chicken and anachronisms

The boy wanted a hat. I was willing to actually let him buy one so he’d have it sooner than later, but he didn’t like any he saw that day, though the ones with flaps drew some interest.

A week or so later I asked “so, what kind of hat do you want?

A hat.

Helpful. Earflaps or no? Black? Grey? Some particular color?

A hat.

I poked about in Ravelry and started laughing at the Little Chicken Baby Hat. He heard. He saw. He declared “THAT’s the hat I want!

And so,
chicken hat 003

chicken hat 005
Modeling opportunities are few and far between, and always with some multitasking going on… (details if you want to see them are on my Ravelry project page)

He declared “Bird is the word”

But it’s Geoff Muldaur’s version of Missippi John Hurt’s Chicken song that rolls through my head,


I think we are anachronisms here, well DH and myself anyhow… Today he asked me to get some more penny wrappers. Yes, we save our change. Yes, we wrap it up ourselves (actually he mostly does it). We give it to somebody at the end of the year… one year it was the tsunami, it’s often local land trusts… It is, as you might imagine, a fair amount of money.

So the penny wrappers, they cost almost 10 cents a piece! That’s nearly 20% of the value of what’s in the wrapper, just for the wrapper itself! I didn’t shop around, but they didn’t have any at the drug store and I just got what they had at Staples.

My next stop was the supermarket for a couple quick things, which on this “Black Friday” was nearly abandoned, and on my way out I checked out the coin roller machine they have there. If you cash your change in for a gift card, you get the full value of your change. If you cash in your change for a donation to charity (I couldn’t see which, I think you pick when you actually do it), you get the full value of your change. If you cash in your change to redeem for actual cash, you lose 9.8 cents on the dollar.

Which is about the cost of those damned wrappers. And one doesn’t have to do the sorting and wrapping. Next year I am going to advocate for getting the gift cards or seeing what the charities are, and just sending checks to the land trusts.

Oh Minerva!

You started showing that cameltoe too young…
columbia minerva 719 (2)

and then you turned into a total b1tch party girl…
columbia minerva 719 (1)

…Both from Columbia Minerva booklet 719, as is this, which I think could be really fetching… no seriously… (but sans gloves)

columbia minerva 719

Here’s Minerva, all grown up…
My next project??? Um…. not…

I have to write up a presentation for my Spanish class tomorrow night (it’s continuing adult ed through the HS, talk about a good deal!), but I am procrastinating! More than you ever wanted to know about wool and vicuna, and in Spanish… or at least Spanglish. I’ve printed out a bunch of pictures, and a vocabulary list… so if I have to I could wing it, sort of…

Love how you work your tool

can you show me how to work my tool like that?

I came home from Friend’s Folly the other with a small stack of old pattern books in addition to that bargain bin yarn. Even though I can’t smell their mustiness, they smell funny, so maybe there’s hope for my sense of smell to come back. This Fleisher’s was my favorite…

fleishers92 001
Gosh, Dad, you’re right, yours is thicker and harder

fleishers92 002
…and this is where you put it in…

fleishers92 003
Don’t worry son, one day you’ll be a man

fleishers92 004
Well, Dad, mine may be skinnier, but it’s sharper and shiny…

fleishers92 005
What’s in your basket?

fleishers92 006
Son, you shouldn’t keep all your balls in one basket… Here, let me rake a few out

fleishers92 007
(yeah, I know, that was lame)

There are a few more pictures, but, honestly, the men’s pattern pictures are usually so much more entertaining.

a notch above trailer trash, erm living…

Or, how to increase the dry storage in your dishwasher with bolt cutters…

Remember, before:

After the other day, a little bolt cutter action, and a lovely bit of plywood (DH did the cutting!).
dry storage (1)

I think I’m ready to cut up some old flannel pj pants into rags. The butt seam got a hole, and they’re a little too threadbare to repair, plus the waistband needs repair, and there’s a big hole along the shin. Got these at the “swap shop” (aka dump) in Rockport, MA twelve years ago. I shouldn’t feel guilty about buying new flannel pj pants, right? I tried a couple years ago, men’s pj bottoms, they shrunk above my ankles… got a good pair in a woman’s tall last year, but they are expensive ($46!). So I still have the two pair, but only one feels good on.

felting FAIL

This was supposed to fit a human head. The hat on the pumpkin is mine for scale. I wanted to wear this at the work xmas party, you know, with bells on the points…
lopi crown second felt (2)

It’s 32 inches, after a machine felting (in which it went from about 40 inches wide to about 42, but shorter), and a lot of work in a pot of boiling water with a potato masher and the washboard, and dips in between in ice water…

It will make a decent cat bed. We don’t have a cat…

Had a great time taking photos of an xmas knit (Ravelry link)… Because we were at the Curtis Homestead (a Kennebec Land Trust property in Monmouth), I stopped for five minutes at Pogo and Marcia’s yurt… and came home with a pound of bargain bin skeins. Like I need more yarn… but I got colors that I wouldn’t chose for me… these make great fingerless mitts, a total mindless knit for me. I like to have a stash of them on hand to give as gifts, and I’m down to only one pair!