S is for Signed!


My other Rhinebeck purchase, It Itches, signed by Franklin! Who is so photogenic. Whereas I am not (you only generally see the good pictures). I was perhaps following the advice from a mammography visit a couple years ago where the technician said to “love the camera”, and not just for her pictures for that day, but because it helps keep those neck wrinkles from showing up…. Note to self: don’t lift your chin so high, it makes you look piggy nosed!

I told Franklin I thought maybe he thought I was some sort of weird blog stalker because he never responded when I told him the dream of mine he was in… he chuckled. And since you know you want to know… Here it is,

I go to his house (which was one of my old houses). He says “Oh good, you’re here, you can help me choose a watch”. And then we sat around in some living room looking at a watch catalog and discussing the merits of watches with faces, where you feel that time is continuous and circular versus digital watches, where you feel that time is linear and has a beginning and an end. We may also have been knitting. There were a few other people there too. After a bit, a rather snarky woman (his roommate) comes into the room and declares “OK, all of you, out now”. (DOLORES??) So I gather up my things, and realizing I can be careless, I look in the couch cushions and also under the couch. Where, when I lift the couch skirt, Lo! and Behold! There is a row of neatly stacked hand knit socks, maybe 3 or 4 pairs high and maybe 10 or 15 wide, all with color work like Latvian socks… and the aroma of lanolin came wafting out from under the couch.

I don’t think he really is a big sock knitter, so I don’t know where that came from. Maybe they were Dolores’s.

We are still without a usable PC at home. Wah Wah Wah. So this is just a quick post and I hope to catch up on some blog reading soon! My last Rhinebeck purchase is not photo-worthy, a couple of dye packets for another dyeing experiment.

R is for more about Rhinebeck

Because I have been suffering from lack of internet access and you’ll get these posts as I can make them…..

Finally met Cathy-Cate (who is short!)

I may have only purchased one skein of yarn, but I came home with three… the blue was something I won over at Lucia’s a while back, and the white was a gift from Cathy-Cate… some super soft Wisconsin spun alpaca and angora. I’m thinking it needs to be a hat. Thank you both!


Everywhere on Saturday we saw the February Lady Sweater, some were better than others… Ms Fiberfish was wearing one, and I told her I wanted to take lots of photos of them… I concede defeat… she took more pictures than I did (love the little friendly competition)! I think I only took 10 or so photos.

The other sweaters of note on Saturday were the tangled yoke cardigan, which I would say was the second most common sweater at the fair that day, and the Tilted Duster (both from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits). Gotta say, when that issue of IK came out, all I could think of with that cover photo was giant purple vagina. It looks much better knit up than it did on the magazine cover. (and why can I put the word for certain female parts in the blog, but not for similar male parts??)

While talking with Juno (who I’ve only met before briefly) about how wonderful it was that there were all these tall women at the fair, I nearly kinneared a photo of this goldish sweater that was next to me, then its wearer turned around…
rhinebeck_spm (don’t embiggen, very fuzzy). Oh, says I, it’s you, and here I just wanted a photo of the color of your sweater….

Finally met in the flesh (with some of us stuffing our faces) Sandy and Norma

I wish I took more photos of what people were wearing! You can see them all, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the not so beautiful, (and some of the fuzzy because I was sneaking most of these photos) here. Just so you know, I’m getting an S post out of this flickr set…

Updates around here… the pc is still in trouble. We tried to install a new hard drive, having determined that the virus/trojan was just too big and bad to hassle with. And something isn’t reading/working so we need expert help. Other things are moving along in a positive direction.

R is for Rhinebeck

Isn’t it handy that I’m behind in the abc-along? I am tired and have lost my mind about what I wanted to post…

I went out with Lucia and Miss B
who clearly wanted this bunny

Saw some sheep,
those are the biggest, hairiest balls I have ever seen

Got a much-needed hug,
mel and me

Purchased a single skein of yarn,

Met a bunch of people, kinneared lots of photos, and overall had a great time. And you’ll be seeing more about it all… hope you don’t mind!

Q is the hardest letter to find in western MA on the turnpike

when you’re driving home from Rhinebeck and playing the alphabet game with Miss B and Lucia.

I returned safely, but sick. I think I sound worse than I feel, but from experience I know that soon I will sound better but feel much much worse. My colds very quickly go to secondary infections, but thankfully since I got that pneumonia vaccine a few years back I have avoided the repeat bouts of pneumonia.

My computer is also sick. And I wasn’t even here to make it that way. I don’t know if my head is clear enough to fix it, especially since I haven’t dealt with virus problems before. Usually Ad-aware and Norton take care of them for me. This bugger has made it so Norton won’t even work.

I will soon post pics and stories about Rhinebeck (um, can you say R is for…). I hope!

still going

Like that Energizer bunny, ya know?

But also, still going to Rhinebeck!

Cathy-Cate to the rescue!

Since the links never show up in these subtitles, that’s Cathy-Cate

I cannot find that poem my grandmother sent me. I’ve posted about grandmother here and here, and here, and in the grandparent post (there are some good old pics of things like beehive hairdos in some of those posts if you haven’t seen them). I thought, maybe I can find the poem on line. But where do I find it? In my comment on this post of Cathy-Cate’s. My copy is handwritten by Grandmother Winnie, on some sappy stationary with butterflies, but it is near and dear to me. I don’t know why she sent it, but like I say in that comment, it has often been on my wall. I took it down for something, and with life so busy, I can’t remember where I put it… but I will find it some day!

May the world hug you today
with its warmth and love
and whisper a joyful tune
in your heart
And may the wind
carry a voice
that tells you
there is a friend
sitting in another corner
of the world
right now
wishing you well.

And to think, it was written (by somebody named Donna Abate I believe) loooong before blogging! But it gets to the idea that we all lift each other up.

So again I say thank you. (I do have some pictures and will put them up soon…)