Lovin’ Gin

Wigmore that is (though I do confess a fondness also for Hendrick’s)

Do you think I could find her “new” (March) cd in Augusta last night? NOPE! But I’ll get her somehow…


Oh yes, I guess I do do that… the orange sweater lingers. The sleeve was way wonky… I need advice from a knitting friend before continuing.

So, today, during an all day GIS conference, I did a bit on yet another pair of Maine Morning Mitts. They are clearly my “go-to” mindless small project, especially for small amounts of friendz blendz!


Look what I got from Mel this past weekend (raffle winnings from some time ago),
bfl_2lbs bfl_blueheather
Way incredibly lovely, eh? Now I just need to get all the fiber off the bobbins and start to work on this… there is about 2 pounds here!

and ooooh!

There’s a hummingbird right outside the window this evening at the bee balm!

exclamations questions and a bit of knitting


boxy pieces
Michael Kors’ Boxy Cardigan (ravelry project link)

At first I thought Uh-oh, but the schematic shows the front shorter than the back. Weird, yes, but the sleeves are also odd. So I’m doing the left sleeve next, before doing the right front side.


knit or loop
Who knew that knitting was different than linking and looping?

Unless it means the edging (this is a recent goodwill find),
knit or loop edge

Yet another pair of Maine Morning Mitts!

alpaca mitts (2)
Alpaca with a Twist, Mojito in the Fall into Me color. Finally, two or more years after getting this at Ravelry from David at his Red Maple booth… the yarn becomes something. I love love love this pattern, and this yarn is so super soft and squooshy! More pictures on my Ravelry project page.


Mom brought me two more second-hand cashmere sweaters, so they all went into the washer and then into the dryer!
cashmere washed twice
They shrank a bit, but not much. And they did full nicely! There is certainly more than enough now for a robe… now to do something about making it!

But it was for a good cause…

.. and it was cheap!

Does any of us need more yarn? Do I really know what I plan to do with this? (well, actually I do have an idea…)
number one and romance
$3 for the basket!

I’m thinking the red boucle (50 wool/50 mohair) for a tightly knit boxy pillbox hat? Maybe combined with the auburn kid mohair.

I’m trying to clean out “stuff”, because more is always coming in…
lincoln beauty ware set
50 cents!

These are Lincoln Beauty Ware, but I can’t find any online that are similar. Mostly I see them with the labels horizontal or with black and gold labels. Here’s one that must’ve started with me in worse shape, and I didn’t like the black and gold, which promptly fell off, so I moved to barn storage of nails and such.
lincoln beauty ware 1960s

I love rectangular storage, and I have another set that I use. They’re really handy, but I don’t have the counter space to keep them out.
garner ware
These are Garner Ware, and you can see them around online in chrome. I saw a matching yellow breadbox dated 1950′s.

Grey day, maybe an excuse to go hook up the dvd to the old tv to watch True Blood (the next dvd just got here!), something I’m not excited about the recent 8th grade graduate seeing… I can work on the boxy cardigan… Maybe…

RIP Robert McLean Cameron

We went this past weekend to the memorial service in PA for my father-in-law. It was a lovely service outside under large, spreading trees at Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. He died late on Mother’s Day, just six months after his wife of 50 some years (she died on Thanksgiving). My husband gave a lovely tribute, in which he talked about life lessons learned from his dad, who he worked with for several years as a surveyor. And then his brother gave a short tribute that made me cry and cry.

They’re cleaning out the house, you know? And found one of those little inspirational books that MIL had, with a page about love or family (I forget) marked off with a day calendar page from 2006, again with some pertinent quote. And FIL wrote, in his scratchy surveyor’s handwriting, a note about how he fell in love the day he met her.

October 30, 1929-May 9, 2010.

What was I taking pictures of?
dad memorial 008
the backside of the piper

Who, by the way, is wearing County Mayo (an IRISH plaid…). Especially after BIL’s tribute, his piping was haunting and bittersweet.

the family

dad memorial 049
missing only the youngest BIL and a niece

There are 8 kids, all with partners or spouses except the missing one, and the three girls and DH with kids (including two half siblings to one of the BIL’s, who were raised by my SIL… I just call them all family). It was great to see them all, and especially to meet the littlest one who lives in Colorado.

After the memorial there was a party at the house, where they all grew up. Neighbors of 30 and 50 years and long time friends showed up. We didn’t get to bed until midnight. Even though it was a sad occasion, it was great to see everybody and spend time with them.

the drive

I drove a bit, DH drove more, while I slept in the back of the minivan with the doggies. At one point stuff was hitting the windshield. I just thought it was agricultural duff. But, no, it was agricultural stock… bees.
I rolled down the window to get a better photo and DH said “No! No!” (if you embiggen you can see bees hanging on the backside of the truck)

back to work

and the blue screen of death at 11:30. Actually the black and blue screens of death since I have two monitors. Neither one had any words, just plain color. They want to get me a new machine (this one was new last October). Frustrating since I spent days last week installing some software (old software, but new to the machine). At least now I know where it lives (The people who make it say they don’t know where we would have put it. The person in whose world, an Oracle database, it is supposed to lives said it wasn’t there. The person in the middle, a database server, said it wasn’t there… but I got him to let me remote into his world and we did find it). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what was on my machine and needs to go back on before I can do what I’m supposed to do. yadayadayada…

would it be better if it was a pink screen?

Alarmed Dog Encountering Pink 2004jpg
Personally, I think so, given that blue is generally not my favorite color…


Did you? I did, but didn’t get a sticker! waaaaa!!!!! I figured my boss might not believe me, and sure enough, when I got back and said they didn’t have any stickers she said “I don’t believe you really went“. She was kidding…


As usual, no pictures. Finished some mitts. And the back of a summer sweater… pics soon.