and we have a winner!!!!

Sara I never post on my blog anymore won the snowmelt contest! (OK OK, to be fair, she is active in Ravelry). She guessed May 24, and, guess what? It was totally gone by then! There were a couple of minor wet spots that were raised a bit above the ground… these typically result from ice melting below them. But no ice… I figure it had finished melting that morning. A groundhog even appears to be living in that snowmelt area…
snowgone snowgone (1)

Since Sara works and lives in Augusta, it was easy to deliver her winnings on my way to a meeting (she lives on the east side and works on the west, I live on the west side and work on the east).
sarawins sarawins (1)
She seems happy with the circular needle holder and a couple of buttons. Or maybe it was the delivery of that frozen caffeinated beverage… It has been wicked hot here these past couple days (90′s and humid).

I did a bit of spinning over the weekend…
may2010spinning may2010spinning (1)
Something from Amy, not sure what color, burnt toffee maybe? I got this a few years back to use with the drop spindle. Which hasn’t been happening… so it’s now for the wheel. I’m not trying for anything special, just to get back in the groove… then I’ll move on to that alpaca I was working on months ago, or maybe that “I’m trying to spin thin” wool.


That I’m not the only nutcase that thinks things hang around after they’re gone, or sadness can remain behind,

Ghost Hunters at my work

A friend is downsizing, and several of us scored some more old knitting magazines. But there were a few that nobody wanted. Just. Too. Scary. Big hair, big shoulders!

Heading outside into the gorgeous weather to get back into the spin of things…

sick sad trees, snow, wood and what else

Chris has some unknown sick tree. What I want to know is, has she figured out what it is yet??

We have way too many sick trees at work, mostly maples, birches, gingkos. The larger maples are likely suffering from sugar maple dieback, but the saplings were probably just not planted right. Or were crappy stock. Or are ailing because they’re on the grounds of the old Maine Insane Asylum, and over 150 years of sadness and suffering is built up into the soil. Here are some old postcard images from the glory days.

sick trees 019 sick trees 020 sick trees 021 sick trees 025 sick trees 024 sick trees 012 sick trees 026 sick trees 011 sick trees 022
That last one is dead, the gingkos to the left don’t have the dead branches like the others, but they don’t look good.

The healthiest looking tree on the grounds? A weeping birch.


still there… but going quickly!
snowpile21may2010 (1)
Doesn’t look like much, but there is a fair amount of ice there. I’ll put my wellies in my car to investigate early next week.

winter wood

We have four cords of wood in the driveway…
wood delivery 18may2010 (8)

what else?

Whining. The cortisone is wearing off. The right elbow is starting with that twitchy weird feeling that presaged the actual lateral epicondylitis in the left. The left has that cold after you hit your “funny bone” feeling at the back, and has started again with pain in the lateral epicondyle. I have not been knitting very much. I was out of work for a week, so little to no typing. I won’t be moving much or any of that wood. My dye plant seedlings still await their planting (maybe I’ll harden them off anyhow), and they won’t make into the ground this weekend.

I won’t make this year’s Fiber Frolic. Which is for a good reason, my FIL died Mother’s Day night, and the service for him will be that weekend, in PA. Just 6 months after MIL died around Thanksgiving.

Maybe I’ll get out the spinning wheel… But after a nap, I feel better, but still get tired easily. waaaaa….

sea colors sweater done!

See what laying about on the couch does… produces knitting. Or at least finishes projects that have also been laying about.

standing mostly vertical

I went to the library like this today (but changed footwear). Fashion. Criminal.

I think the librarian must think I’m some pathetic nutcase. I was there earlier this week, hardly able to talk, dressed much the same. It’s been pj pants and comfy shirts all week. I figure I’ve got undergarments on, so I’m dressed.

seacolors (3)

I blathered about this on my Ravelry project page. In short, I winged this project. Had to rip the overwide sleeves, I re-did these this week. End result is a bit of boob wings. Ooops. Armhole shaping problems. But it’s comfy.

Quick project to use up that bit of blue-green in the sweater:
Waves cowl, not yet blocked.

Details on the Ravelry project page.

cashmere dreams

I plan to make myself a cashmere bathrobe for next winter. But who can afford to knit such a thing? I found some cashmere sweaters at the Goodwill though! I’m going to cut them up and sew them together. Not sure exactly how.
(that yellow is actually a very yellowy lime green)

I know it’ll be warm and luscious… not sure about its fashion appeal… but then I tend towards the criminal in that department.

actual knitting?

Knitting has kind of taken a back seat to almost everything else, in part because of the tendinitis pain. But oooo and lah lah lah, it’s better this week. Perhaps the cortisone shot (No! Fun!), or perhaps the new wrist brace I wear to bed. All I know is I’m more comfortable!

I did manage to shorten the sleeves on DH’s Papa Bear Pullover. Although he does have monkey long arms, the sleeves needed to be shortened about 4 inches. Glad I did them from the top down!

I even spent some time digging in the garden making spaces ready for some dye plant seedlings I started (wearing the other brace…) and that did not cause lasting pain.
frontbank noface 2010may02 front bank southface2010may02 (2)
Part of that left photo is the pathway, yes, yes, a weedy thing, as are most of those front banks…
But aren’t the tulips fabulous?
red tulip