June ramblings

Knitting and Fibery stuff

There has been some knitting going on around here, though admittedly not the past week or so. I’m about halfway on one of the sleeves for DH’s birthday sweater (it should be noted that his birthday is in January).

We finished and presented the “fish mobile” aka One Fish Two Fish. Mom and baby both seem to like it!
fish mobile done (3) fish 009

It was a joint project for somebody at work. More photos, the pattern link, etc. on my Ravelry project page. The actual fish pattern is for a cat toy, and we made the rest of it up.

I made a little shawl (Rav link), but I’m not sure what I think about it. I wish it were longer, shallower, and perhaps a different color. It’s too hot right now to give it much serious consideration.
sss_shawl (3)

Made it to the Fiber Frolic earlier this month! I’ve missed the past two years because of funerals or memorial services. Double bonus for me this year: nobody in the family died, and I got to go hang with friends! I brought home some bamboo/cotton, and some plain bamboo tencel… secret project in progress.
yarnsonnets (5)

The best part of the day was hanging with some fibery friends, and seeing more of them there. We were all quite smitten by these angora bunny babies. And I want some of these rubber chicken earrings!
frolic2012 (1) frolic2012 (3)

Lucia is a cake making machine! She untangled the skein and wound it up in a center pull cake!
yarnsonnets frolic2012 you fight like a girl

And Sara fights like a girl. And she’s in love with a yarn colorway of the same name.

Around the gardens

That sounds so posh, no? How about around the yard…

Our peas are finally flowering, as are the peonies (mmmmm!) and roses. The iris are done (and didn’t put on a big show, except for the weedy purple siberians, which I adore). This might be the first year I really noticed how beautiful the pea flowers are.
flowers 19june2012

Peonies are just behind the peas… If you embiggen, you might see what is hiding up in back of the peonies… near where the roses are.
flowers 19june2012 (3)

It’s this guy! He served for years as a place to put bird food.
flowers 19june2012 (10)

flowers 19june2012 (9)

The roses are also quite lovely… I have no idea what the ones out back are. Likely some old fashioned thing.
flowers 19june2012 (7)

Out front we have a bank with Rugosa rose aka beach rose. They’re weedy, and they can be invasive in coastal situations, but they work pretty well in our yard.
flowers 19june2012 (17) flowers 19june2012 (18)

And on the other side of the yard, in the shade, the hosta are doing well.
flowers 19june2012 (28)

Even that gawdawful goutweed has a certain appeal on a hot day…
flowers 19june2012 (24)

Yesterday’s lunch

I was gifted some wonderful stainless lunch pails at Christmastime. I’ve been carrying my lunch in them, and for the past few weeks it has been salad. For quite a while I’ve had a thing for baby arugula, but lately it’s been the lettuce from the garden. And berries on the salad. And stinky cheese (gorgonzola is my favorite). And usually some bit of protein: eggs, nuts, leftover fish or chicken… numm numm!

It has been stinking hot here the past couple of days, and the AC wasn’t working at work. It was actually much cooler outside, so that’s where I headed for lunch.

lunch20june2012 lunch20june2012 (1)

lunch20june2012 (2)


And here’s what I did at lunch: worked on the beaded crochet bracelet! I strung the beads at breakfast, crocheted a bit here and there, and by the end of the day I was done! The instructional video at the link is really clear, even for me. But this suits my crochet skills, which are “chain”.
crochet bead bracelet (1) crochet bead bracelet

I wanted it really long, and to wrap several times. Mission accomplished. And there are enough beads left on the string for another. And I have loads more beads. I see an obsession coming on…
crochet bead bracelet (2)

Other obsessions

Bras, but you know that, right? I gifted my two nieces (19 and 17) with a fitting and a nice bra. They were happy! Mom came too. We went to Bella Intimates in Rye, NH. It’s a beautiful little shop run by a lovely woman, Shelley.
bella (2)

I feel like such a giant next to these girls (and mom)… height-wise and boob-wise.
bella (3)

But it was all good. Shelley says she has a friend doing a photo shoot for a calendar, and wants us to be part of it! A multi-generational thing. Plans are for July 8. I forget what the calendar is for (I’m thinking breast cancer), but I’ll keep you posted.

And finally

Remember the Gilligan’s Island meeting props? I finally got around to making a small Bond set. These are for somebody who is switching jobs to another agency. I made his reversible.
glenn (3) glenn (4)
The Bonds are easy to name… but can you name the girls?? Two of these have the appropriate Bond girl on the flip side.
Dalton as BondFamke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp
Roger Moore as BondLois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead
And of course, Sean Connery as Bond – and the best named Bond girl, Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore