cakes and fractals

This is what my weekend’s been about, cakes and fractals.


Yesterday I took all the yarn I dyed with mushrooms and made “cakes”!
cakes 013

It’s easier to see how the colors might play together this way, rather than when the yarn was all in skeins.
more dyeing 2

This is for a DH birthday sweater… his birthday was over a week ago, though. But this sweater has taken a LOT more work… finding the mushrooms, drying them, getting the wool (at Rhinebeck! over a year ago!), dyeing the wool, and getting it ready to knit. Now to figure out how to make the sweater… It’ll be a basic pullover, he wants stripes.

I played around with a swatch, more for gauge than color (two of these are too close to be together throughout the sweater, but I used the crummy little hanks)… I’m thinking some combination of stockinette, garter, and linen stitches.


Yesterday I also headed out to Pogo’s aka Friends Folly Farm to pick up some yarn to ship off to Scotland. I’m sending her yarn. She’s sending me a couple of bras.

pogos (2) pogos (1)

I went with a few friends, one wearing a hexagon sweater she just winged using remnants from Pogo’s bargain bin (she’s in the background). The sweater in the foreground was also just winged. I have talented friends…

Anyhow, there was little excitement to be had in the bargain bin this weekend (which I wanted for me). The friend in Scotland is getting some of the friendz blendz.

But look at the icy beauty that was still about when we walked out of the yurt!
pogos (5)
Crazy pretty tinkling sound as it fell from the trees and hit the hard icy snow. Except for reminding people of the Ice Storm of 1998, it was beautiful.


Lazy Katy! This is a shawl that has some fractal pattern…
lazykate (1)

I had a lot of issues with the lace. I’ve made much more complicated lace (see that maplewing shawl), but for some reason, this one kicked my butt. I decided to just go with it. It’s going to be scrumpled and scrunched around my neck anyhow. Also, I was going with the notion that if you repeatedly did something, even if it was an “error”, you can just consider it a design feature. This shawl has a lot of design features in the lace….

Here it is before blocking it out,

And the color is probably best here,
lazykate (5)

It’s from some gorgeous yarn, madeline tosh sock (lichen color), that I got in Brunswick ages ago, at Purl Diva. (ooooh, Ellen’s got a new website, it looks great!)

Way more details over on my Ravelry Project Page for this.

End of year update

First off, I was the super lucky recipient of an iPad, and I’m posting from it… Some things are easy, others not so much… So we’ll see.

Most recent FO is the coat rack… I’ve been complaining and complaining about how coats stack up in the shoe shelf… Finally did something about it… Completed New Year’s Eve, about 4 pm…

coat hooks coat hooks (4)
Now, to do something about those butt f’in ugly plastic bins…

Then there was a lot of christmas knitting… A dozen or more fingerless mitts… Doctor who sonic screwdriver (#11′s), the “can ya hear me now” ornaments… Made with audio tape and hearing aids… And something that is as I type on it’s way to my brother.

The photo link copy business is a real PITA on this iPad, so I’ll save this and come back to it.

All the mitts…
scrap mitts 2 scrap mitts 1 (2) mandy mitts (2) mitts for ke moremitts 009 moremitts 007 moremitts 006 moremitts 005 moremitts 004 mitt madness (6) mitt madness (4) mitt madness (2) mitt madness

Doctor Who #11′s sonic screwdriver,
sonic screwdriver

Secret present in the mail (Ravelry link).

An army of Korknisse (rav link)
korkers 010 korkers 002

korkers 016 korkers 011

Can ya hear me now?
canyahear 007 canyahear 003
For mom, who is mostly deaf…

I was the elf at the Department’s “holiday luncheon” (downgraded from Christmas Party long ago to Holiday Party to this most recent incarnation)

We eventually did get Zuzu to lay on the other bed, but I don’t have a photo…
xmas 010

The girls love opening their own gifts… total chaos,
xmas 019

We went to friends’ house for xmas dinner, and when we got back… mischief… or really odd happenings…
xmas 027 xmas 025

And there ya have it. Between family, life, and, admittedly, facebook and Ravelry forums, the blog has been rather neglected. I’m not good with New Year’s Resolutions, so I won’t make one about posting more. I did, however, promise in a holiday note to our sponsor girl (Maria in Guatemala), that I would try to write to her more often. It’s just so hard, because I have a hard time writing about interesting stuff without pointing out the obvious differences between we have and they do not. Mostly I tell her about family and interesting natural stuff. “I’m too busy at work” and “my printer doesn’t work” just aren’t things I would even begin to share with her (and besides, they’re excuses).

Hope you had a good 2011, and that 2012 is even better!