I knit the sky!

Old news by now, since I finished knitting a little over a month ago…. but I knit the star chart of the northern hemisphere! It was a knit-along over at Ravelry, and it was a ton of fun… the planning with everybody, the gab about what yarn, what colors, what beads, edgings, helping each other with problems, and input from the designer!

The pattern is Celestarium, by Audrey Nicklin. My version even made it onto the Twist Collective newsletter!

star chart shawl 028 star chart shawl 029

star chart shawl 032 star chart shawl 034

I wear it to work about once a week. I’m impressed at how wearable it is, given that it is a circle. And how warm it is. Project details over on my ravelry page.

First day of spring coming up… so that means snow melt contest!

I’m still puzzled about why I can’t access the blog from my laptop. I’m on the old pc and no problems. I took my laptop to work, no problems. Maybe it’s a security setting in the router? (laptop access wirelessly, pc is old and is wired). I so loathe this keyboard, sitting in this spot, etc… I need to get it all working again from the laptop!

I turned 52 today.

My biological father died when he was 52. I am apparently much like him (and also much not like him, thanks to my parents). But the unreasonable part of my brain wonders if I’ll live through the year. I know it’s unreasonable, but it’s a big year for me. Celebrate life and all that. Thus the napalm hair, a few weeks faded in the pics above and now faded even a bit more (and with growing in roots).

4 thoughts on “I knit the sky!

  1. Happy birthday! I love your version of that shawl. It’s the first one that has tempted me to give the pattern a second look.

  2. Wow, how beautiful is this shael! Seems like a starry nisght!

    And, oh, happy birthday, mine is coming soon, too!

    You look wonderful and beautiful, so celebreate life this year and celebrate life every year the rest if your life!!)

  3. My dearest, dearest child – you should not even think about dying at 52! He died because of the life he led. You are the most wonderful person, daughter anyone could have AND you will long outlive your mother who intends to live a very long life!! That could be good or not, depending on your sense of humor!!! LOL Love you so much.