Things that make me go Ha! and Hmmm? and ooooh…


and Hmmm?

Recently this wasp has been seen nearby… it is a hunter of the Emerald Ash Borer. Hopefully it will not spell doom and gloom.
Female C.fumipennis
(Image lifted from here). More info about both in Maine at the wasp link…

Hmmm?, as in WTF?

So I recently heard that prisoners at Guatanamo Bay are tortured with pop music. (It was on Whattdya Know… can’t find any links). And it isn’t constitutional rights, or human rights, or the Geneva convention that is putting a stop to this… it is that the pop singers are not getting their royalties. The US government owes several thousand dollars in royalties for pop songs used to torture prisoners.

Was the wool put over my eyes on this one or is it really true??

And Oooooh

The disk flowers on these…
echpur3 echpur2

I had more to say but forgot!


bab5 came in the mail tonight, and we’re all addicted. Another Oooooh!

N is for Nympholepsy

I have been at a loss for the N post. So I grabbed up my trusty New Century Dictionary (mine is in better condition than this one), and opened to the last entries for “N”… nympha (labia minor, who knew?), nymphaeaceous (loved that, it’s a botanical term), nymphal, and nympholepsy. Which immediately amused me.

Nympolepsy: An ecstasy supposed to be inspired by nymphs; hence, a frenzy of emotion, as for something unattainable. Nympholept: one seized with nympholepsy.

I looked on line, and oddly enough some of the sites indicate only ancient peoples had this, it is a demonic frenzy, and has to do with the erotic. I like my hard copy definition better.


N is for Nearly There

This was my previous title for the N post, for which I actually have photos.

The other night, while in the midst of the knitting funk, I dug out this old project,

But I couldn’t find the pattern instructions! After two more days I did find them, and proceeded to finish up the sleeve cap. I was about to bind off last night and thought hmmm, this cable doesn’t look quite right, it’s too tight. A friend was over and she agreed. So I looked a little more closely at the instructions (after wine and fish and iced kahlua) and realized I’d been cabling every right side versus every other. Whoops. RIP Rip rip.

Even so, still nearly there. I had put this down to work on that doomed dh birthday sweater. sleeves2

This is what my friend is working on,
Pretty stunning, no? In case you don’t recognize it, it is the forest path stole.

Here’s that beautiful Portuguese cotton,
portuguesecotton1 portuguesecotton2

And as if I don’t have enough yarn, I’ve been thinking about making something with the fax roll from work. So I brought it home yesterday, and on my way home I stopped at a yard sale and found something that seems to need to go with it,

I actually think the fax roll would be more interesting as sewn fabric, but the fax roll is from work, and even though we’re a state agency and open to foya, I’m not sure folks sending in a fax would want their information seen that way. It’ll probably sit for a while before I get around to doing anything with it.

The other little gem from the sale,
Even though our favorite hobby has to do with fiber, it seems that in 1961, the philately folks would have you believe it was collecting little stamps and putting them in a book.

But they are fun to look at,
I am amused that the forest conservation stamp sits above the petroleum industry stamp.

Kansas is rather colorful for the time, and it is scary that communications for peace looks like a spy satellite.

These were among the loose ones,

Does it seem to you that stamps 40 and 50 years ago were more diverse than they are now? A liberal thinker, a Chinese revolutionary, reminders of horror (the refugee stamp), and directives to conserve our resources. Oh, and if we’d pay attention to some of these famous credos, maybe we wouldn’t be in such a mess….

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations, George Washington

Fear to do ill and you need fear naught else, Ben Franklin

Somebody hasn’t been paying attention…

Part 2, Adventures of Pinky

Pinky is 11. My lovely niece (in the previous post) named him when she was four. It’s a funny name, but good for a poodle.

Pinky doesn’t really swim. My BIL tossed him off a dock on Cobbossee Lake a few years back, and Pinky kind of sank. I grabbed his collar to keep his head up, and to keep him in the water and swimming to shore versus trying to get back up on the dock. This year they brought a life vest for the boy.

He bee-lined it for shore!

Swimming wasn’t enough… the same day he went for a paddle,
Pinky on Board 473
He’s complaining…

He only went for a quick trip around the floating dock,
Pinky on Board 464
You could almost see him thinking… can I make it to the dock?

One more morning paddle shot for you…
The mist was so very interesting… here and there were longer, thicker columns of mist that really danced a sinuous dance above the others. Mist wraiths, guardians of another place….

Knitting News

I seem to be in a bit of a funk… I have ripped, yet again, the double-thick mitten I started. Maybe if I do the cast-on row in a different color it’ll be easier to knit the hem together… Maybe I’m just wanting quick and easy…. Maybe I should finish DH’s birthday sweater (now 7 months overdue), but that’s heavy and wooly and hot, so no.

I received some lovely Portuguese cotton from the ballet master, though some might think the colors are a bit garish… a skein of orange and one of turquoise. They are lovely on their own, and do have some appeal together. It’s fingering weight, two ply, is nice and soft and cushy, and has a nice sheen… I’ll get a pic soon.

The funk is that I don’t know what I want to knit. So I’ve been perusing some books and patterns. I think it needs to be relatively straight-forward and simple for now, and not too wooly given the season.

Vienna Vacation Wrap Up Part 1

Vienna, Maine that is. And for those of you from away, it is pronounced Vie-enna (rhymes with sigh not see).

The place was high up from the water,
flyingpond 035

Which means if you went to the pond, you had to go up a lot of stairs and steps…
flyingpond 195 up1 up2 up3 up4 up5 up6 up7b And lastly, up8last Whew, eh?  If you count the each step up the hill as a stair, there are between 130 and 140 steps!  That’s about 10 flights.  You could feel the butt muscles tightening up over the week.

We swam…
swim_rosecold Flying Pond Swimmers 477
My niece thinks it’s cold… but it wasn’t, and she agreed once she actually got in.

And had tube wars,

We kayaked…
And I got out around 5 am one day. Saw the sun come up over the nearby hill, and saw a loon swim by my boat! Another day BIL and I saw a loon feeding its baby… very cool.

We enjoyed the hot tub…
tub_poolboydavid tub_7
during the day, and at night… notice that the “pool boy” brought us our wine in plastic cups during the day… we risked all at night. 

We lost power one night… We knew for sure when we saw Margaritaville go dark…
(ok I know it doesn’t look like much, but I took the picture from the deck… I wasn’t venturing down and up those steps in the dark, with a glass of wine, but trust me, there are lit up palm trees here!)

I brought along some mindless knitting, and actually finished a pair of socks!
Granted, they are shorties! From a single skein of Amy’s chubby sock. I had about 5 yards left over!

Other knitting news…. Ruth is having a de-stash sale, go check it out.

Part 2: Pinky’s adventures in Paradise or something like that… coming soon.

All of the Flying Pond pictures are here (mostly for my family, not sure who else would want to look at all of them!).

Part of the answer: arthritis. Disk space is about half of what it “should” be, and I’m starting to build a bridge of bone between some vertebrae. But the doc says it isn’t enough to be freaking out. Good thing I’ve signed up for this Tai Chi for Arthritis class, eh? Mostly because a friend is teaching it, but talk about timing!

Hubby in the News

On the front page of the KJ! But do they have the article on the on-line version? NOPE! Pictures here.

Well, dang it all, in the last 20 seconds they got the column up! It is here.  DH is truly a botanical madman.

Now I gotta go pack… Aside from the boat, what? Swimsuit, shorts, a sweater, and libations! Oh, right, and some knitting!