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it’s been all about the little bathroom

A week ago I couldn’t sleep, so I got up before 6 on a Sunday, and started taking the wallpaper off the wall in our eeensy “bathroom”… it’s 28 inches by 42. And when I did, there was more wallpaper, and when that came off, so did the protective coating on the sheetrock.

The plan was for the plumber to put in a new countertop and sink, and a new toilet. But that meant I needed to get the wall taken care of, so I can prime and paint behind the toilet before it goes in.

Before (a few years ago),
small wc
lovely purpley mauve paisley…

And then,
bathroom 032 bathroom 034 bathroom 036 bathroom 037 bathroom 038 bathroom 043 bathroom 044 bathroom 046 bathroom 049 bathroom 052 bathroom 053

What’s going on here…

  1. oh crap, now what… guess I’ll skim coat
  2. oh, look at that, no 2×4 behind the door frame, except for about 2 feet in the middle, no wonder the bottom wiggles all over the place
  3. huh, itty bitty old sheetrock nails, these screws should work better… IF I could find a stud. The outer wall wiggles a LOT, because it was mostly nailed into plywood, which may or may not be nailed onto studs
  4. oops! I was standing on the toilet, and moved, and broke the ceiling fixture
  5. need a new globe… and another view of the lovely walls
  6. … spent a few days putting coats of joint compound on the walls…
    and then decided to pull up the old (and stinky) linoleum
  7. to be met with that hideous ugly black mastic tar paper gunk
  8. … and took out the toilet, having to hammer the porcelain around the bolts because they were just spinning around…
  9. hot water with fabric softener, couple times, and the gunk scraped up pretty well
  10. ready for the plumber and carpenter
  11. couple views of the area

Just a few minutes ago a nice piece of plywood went down… They’re putting in a one piece counter, a new sink and faucet, new toilet. I’ll put down the floor, and paint the walls. And then will tackle the walls outside of the toilet closet.

But all of this means very little knitting has been happening. This is all hard on my tendinitis in the elbow, and generally makes my hands ache.


Last night DH racked off the first batches of wine into carboys. They’ve been in buckets for 4 weeks. They will be another 2 weeks in the carboys, and then into bottles. Supposedly the longer they’re in bottles, the better…

first wine (1)

We made Bergamais (the Vino del Vida) and the Vino del Vida Pinot Noir. They were both incredibly drinkable, even now. We only have one 6 gallon carboy which takes all the wine, and a bunch of 5 gallon carboys. So we each had a small glass of what went into the big carboy (the Bergamais, at this point it is the tastier), and there’s maybe a half gallon of the Pinot in a jug in the fridge because it all wouldn’t fit in the 5 gallon carboy. The per bottle price on these is about $2-3! We have to start another, soon! One that takes some time to age… The Bergamais is the quickest to drink of the reds they sell.

See… after days of hard work, an early evening shower, and a glass of new wine…
first wine (4)
such a fashion plate…

molas mitts and madness


April 1, 2011, my front yard:
snow 1 april 2011 (2)
A foot of new, heavy, wet snow.


Made these for a friend, whose birthday was last November… Started out that the yarn (my handspun) was going to be a lacy scarf… but it didn’t look right in a couple of lace patterns I tried, and then in the one where it did, it was scritchy against my neck. It was soft in the hank though, so made really soft mitts. More blather on my Ravelry Project Page. She’s had them for a couple of months now, I was slow to get photos!

alpaca jackinthebox mitts alpaca jackinthebox mitts (1) alpaca jackinthebox mitts (2)


I was at Univ of ME on Wednesday to give a lecture to a class. Went up with my friend, the recipient of the alpaca mitts, and we took her daughter out to lunch when I was done. And then went to the Hudson Museum. They have a small but beautiful collection of molas.

umo 042 umo 041
umo 040 umo 039

And some other beautiful textiles,
umo 046 umo 045

Baskets old and new… I liked them all, including this Katahdin Arctic basket (I think the basket style with four corners on the square bottom is called a Katahdin basket, but I’m not sure). The butterfly on the top is the Katahdin Arctic.
umo 047

Not sure you remember the video I shot of alligators, but alligators mean something to me… not sure what, but something. Anyhow, though this is a croc, it’s pretty fearsome! I am intrigued by it, desirous of it, and frightened by it all at the same time…
umo 043

And I totally want this hat,
umo 036

Snow Melt Winner!

Mary T! (Blogless…). I’m waiting to hear back from her regarding what she’d like… I was going to wait to announce the winner until I heard from her, but thought some of you might want to know. More later…