oops, really it wasn’t my devious plan all along

Loosely spun wool felts really really easily. And I have nobody to blame but myself… DH asked, should he wash it in the machine? And I said no, I’d soak it. There was so much that came out in the soak (and I felt like crap) that I thought, Oh, I’ll do a rinse/spin in the frontloader versus just a spin after soaking the sweater. Bad idea.

Here is the 50 inch chest, 29 or so inch length sweater now…
graysweater 005 graysweater 006
(it’s now about 42 inch chest and 26 inches long)

Here it is the day it was finished and blocked. For a broad-shouldered, long-waisted, long-armed tall man.

And now?
graysweater 004
Fits me perfectly! And it’s super warm. Just not a very exciting color.

And what else?

Guess I’d better knit him another sweater. With all that stash, I don’t have enough of any one color of one kind of yarn to make such a big sweater. So I’m going to do some creative thinking this weekend… I have a ton of lamb’s pride and easy care and enough lopi, just not all in one color. Maybe for his January birthday.

work fun

Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I worked a full day. Here’s what my day was like yesterday…

One time (one time) I coughed over my shoulder in a mostly empty room towards a wall and far away from the only other person (my boss, who I like very much) in the room. She gave me grief all day, telling me that I should cough in my elbow.

Shortly thereafter I spilled an entire cup of hot tea all over the table (and onto the floor) in her office. Luckily it entirely missed all the papers we were looking at.

Not long after that there was another person at the table, and I had to stand up to do something (but not leave the table, just reach) and when I sat down, my chair wasn’t there. It had rolled away. I landed on the floor. Noisily. Uncomfortably.

Then we went to the open house at the gym. Walking around for 15 minutes exhausted me.

I coughed into my napkin at lunch. “Use your elbow!”

When I came home I just wanted to go to bed. I was too tired to knit.

Today I didn’t manage a whole day. And that coffee I had this afternoon must’ve been decaf. Haven’t knit anything today either.

Thankfully somebody else is doing the presentation I was supposed to give in Bangor tonight. Actually it’s DH, more reason to make him that sweater, eh?

dogs and knitting

I’m trying to see if a blah post title will keep the spam robots at bay…..

Dogs and dogs and dogs!

My friend got a new dog, a 7 month old hound mix named Arthur. He’s very sweet. Not so much of a people dog as the dogs I’ve had, but that can change… he was a stray.

arthur best arthur gamboling
He was pretty thrilled to be able to run around leashless in my yard, and most of the pics I took of him are a huge blur. He was a little freaked by Zuzu but quickly recovered, and they had a great time chasing each other around.
arthur zuzu play

We didn’t bring Gracie out… she’s a little insecure (still!) about her place here with us and is sometimes unpleasant to visiting dogs. Maybe another time. And best if in another place.

more dogs…

My brother’s boxers are sending you secret messages with their laser eyes…
daisy sidney lasereyes
Daisy and Sidney… see what happens when I turn the red eye reduction off? Green laser eyes!

yet more dogs, but you know these two

gracie sleeping 18oct09
Gracie… Who would guess that this is nearly 40 pounds of incredible athlete and sometimes witchy to other dogs?

zuzu sleepping 18oct09
They both like sleeping in this small place, but Zuzu is the one who does so on her side, with her legs on the couch, or totally upside down. It’s that security thing. This is one settled, secure, and happy dog. See what a difference that first year (we didn’t have Gracie then) makes…

sad dog news

Po, a littermate of Gracie and Zuzu died recently. He was hit by a car. His brother (another littermate) Tek survived only because Po was between him and the car. I don’t really know details, but what an awful thing. Here’s pics of the boys and some relations, including Zuzu and their mom and grandmother. One of the pics is a video of the boys playing fetch.


I’ve been sick, but knitting some. The icelandic mitts only need thumbs, and yarn ends sewn in and the liner sewn up.
icelandic mitts 2
I was at the docs last week, and got to the place where the thumb goes on the first mitten, and no waste yarn! I had a moment’s panic, then started rummaging in my bag, and found some dental floss. Worked just fine.

I liked these patterns better than the one I started with (I ripped that one out). With these I could instantly see where I was without looking at the chart. Made it a good “I don’t feel that great” knit.
icelelanic mitts palm back

more knitting

Started working on the Nanney Kennedy sweater. Wasn’t loving the stripey thing,
nanny sweater beginnings (2) nanny sweater beginnings (4)
And, geesh, all the tangling. NOT at all what I was wanting, the look, the process, etc.

So, I ripped (for probably the fourth time, had two starts working on gauge, even though I did a swatch and all the math, but you know, swatches LIE) and just started knitting the back in orange. Thinking I’ll do some colorblock affair. Maybe stripes on the sleeves. The uncertainty is partly because I don’t have much of an idea how much yarn it’ll take, and how much of it will need to be brown (which I like in small amounts here, not entire sections). Planning just a basic v neck cardigan, probably with a knitted on button band, and maybe some fancy edging.
nanny sweater beginning orange nanny sweater beginnings (3)
Ah! Easy knitting… loving watching the color work itself.


