los hongos! mom visit! mitt madness!

I’ve been busy, like everybody, and so not blogging much…

Lately I’ve been sucked into this language learning site, LiveMocha. I’ll admit to being a little obsessive about it…

Anyhow, los hongos! (the mushrooms!) Most specifically, a little madness with lobster mushrooms. DH is still obsessed with all things fungi, and he is more than happy to gather things intended for the dye pot. You can eat these too, but we haven’t. However, we do have an abundance of porcini drying…. oooooh la la, going to have some tasty stews this winter!

A table covered in lobsters,
lobstahs thru the windah lobster madness (1) lobster madness (3)

All peeled and drying in the sun, but look who thought they might be tasty…
lobster madness (4) lobster madness (6)

I’d just gotten them all peeled (you only use the outside part to dye), when another bagful appeared! Some were really humongous…
lobster madness (5) lobster madness (7)

I put the other pans in the oven on a low temp, but they were still rather rubbery, so with all these new ones and no place to put them (because, after all, the “real” dryer is full of porcini), a little scrounging about yielded the solution!
lobster madness (9)

more mushroom madness

My refrigerator… all the brown bags contain fungi, most which are just to look at and ID. One mayo jar has Hungarian mushroom soup (Actually, we have the old book, which has creamier, richer recipes. We made it with hen of the woods) and one mayo jar has reishi tea (which I think is totally disgusting and will not imbibe).
hongos 046

Spore prints,
hongos 053

And taking photos (he has a great setup and takes absolutely stunning photos). He’s got the camera on a timer so he doesn’t shake the camera when it takes the photo.
hongos 055 hongos 059

mom visit!

Mom visited last weekend, and we had a great time. Yes, there may have been some wine involved…
memere visit (2) memere visit (17)

mitt madness

I’m working on emptying this bin of yarn (much of it is dye lot sample skeins of friendz blendz),
mitt madness (8)
by making a bazillion pairs of Maine Morning Mitts. Some of the yarn will be knit up into Ellen Rogers’ Fast & Fearless mitts (ravelry link).
mitt madness (6) mitt madness (4) mitt madness (2) mitt madness mitt madness (9) mitt madness (10)
There may be more that have been knit since I took the photos. The noro is a singlet for now… until I can get a couple odd scraps of some more.

Other stuff

I sent the muddy stream photos around. There was a bit of back and forth regarding who should address the issue, but it was addressed! The city heard from somebody (I think it was the Army Corps), and they are doing what they should be doing… silt fencing and hay bales were put in!