sunshine for a baby, silly’s, lost keys, and look who’s coming to the meeting

Just finished a quick project, for the soon to come baby of the woman who used to have my job. She always makes me think of sunshine, and she’s in Arizona…

sunshine babysoft cardigan (1) sunshine babysoft cardigan buttons
There’s a few details on my Ravelry project page.

Four of us went to Portland last weekend (a bit of spinning fiber may have followed me home). And we had a great lunch at Silly’s. Fun place and a great wrap (O-M-G, so much bacon…). They even have an outside “garden” dining area, which is where we sat.

While I was in Portland (in DH’s mom-mobile), DH used my car. He lost the keys while out for a couple hours with the dogs looking for fungi. He went back and looked for two hours. And then we went back the next day and looked for another two hours. No luck (I have my own set, and we still have the “valet” key)… So, if you come across some Subaru keys in the woods behind the airport in Augusta, let me know! I doubt anybody ventures into the places he was… hilly, ravines, no trails, up and down… I was exhausted!

We had “help”
lostkeys (2) lostkeys (1)
Wet Gracie from the creek… Zuzu, who has since gotten a trim.

So last week we had this “quick” meeting to discuss the FY 12-13 budget for info tech stuff. It lasted three hours. We have another tomorrow. Nobody will be able to speak unless they display their appropriate Three Hour Tour Meeting persona.
And yes, I’m Gilligan…

“finished” yarn, good bones

I finished the alpaca and corriedale I recently spun. Nothing fancy, just a wash for the alpaca, but I tried to full the corriedale a bit because parts of it were loosely spun and loosely plied.
alpaca_july2010_350yds (1) alpaca_july2010_washed
Before and after, they don’t look much different!

mandy 026 mandy fulled
Before and after, also don’t look much different, but the washed one is a bit fulled, as I’d hoped.

good bones! good deal!

Had to have this (the pics are fuzzy, sorry),
workbench_chair workbench_chair (2) workbench_chair (1)
Passed a yard sale on the way to refrigerator shopping on Saturday and found this workbench chair for TWO DOLLARS. It has such potential. I love the knobs and the framework. It’s even pretty comfortable. The leatherette is some butt ugly (and greasy filthy), but picture this with matte black metal parts and some flashy bright seat coverings (I’m thinking maybe orange and pink).

new fridge!

Right now, this instant, the delivery guys are taking apart the old fridge and about to put the new one in. It is a very UNsexy appliance and I got a utilitarian model. What is great? This…


So, also since that sinus infection I have anosmia, or loss of the sense of smell, except for the smoke, which isn’t there. I put my nose in a jar of essential oil? Nothing. Cold cuts on the verge? Who could say? Not me.

Kiddo commented a few days back that the food closet stank. I reminded him I couldn’t smell anything. I asked a couple of friends with good noses, and they only smelled the spices. Then yesterday DH reeled back from the bad smell and discovered rotting potatoes.

The one good thing? These two can put their heavy breathing mouths right near my face and it’s not stinky! (well it really is, but I can’t tell).
dogshnoz_zuzu dogshnoz_gracie (2)

I may buy a new refrigerator today. Ours is 30 years old. Leaking freon is a potential cause of the phantosmia, which is the last straw in the life of this fridge (not that I know it’s leaking freon, but it has age related issues, ha!). I will want to live in it today. It is just too hot and humid…

andean bracelets, fabulous fungi, and olfactory hallucinations

I had a bit of thinly spun yarn on a bobbin from a year or more ago and decided to just ply it up. But I didn’t want to navajo ply it, so I made an Andean plying bracelet. Amy laughs because the first time I tried to do this I couldn’t and rather than toss the mess, I ran the thread all over her store to straighten it all out. Nobody could move.

But now? I can do it!
mandy 002 mandy 003
It does rather make that finger turn purple. But sets me up just dandy to give the evil eye hexy thing to my neighbors. The wine bottle comes in handy to hold it until ready for plying…

mandy 004 mandy 014
About 25 yards, the color is right in the first two pics.

I thought I’d use the rest of the fiber (Amy’s Corriedale, in the color “Mandy”) for the long draw. I’m closer, but not quite there. Here’s half the top, fluffed up, yarn 2-plied, and leftovers.
mandy 018 mandy 026 mandy 024
hmmmm, time for another bracelet.


nom nom…

Olfactory hallucinations

Phantosmia. Who knew it was a real thing? I haven’t been able to smell much since a bad sinus infection in May, and then at the end of the May I started smelling smoke. EVERYWHERE. Practically all the time. My doc put me on Flonase, but that hasn’t done much, so I’m setting up an appointment with an ENT. The other night I googled “smell smoke” and the FIRST result was a forum about “you smell smoke when it isn’t there”. No real answers, but lots of questions for the doc. Causes range from tumors to polyps to chemical sensitivities to allergies to nose picking to stress to proximity to computers to nerve damage from upper respiratory infections (the most likely for me). Easy things to try include sinus irrigation (which I’ve done) and steam inhalation therapy. You can buy a device, but a bowl of boiled water works just as well. I’ve been putting a few essential oil drops in it, which I can’t smell… until the hot water hits it. YOWZA.

Twice a day, in this stinking heat and humidity, I create my own little sauna. And try to read. And drip and drip and drip sweat. But my face feels great!

spinning and spinning and spinning

Went to Amy’s spin-in on Saturday with She Who Never Posts. Had a great time and saw Julie and some other folks. I seem to have my spin groove back. For the moment I know, but let me wallow in it…

I spun up some alpaca I’ve had around for a couple of years that had a very little bit on a single bobbin…
alpaca_july2010_350yds (1)
Details in Ravelry page, but basically a 2 ply, sport-ish, 350 yds.

Next up… experimenting with that long draw on some fiber I’m not loving too much anymore. (Is that Amy’s alter-ego in that painting, wearing her braids with the bow in her hair???? bwahahahahaha)