knitters rule! and drool! and should plan a little better…

Today I was driving from Massachusetts (30th high school reunion last night!) home to Maine and stopped at the rest stop in Kennebunkport. And who do I see in the women’s room?

Knitters! We. Are. Everywhere.

Looking at some sweater cuff, talking about the stitches. You can imagine it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut, and I had to tell the woman I thought that the cuffs were not knit sideways, and that the pattern was much like the mitten cuff I’d just knitted. And then we were blathering about Ravelry and all things knitting. And I was telling them how I was on my way to pick up some raffle winnings from Mel, including sock yarn and two pounds of blue-faced leicester.

When I heard from a stall, in a voice of awe and desire, two pounds of blue-faced leicester?

You could hear the drool hitting the seat… wipe it up baby, somebody might think you dribbled!


Mel works near Portland but lives near Kittery, and I’d totally missed him! So it’ll be a while until I get pics to show you, so you can drool too!

By the way…

The reunion was a blast. Everybody seemed to have a good time, even though many of us haven’t seen each other in 30 years! It was all about enjoying each others’ company and what we have in common. Which was so wonderful.
reunion 014 reunion 013
On the left, Carl (the first boy I ever kissed!) and me… He married a really sweet girl from our class. On the right, me and some trouble! Some things never change, eh?

happy thumbs, temptations, and digging in the dark

finally, something finished!

thumbsdone thumbsdone (1)

The thumbs really do disappear! Because of how the stitches were arranged on the needles, the lines up the sides are rotated a bit. I was going to block the mittens, but when I squish them around, the thumbs become less comfortable. So I’ll leave them as is. More details on my Ravelry project page for these mittens.

I was tempted at $1.97

But absolutely had to have this at half off and under a dollar…
orangestripes (2)
Brand new, men’s xxl. That’s a lot of fabric! And orange is such a happy color. And those stripes are so happy… I’m thinking I’ll make some summer bag, maybe even two!

Somebody had to play with them today… they were on the boyo as shorts, as a hood, and on each dog separately, and then on both dogs at the same time (which lasted about a nanosecond).
orangestripes orangestripes (1)


Dug out of the garden after 7pm, which around here is really really dark (the moon isn’t up yet).
spuds in the dark
In their lovely basket… not really. Came with some other stuff (a total Jefferson’s 1960′s style platter was the real find!) from Freecycle. For late dinner with baked cod.

Saw New Moon. With teenage girls. Boyo was in another theater watching 2012 with my friend’s husband. 2012 isn’t a movie I wanted to see, but I gotta say the whole teen angst and swooning girl thing around Edward was a little much… though I did like the wolf/native boy.

seacolors sweater sadness


Didn’t have quite enough colored yarn to do both sleeves, so one ended up with more brown.


And then, I tried it on… The body is fitted but the sleeves are way to baggy. As well as a bit too long for one and another inch too long for the other (I counted rows!).

So… since I did the sleeves from the top down, I’ll rip back and re-knit slimmer.

But I think I’m putting it to the side for a bit. Finish those icelandic mitts (one needs a thumb), make another pair MIL mittens, DH sweater, and probably some small project for myself.

In the grand scheme of life, no big deal… but… sigh…

wonderful and weird and white


On Sunday I met Emily aka Gramily, who I’ve been blogging with for maybe two years. She doesn’t live far from me when she’s in Maine, but is often living elsewhere. We went for a good walk at Vaughnn Woods in Hallowell. And then to the Goodwill, after coffee.
Fuzzy pic, but we look happy, no? Thanks to the checkout guy who thought we might be tourists! At the Goodwill!!

It was a dreary and wet November morning, but there was beauty to be seen, even though much of it was invasive,
vaughnwoods bittersweet vaughnwoods barberry
Asiatic bittersweet and Japanese barberry

vaughnwoods multiflorarose vaughnwoods apples vaughnwoods tree
Multiflora rose, an old apple tree, and a great old tree.

more wonderful

Yesterday I had a random act of kindness done to me! A gift! Out of nowhere! And I wasn’t the only one!! Visit The Kindness Revolution for more info.
randomkindness randomkindness (2)
Imagine my surprise when in the car on the way to a webmaster meeting, Rebecca, who I met only moments before (she stuck her leg out so we’d see her and pick her up!), said I have a present for you! She gave one to all the women at the meeting, and offered the guys to take one for a woman in their lives.

webmaster meetings

These are my favorite meetings. They have coffee (I always bring my mug), and donuts, often fresh and hot. And an entertaining host, who I think looks a little like House, a little

webmastermtg webmastermtg (1)

And I always learn things here. Yesterday, Rebecca noted that for all these years we’ve been peeling bananas from the wrong end. Somebody paid attention to the monkeys, and it is easier to peel from the other end.

weird vegetables

weird brassicaceae 1 weird brassicaceae 2
Orange cauliflower, and some weird brocolli/cauliflower cross. From Goranson Farm in Dresden, where a friend has a farm share. She’s thinking she’ll just look at these things as decoration for a while, because they are so odd.

weird, just weird

But it feels so good… Massage followed by ion cleanse foot soak (I know, sounds so hokey… and maybe it is, but the foot soak part was cheap!). I think she had me a year or so ago when I tried this (she’s a friend), and as she pulled out the electrode and said, huh, look at those blood clots, are you menstruating?. Yep. And they looked just like those kind of blood clots. TMI, sorry!

weird 016 weird 020 weird 021 weird 027 weird 029 weird 031

Water goes from clear to ick pretty quickly. I swear I can feel the salt tingling as soon as she puts it in, even before she drops those electrodes in. Little bits of metals floating around in the pyrex… I figured maybe the massage followed by the cleanse would help get the ick out of my lungs. Can’t hurt. And it feels good.

I have one more of these scheduled, after an MRI. Which they’re doing next week to see what’s wrong in my head because my field of view is defective.


The bathroom is white… very white. I’ll do something on the walls soon… but at least the base paint is up, and the trim is done, and there are new knobs on the drawers and door.

There has been knitting, but it has depressed me. I may end up ripping out sleeves. More later on that.

I should post more often so I don’t have these wicked long posts, eh?