a “fair” time! odd veggies but O-M-G stay away from the crochet

So this past weekend was the Common Ground Fair, a great place to people watch. Did you know hippies are still with us? Or is it only in Maine? And not just the 50 and 60 year olds from the 1960′s (though they are there, those that are still living off the grid and those that have more corporate lives). I digress… a wide assortment of people come to the fair.

I go there to work. Usually to share info about invasive plants, but this year we also were hawking our book. I always enjoy talking to people, and hearing their stories, and providing helpful suggestions where I can.

This year I gabbed with The Humble Farmer. He has a distinctive voice, and after a few minutes I blurted out “Oh, I know who you are“. And then I started laughing because he was wearing a hat that said “The Humble Farmer“. I was clearly paying more attention to what he was saying than what he was wearing. He commented “who else wears a tie to the Common Ground Fair?” and I replied “people wear all sorts of stuff to the fair“. He even video interviewed me. I think it was because “look familiah” to him and he couldn’t figure out why. I told him my biological family has been in Maine since the 1700′s, and I look much like them. “Newcomahs” he says. They all live in the general area that he does, so I still think this must be it.

I always get some time to play.

The kid’s parade is a hoot. Embiggen if you desire.
fair parade fair parade (1) fair parade (2) fair parade (3) fair parade (4)
fair parade (5) fair parade (6) fair parade (7) fair parade (8)
Fun stuff in the parade (besides the cute overload with all the little kids): an assortment of bugs, vegetables, a rain cloud, snake, slug, and the drummer playing with squashes!

Got to check out the agriculture display. I asked some young guy tidying the tables “What possesses people to enter this thing?” (as I looked at a bunch of potatoes that looked like, well potatoes). “Pride I guess” (oooh, one of the 7 deadly!) and he continued “do you see anything interesting there?”. Um, potatoes. They look just like the potatoes from my garden.

Nonetheless, there are some interesting things in here. I was much more taken overall with the second place winners. What can that mean?
fair_veggies fair_veggies (1)
I forget what kind of squash this is, other than warty. Second place is wartier. But it has a small rot spot on the bottom. Who doesn’t have some small spot they don’t want folks to see on their bottom??

fair_veggies (2) fair_veggies (8) fair_veggies (7)
That last was just honorable mention, because there are only two, not three.

And then there were the oddities…
fair_veggies (6) fair_veggies (5) fair_veggies (4) fair_veggies (3)
Gotta say, I love the frog and snake squashes. There was also an 18 pound zucchini, a sunflower head about 2 feet wide, and a rutabaga the size of a basketball.

There was also this thing called skirret. It seems interesting, but do you have to peel it?
fair_veggies (9)

and then there were the fiber entries

Save me…
fair socalled fiberarts (3)
Who labeled this thing? It is attractive enough, but it is not crocheted. For full disclosure, the 2 inch border was crocheted.

Why does somebody enter this? It so much belongs in 1976.
fair socalled fiberarts (2)

Or these? They are made of acrylic, and they have no heel!
fair socalled fiberarts

Or this? It’s fine, but is it judge and jury worthy? It seemed to be of wool.
fair socalled fiberarts (1)

There was a lovely sweater, sort of a fisherman knit, lots of cables, seemingly of wool, but it was so far back we couldn’t touch or photograph it.

And speaking of sweaters, the Phaeolus sweater is soaking, ready for a block. I tried a variety of buttons, and none of them look good, so I guess I’ll do little hooks and eyes like the pattern suggests. Here it is before I finished sewing in the ends.
phaeolus sweater 013

Entertainment at 15.6 cents an inch

This morning I went to the annual Lithgow Library book sale. Bag of books for $5! They stack up 32 inches high, which means 15.6 cents per inch!

It seemed like whole genres were gone (dan brown/john grisham type books for the kiddo), which I guess one would expect on the last day! My favorites I think are Prince and Other Dogs and Prince and Other Dogs 2 because the dog photos are so amusing.

more expensive entertainment, or saving for my dirty little secret

knitbankfront knitbanktop
But will this little bank hold enough for all that awaits me in NY next month??

just plain wicked

Clearly Daniel costs more than 15.6 cents per inch…

not one but two

FO’s, and one of them is knitted…

The last bit of the bathroom is done (installing the end pieces on the counter), the trim is painted, everything’s cleaned up. The plumber had to access the shower pipes, which meant removing the radiator cover and the sheetrock panels in the hall outside the bathroom. The radiator became a small project for me.

Before on the left (the grate is just leaning there, but you get the idea). Though I’d removed the shelf to bleed the radiator, I’d never removed the grate. A lot of paint to scrape. And on the right, mostly down to the metal or the first coat of paint and ready to spray.
bathroom 008 bathroom 010 bathroom radiator scraped (3)

And now, bright and shiny. I even painted part of the wall to the right… when the grate came off, there was a large unpainted area.
radiator done
You can see if you look (because the base color is fresh and bright white versus the old antique/linen/whatever white came with the house), but it’ll do.

The hall was painted over 10 years ago, and surprisingly the blue wash was still in a yogurt container in the basement, and even more surprisingly, it was still good… just needed a bit of water. I found a lot of fuzzy stuff growing in other containers… and a lot of gelatinous muck that once was paint. I know what we’ll be bringing to the next home hazardous waste day…


vanille done vanille done (1)
Lots of mods to pattern, waist shaping, more fitted arms. What I hope to different in the next sweater: figure out the raglan length so the armhole isn’t so deep… makes the sleeve baggy and oddly fitting at the top. But it’s comfortable, and like the blue paint, it’ll do.

Got a haircut too!

what was I thinking?

vanille done (2)
I got seeds for Sweet Annie at the Common Ground Fair last year… the stuff smelled so wonderful. Um, I was there with our “invasive plants” display… this thing can be invasive? I hadn’t heard that for Maine, but I think I need to get it out of the garden!


I was rather excited that Earl brought us some rain.
shhh… that’s the flash making the liquid water look white and solid

new project started

Newport cardigan, out of the Phaeolus dyed wool!
newport 5sep2010