maplewing and hockey and scurvy prevention and a lot of eyes

I resurrected the Maplewing shawl for knitting during the Olympics. It has sat since last summer. I was worried I left it in a confusing state and with some mistakes, but no. Partway through the first of four repeats of the B section, and easy to pick up where I left off, in the middle of a row!

maplewing 016 maplewing 018

Anyhow, section B is done (that one YO is consistently larger… I’m hoping it will block out). And I put in a lifeline. Started the next section, but things weren’t right, so I tinked back… It should be OK, the numbers are right, but I was probably distracted by those games or something.

Which over the weekend included hockey. I haven’t watched hockey since, oh, I don’t know, 1970-something, when Bobby Orr (he never looked like THAT on the ice that we saw!) and Phil Esposito (this IS how I remember HIM) were in their heyday with the Boston Bruins.

It was because of these two that my family got a color television. I wondered about why my parents needed a color television to view bunch of guys in black and white (with a tad of gold, but really) skate around with white leggings and black skates on white ice. To this day I’m convinced it was the blood. Blood on the ice is just so much more thrilling when it’s red.

I watched that Russian-Czech game over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Maybe I was delusional from the lace. Or maybe it was that bloody lip.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with limes, so I figure I’m on a scurvy prevention kick. Recent favorites include:

  • scurvy prevention (1) Thai salmon with fish sauce/garlic/cilantro/lime/chili/sugar/salt marinade
  • scurvy prevention Thai shrimp salad, similar sauce, but more fish sauce, no garlic or cilantro and yes on the scallions.
  • No photo but soba noodles with avocado and chili/lime sauce. O-M-G, so quick, so easy. While the noodles cook, squeeze a lime, chop up a chili pepper, cut up the avocado, 2 tsp brown sugar, 1/2 tsp salt. Even the boyo loves it.
  • mojito 008 Kumquat mojito. Need I say more?

really no massacre here

I got a little carried away trimming the matty bits on Zuzu’s tummy. Next thing you know, full trimmings. All. Over. The. Carpet. I only noticed when I loaded the pics to the computer that it looks like a boneless dog skin laying there.

But she’s just fine, see,

Gracie just got a chin and face trim. She’s less patient and really needs to be up on a table. Plus, her fur is softer… I’m thinking if I let grow another month or two, maybe when I trim her I’ll collect it for some spinning project. But she’ll have to be shorn prior to mud season.

how many eyes??

I’ve had a prescription for bifocals since October, but when I went to choose some frames, they had just finished a sale and had a paltry selection, and I wasn’t really noticing the need. But over this last week or so? This has been the scene while watching tv and knitting something less than mindless,
Freaks out the boyo a bit… but isn’t that a good thing? He’s not sure if he should call me 6 eyes or 8 eyes or 16 eyes…

2 projects done!

noroscarf 013 noroscarf 006

This one is still blocking,
papa bear blocking

I blathered about them on my Ravelry projects pages: scarf and pullover.

Does anybody know the sort order for finished projects on our Ravelry pages? Things I just finished get buried down below, in no seeming order…

I was looking at a three day work week this week (Monday holiday, Tuesday shut down day), but now it’s a two day week…. home sick with stomach bug. I thought I might do some work, but really I just want to go crash.

summer dreams

…mostly just a diversion, since we’re actually supposed to get some snow…

I love that the “actors” are named at the end!

I joined the Ravelympics, but was overwhelmed by all the rules, so maybe I’m just pretending to participate. Finished the noro scarf, nearly done w/ the papa bear pullover, plan to resurrect the maple wing shawl…

We’ve watched a bit of the Olympics. Mostly these days I’m obsessed with this,

I love him as The Doctor! A little sexy in a Daniel Craig kind of way, with a big does of silly… who wouldn’t like that? Mostly I remember Tom Baker, and those shows as simply campy, but maybe they’re worth a revisit…

meet Dory! ice and cold! color! progress!

See what happens when I don’t post during the week…

meet Dory

Who graciously modeled her fancy schmancy sweater…
dory (1) dory (2)

I was in Brunswick on Thursday, recruiting for summer field interns at Bowdoin, and thinking, gee if I had a cell phone, I’d call up Ohana (her Ravelry name, but does she ever do anything in there?) and say where are you I am here (she works there). And within 10 minutes, who walks by? So we got together, walked Dory, gabbed… I was glad to know I didn’t crush her back when I slammed a great bear hug into her at the job fair…

the river is still icy!

ice 001 ice 002
Along Front Street (that dirt road along the river) in Hallowell, behind the Lucky Garden, looking north.

ice 012
Along the rail trail in Augusta, last evening.


I have been making progress on DH’s sweater…

But I needed some antidote to all this white gray oatmeal blah, and something small I could work on at the job fair… and so,
noropile noroscarf

And before I set up for the job fair, I visited Ellen at Purl Diva! And came home with some subtle color, Madeline Tosh sock yarn in the lichen color,
OMG it is so lovely. Ellen has a new shipment of all sorts of Madeline Tosh yarns…. they’re all wicked nice, squoooshy, soft, great colors, yum yum yum!

Maybe I’ll actually work on some socks soon…