bronze montego bay done!

s3duc3montegobay on tree s3duc3montegobay on door

s3duc3montegobay close

I didn’t use all of the fourth skein, and it’s plenty long to wrap twice.
s3duc3montegobay wraponce s3duc3montegobay wraptwice
Wrapped once, and twice. Notice how twice hides all those neck wrinkles!

Standing in about the same spot, facing the other way, got the flash… so glittery…
s3duc3montegobay wraptwiceflash
And do you see the fence? It was whitish, now it’s purple and matches the two sets of front steps (one up the bank one at the front door). I didn’t help paint this year… but didn’t they do a great job?

I hope you also noticed the extremely fashionable grey t-shirt to go with the fancy scarf! I’m thinking of putting on a beaded fringe. I have some small gold and larger bronze beads that I think would work well… but for now I’m calling the project done. And then there’s the Rock Show on Labor Day weekend… they have all sorts of stuff and maybe something just for this. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth the $2 admission.

scarf progress… hmmm, ideas for next project…

Since I saw one of these in the same yarn in Ravelry with only 2.5 skeins, I thought that maybe I could get away with just the three. I’m nearly to the end of the third, so I think I’ll ball up the last one and use it too.
two montego bays

The gold one, in Seduce, has more heft than the blue one in Seasilk. I suspect the Seduce won’t elongate quite as much, which is another reason to use the fourth skein.

But I’m ready to start another project!

I’m thinking a giant rectangle, perhaps in loose linen stitch, perhaps in garter, maybe some other woven type stitch, out of these colors,
linda shawl yarn
They remind me of the sea, deep and rich blues, some paler frothy ones, greens, and a bit of purple. Oh, and some sparkle and light.

I saw this great woven thing, with three buttons toward the end of the long sides, and button loops opposite. You could wear it as a shawl, as a crazy scarf thing, as a shrug, even as a head and/or neck warmer. I’m thinking I’ll knit something similar. For a friend having foot surgery end of next month… she’ll be stuck off her feet for eight weeks!

And then there’s the other projects I have in mind: scandinavian mittens out of my handspun icelandic, hat out of the windspun from Hope Spinnery, Nanny Kennedy sweater, finishing the maplewing, mittens for MIL. Something to work on during the next furlough day, eh?

the wind blew, the skies dumped buckets of water, we all had a great time

Hanging out at the yurt (for a good feed) last night with friends. We were out on the deck bbq’ing, and the skies got ominously dark, then came the lightning, thunder, wind, and rain. So we boogied inside… not wanting to be the tall things in a big field and all.

Did we close the window/walls before the rain? Of course not. And a lot of water poured in, so two of us ran out. It was like stepping under Niagara Falls. Except there was lightning. H had to use the aluminum ladder to get the higher windows. We survived…

But check out what the wind did,
john1 john2
eh-yuh, that’d be the toilet

However, the bbq sauce stayed upright bbqsauce

They also have a tent up, it didn’t survive the storm. DH says toilet paper is harder to tear.

look what else blew through town

Molly’s mum, Molly Bee Herself!, and me

And that wicked, evil, wonderful woman left me a Firecracker chocolate bar. O-M-G, this is incredible. I think I’m totally addicted. Can I say that after just one? Love that popping hot feeling… I did some research and see that I can get their products at Pier 1. You know I’m going there today!

more about the quilt

Auntie asked for pictures of me and the quilt, so I sent here these,
quilt_aug22 (1) quilt_aug22
bwa ha ha ha

I did send some with my face, with the corner folded… but they’re all really crappy fuzzy pictures, so I guess I’ll be taking some more.

knitting news

The scarf is coming along fine. I’ll try to blather about it in ravelry. Since I don’t have as much time to sit and knit as I’d like, I find myself thinking about the next project, and the next one, and the next one…

love hate love hate

This is the relationship I’ve been having with the scarf…

It’s on the fifth iteration. And going well. As I thought it was on the first, third, fourth iterations…

  1. too wide, won’t have enough yarn, no problem, rip it out
  2. didn’t like fabric on bigger needles, no problem, rip it out
  3. this is going well (thought I), but then last Thursday or Friday, I realized I was knitting the front side on the back, and vice-versa. Which started to happen before I had that glass of wine at lunch on Wednesday. But maybe the bubbly prosecco made it so I didn’t notice and kept knitting happily for another inch or so. No problem, rip it back an inch and pick up the stitches. Ha! I ended up ripping the entire thing back and started afresh.
  4. this is such slippery yarn, I decided to sew the end of one ball to the next. But I did this when there was very little left and I wasn’t at the end of the row, and of course the stitches slipped off. I thought I picked them up. The pattern was working out right. I knit up another 2 or more inches into the second skein. Then I realized I had an extra stitch on the ends, even though the lace was working out OK. Learning my lesson from perhaps the third iteration, I knew that there was no ripping back and picking up the stitches because of the slippery yarn. So I tinked back about 12 rows.
  5. keeping fingers crossed.

But I do like the yarn and the pattern. Guess I’m getting my money’s worth in entertainment, no?

This was over at Kat’s the other day… I think it’s pretty fabulous! And in a weird way cooling on this pisser hot week,

Stay cool!

a jaunty little beret

And I do mean little…

jaunty 003 jaunty 001
This little kitty found me in Portland and told me it needed to go to a young friend in Syracuse. Are you a girl or a boy kitty? It told me She will know. So I knit it a jaunty little beret for the adventure and wrapped it in a big kitty leopard print fleece for safety at night.

Before the trip it stopped to smell the flowers
jaunty 006 jaunty 009

experiments with seduce

Ah! I can write that word in here, but flickr doesn’t like it. It’s a yarn, Seduce by Berroco.

Started this as a 51 stitch Montego Bay scarf on 8′s. Liked the feel of it, but after knitting half of one skein I realized I clearly wasn’t going to have enough yarn. Switched to 45 stitches on 10′s. Did not so much like it.

s3duc3 on10s

Too holey. Can a Sin-uous seductive yarn be too holey (holy)?

Found Montego Bay knit in Seduce in Ravelry, so back at it on 8′s with 45 stitches. This is a great and relatively brainless pattern. And the yarn is easy in this hot humid weather. I enjoyed knitting on it in the sun, with the light reflecting off of the yarn. And I am more than getting my money’s worth with three starts to the scarf, and that the yarn was 20% off, but I only got charged for 3 skeins. I pointed that out to the store owner, but she was happy to see the 4th skein go, so she let me have it, the skein that is….


Sad anniversary. We’ll be marking the occasion with lunch and cocktails. A WWW afternoon (whatever the widow wants).

And, I may be meeting up with a certain someone from Wisconsin and The County. Oh! Update! And her mum!