Well, I’m still sick sick sick… a lingering cold turned into bronchitis and now maybe sinus infection. Third day on drugs and no improvement. Just ick.

I figured I could spend a bit of time here and there and update the stash on Ravelry. So today I was taking some photos, and in the Jamieson’sgasp!

jamieson moth eggs
What’s that? Webbing?? Little specky eggs??????

So even though I felt like shit, this is what I did this morning,
jamieson airing jamieson airing (2)

Opened all the skeins, picked through them, flung them about, hung them in the sun.

One of the “cornfield” (yellow) also had some damage… the offenders are on the left.

It’s supposed to freeze tonight. I say good… and if tomorrow’s sunny they’ll stay out there again. They are not going upstairs until they’ve been frozen for 48 hours or so… I think they’ll take turns in the freezer.

Thankfully this was the only bin infected… even with the cedar planks in the bin. I think I’ll add more cedar to the bin. But I only looked through maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the stash…

in other news around the house…

The dogs tend to watch the house across the street, for the loose dogs (which thankfully have of late not been loose, she finally built a fence for them in her back yard), and for any other item of interest (her cats in our yard) to bark at.

Here’s my solution:
new shades
I replaced the top down roman shades with top down/bottom up duet shades, and they match the floor! That’s my little nest on the couch, picture me, covered up in a blanket, sometimes knitting, watching not very good movies, napping, drinking tea…yada yada yada.

OMG OMG the library just called… discs 3 and 4 of Season 2 of The Tudors is in! I know what I’m doing tomorrow on that couch…

naughty spinners

Which I guess shouldn’t surprise anybody.

The trouble I went with, and the trouble I met…
Sara and David.

More trouble,

Of course I was no trouble!
You really may not want to know what is going on here… I brought Amy a jar of freshly made lotion, and um, well… David had to go have a smoke after this.

I haven’t spun since March, and have some thin fawn colored alpaca going. Since I stress about making it thin, and haven’t spun in over half a year, I brought some corriedale in a bright color. But you can see I didn’t get much spinning done.
mandy fiber mandy spin start

icelandic mitten progress

I finished one mitten (minus the thumb), but it is much too narrow. So I started another, added more stitches, went up to 3 mm needles, and am using a different color pattern.

icelandic mittens backs icelandic mittens palms

I figure I’ll make this one, and hopefully I’ll have enough to make another without having to rip back the first one, though what would I do with one small mitten? Maybe undo it a bit and felt it into a little bag or something.

I don’t usually make this type of thumb. Not sure I like it, we’ll see…

mushroom experiment and something for my MIL

the experiment

I overdyed a sweater using the superconcentrated chagga tea I made from the chagga sawdust. It looked a little too scary to consume… though I suppose we could have dried the sawdust and made tea with that.

Anyhow, the color is hard nearly impossible to see in the photo, and I forgot to take a before pic…
mushroom overdye experiment

It was a heathery denim blue. Now it’s darker with a slight greenish tint in the light. As though it was something between “sky” and “indigo” and is now something like “moss” in this photo. It also fulled a bit so it fits me better now. Not very exciting I know…

something for MIL

I figure it’s time to make her some more mittens. Here’s the first of two pair I’ll make her for xmas, which is also her birthday!
MILmainemorningmittens 004

Couple more pictures and details over on my Ravelry project page.

I’m thinking the other pair will be white, with a cable up the back, probably out of either my handspun merino top or the angora/alpaca that Cathy-Cate gave me last year at Rhinebeck.

Just so you know, no mushroom experiments on any people, and certainly not on my MIL (who I like very much).

more mittens

Finally making mittens with the icelandic yarn I spun in March. Not sure yet if this is good, the plain portion is the liner in the cuff (hopefully it’ll fit in what looks to be and probably is the smaller outside portion), and I’m not entirely sure yet what the pattern will be… guess I’ll find out as I go.

icelandic mittens start


waaa waaa waaa

Some respiratory virus, not the flu, not congested, but exhausted and coughing and sound like I’ve smoked for 40 years and drank cheap whisky for 50.

Got some dvd’s from the library and The Tudors (season 1 and 2) kept me entertained for a day and a half! Yowza! Now I’m in withdrawal… though I see that the first episode of season 3 is available to watch on line.

Edited: ACK! I wondered why season 2 picked up and there were some things that seemed like they didn’t cover in season 1. I figured it was just moving the show along. But when I started watching the season 3 first episode, I knew something was wrong, because the preview of “what’s happened so far” showed several things with Jane Seymour. SO… what I learned is that the library’s “full first and second seasons” are missing dvd’s! They each only have 2, and should have 4. sigh sigh sigh…