moving down the Kennebec River. Here it is earlier in the week in Augusta (it’s 5 pm so don’t embiggen the photo!)…
lisa kennriv 26jan10
fashion maven eh? What you don’t see are the bare knees and German knee socks from about 1980.

The jam is more dramatic a bit further south… it’s centered in Farmingdale/Gardiner now, and the coast guard has sent cutters upriver, but they can’t get under the bridge in Gardiner… It was front page news today because of the smelt shacks… (oooh, just found that video and put it above!)

Big news here, eh?