nutter in the snow

Not much knitting going on… working on the sleeve to DH’s sweater, which I ripped out once. So, it’s a week’s worth of 365 photos…

The days are getting longer, but the sun is still pretty low in the sky at noon,
1_5_noonshadow 1_11_noonsun (3)
Jan 5 and 11 photos…

Zuzu stretches 1/6

Frozen pond at the arboretum, 1/7. The deer are brave enough to walk over it, but not me.

Had lunch in Waterville on Saturday (1/8) and this painting was hanging on the wall at the lunch spot. I think it’s some mill bridge.

I had to go to Yard Goods for some yarn (they’re having their 20% off everything in the store sale). Really, I needed yarn. Mostly insurance in case I run out for this sweater. Just 3 skeins of lopi, 2 for insurance and 1 because I brought the old label, but not the yarn, and the color didn’t look right. And plain red Cascade sock yarn for knee socks.

The sweater:
1_9_undo sleeve
I ripped this 1/9, and re-did, not picking up extra stitches at the armpit, and decreasing MUCH more rapidly than the pattern says. It’s better, but I’m not sure I’m 100% pleased. We’ll see…

DH is on a mission to finish some small bits of the floor job (you know, the one from a couple years back?). This is a good thing, because previously lots of people tripped over this 2 inch rise.

Hard at work 1/11

Which brings us to today, and all this snow!
K-9 print outside the empty Stone Building at work. There were 2 K-9 units parked outside the Stone Building, and a big SUV. We wondered if they really had dogs, and were they inside… so I did some sleuthing and found this evidence!

About this point a Lewiston K-9 unit pulled up, and I was nosy. He told me they were doing training exercises. And no, he wouldn’t like to bring his dog out to meet us, since he wasn’t especially friendly. Which I would say applied to the handler probably more than his dog. Some people just have no sense of humor. But maybe it was because he was so young. And I seem like a nutter…

snow_12jan2011 (5)
And then the Auburn K-9 unit pulled up…

what i saw in the men’s room

What I want to know is, why does the flu poster in the men’s room have a healthy, attractive man in daytime clothes on it (and few words), while the one in the women’s room has a frumpy woman in her bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, with curlers in her hair, and holding a roll of toilet tissue to her face (and a whole lot of text)?

fluguy flugal

Just for full disclosure, we work in a small office. The bathrooms are “single” users, and there are more women in our office than men (though the addition of a couple guys to our floor in different programs evens it out a bit). People will frequently use “the other” bathroom if their preferred is in use.

I found all the Maine CDC flu posters and put the one of the guy holding the urinal in the men’s bathroom… even though there is no urinal in there.

project 365

I’m not sure I’ll keep this up, but I started with project 365, take at least a photo a day. I don’t think I’ll be able to blog once a day, that’s for sure.

Anyhow, so far:
Jan 1, the lichen dye extraction experiment began,
1_1_lichen experiment begins

Jan 2, I have had a cold since the blizzard on Dec 27…
This nasty stuff helped me sleep a couple nights. I watched a lot of netflix, and missed work all last week.

Jan 3, the body to a top down lopi sweater for DH is done,
1_3_striped lopi sweater
He likes his sweaters loose, and they end up so big (~50 x 28 inches), so it’s good this one is moving quickly.

Jan 4, Gracie loves her blankie…
1_4_gracie in her crate (1)

Jan 5, mom sent me this oddity (she says it’s a hair band, but I don’t really have much hair). Earrings too…
featheryweirdness featheryweirdness (3)
I am SO wearing this to work tomorrow!