friday night lites

Well, really I took the pics on Thursday night. While driving through the rotaries. Maybe that’s why these places are high accident areas? (Knitting at the end of the post…)

East side, and west… no need to embiggen, they are fuzzy (I was driving)…
litesrotary litesrotary3

How about the landscaping at home?
That’s a weeping katsura, rhododendron, and the deck rail…

Wednesday was my last day of jury duty. Report at 9, so time for a morning walk with the girls. I’ve been rather taken with the light on the dried goldenrod heads.  Doesn’t quite translate in the photo…

Once there, half dozen or so of us discovered that between the time we got the message to report (Monday night) and Tuesday night, the reporting time changed to 10. But we couldn’t leave. Glad to have some knitting! And then yet another hour went by, we filed into the courtroom (in a very specific order and fashion), to be told that our presence (our awesome presence) helped settle the case without a trial. So we were dismissed! I was a bit disappointed. The judge is a character, and I thought a day in court with him would be not only educational, but also entertaining.

Here’s what I was working on,
fri 018
a sport weight version of blue hills

This is fuzzy, but you can see all the little balls…helmet1
I ripped a legwarmer (yes, just one, I have yet to rip the other) I made some years ago. The yarn is Nomotta Extra, which I like very much. And I like the colors, so I was glad to find a use for my little balls. The tweedy yarn is Wildfoote in mums. The colors match exactly! Sadly the finished hat is a bit small for the original intendee, so it’ll go to his younger brother. I’ve started another, but have no more lovely tweedy yarn to work with it.

design features

You know how if you make one mistake, it’s a mistake? But if you keep making it, you can call it a design feature? These started out as dashing, but since I didn’t have a printer, I just jotted some notes. It was just about where the cabling starts on the second mitt that I realized I’d screwed up done something different.

dashing2 dashingon

But I think they are ok. You can see that I did the cabling in the same spot rather than in two areas like in the pattern, and that I only did it once per cable round. Otherwise I pretty much followed the pattern… a couple extra rounds before cabling, a couple fewer between end of cabling and thumb. I did them in Ultra Alpaca, on size 4 needles, and knit the smaller size in the pattern.

Here’s the finished blue baby sweater,

With little shell heart buttons,

Couldn’t find the glass ones, but I think these suit it better.

I’m thinking about adapting the Blue Hills hat pattern to a sport weight yarn. Intending two of these as xmas gifts. And at a minimum two other hats. I think this is do-able.

Spring isn’t the only mud season… right now the ground is not nicely grassed, but it isn’t totally frozen, and certainly not yet snow covered. So there’s a lot of mud dust in the house. This is a fuzzy pic, but take a look at that paw (and the other dog has hairier and bigger feet!).

Here’s a better pic of Gracie, and lolling about like she’s on the beach is Zuzu.
gracie zuzuinsunglasses

Sid’s doing fine. He thumps around in his splint, which is like a little cast. The very worst case is that he’ll end up with a painless, mechanical limp… but we’ll all hope for better!

I avoided the urge to go into work over the weekend… I wanted to hang some xmas lights in my new office. And take better pics of the transom art so I can finish up a picture key of what they all are (in time for the department xmas party). I am finding myself somewhat more stressed than usual with this new, full time job. One of my first big tasks is one where the instruction ‘memo’ is 25 pages of instruction! This task is supposed to take about a week… and that’s not counting doing all the other things.

I realized my last week’s posts were kind of whiny…sorry! But thanks for all your input.


or not

…this is a rant…

My kid hates the gifted math class he goes to. I finally sent out a request via school email last week for the teacher to call me. Which she did today. My previous correspondence from her was this, his first trimester evaluation (he’s in the sixth grade).

does this make a whole lot of sense?

I can interpret this, but given that it is #1 from a teacher and #2 from a gifted teacher, I expect better. It’s the ‘does can sometimes explain’ that really gets me.

What did I learn today? That the kid spends the class with his head on his desk and his hood over his head. That he only contributes to ask disruptive questions. I pointed out to her that there was no way that I would know this sort of behavior was going on unless she relayed it to me, because the kid surely isn’t going to. His behavior is not acceptable, but her lack of responsibility in working with the kid’s parents is worse. Let’s face it, who should take the lead here? I told her I would like some ideas from her about how to make the class more interesting to him, to make it seem like it’s not a punishment to go (he misses morning recess with his friends to get transported to another school to take this class). She blathered on about when she was a kid and how she wasn’t challenged. I cut her short. Two reasons- #1, I totally know, after all, the kid’s smarts didn’t descend from nowhere, and #2, it’s not about her 30 years ago, I’m trying to work on something constructive for the kid now. She had no ideas. I said, well, would you be willing to give me a short email each day noting if he made an effort? Oh yes, that’s a good idea.

Followed an ambulance for a bit today. It left the hospital, slowly, strolling along, until it got to the rotary, then on came the sirens. I could see they were clearly transporting somebody. Who was sitting up on the stretcher drinking what looked like an iced coffee or soda.

This nearly caused an accident when the two cars that very politely pulled over to let the ambulance by (one totally off the road) tried to get back on the rotary (aka traffic circle). This is the #1 accident spot in the entire state. Granted, it’s a whole lot smaller than some of them in Mass.  (and we drive better up here!  … sure….. )  The high school moved from here to a new building last year, so maybe the accident statistics have dropped.

Almost to the thumb on the first mitt in a pair of Dashing, which I’m making mostly out of Ultra Alpaca, with a bit of angora at the cuff edge. Slightly different color than the Bunny Scarf and for the same person.

Spinning my wheels about some ArcMap and Crystal Report issues… anybody out there work with these?

good day for ducks, or penguins

two pair of mallards

Rained a lot yesterday. Still raining this morning, but cold so the rain was a little thick. The river is a bit high, but these ducks don’t seem to mind. It snowed off and on today as well.

I realized last night, or the night before, that my second sleeve on the yellowcolorofmud garter stitch sweater is not the same as the first. The cuff is one row longer. I am going to forge ahead anyhow.

More distressing news…

Sid (doggy bro of my girls who belongs to my recently widowed friend) put his paw through a glass window (up high) today. Three hours of emergency surgery, and he is very thankfully alive. The vet said he’d never seen anything quite so bad. Tore through 5 muscles, his tendon, and his ulnar nerve. I cleaned up a lot of very very thick blood. He should come home tomorrow. Like I said, we are thankful he is alive. Here he is in August with Gracie,
gracie sid

I start the new job Monday, but can’t move into the new office until Tuesday. We are having second interviews for an ecologist position, and they have been taking place here. Rather drab compared to my current bright, open, sunny, full of green life space, but I’ll move some of the plants.
newoffice1 newoffice2 newoffice3
on the up side, the window opens


for a jury trial… should take place the week after thanksgiving. I actually knew something (several things) of one of the four cases and didn’t think I could be impartial. Lesson learned? Reading the paper can excuse you from a jury panel. One guy got selected for three jury panels! Glad I only got the one.

How much knitting did I get done while waiting for selection of 4 criminal jury panels?
about 106 rows on the second sleeve, from the ribbing to the needles

The blue baby sweater is finally blocking

Someplace I have some lovely blue glass heart buttons that I got when the LYS closed. Or maybe the white shell hearts… will see when the sweater is dry.

What did the kiddo want to do on his 12th birthday?
play nerf darts with 2 of his buddies, against dad… who roped me into joining his team

These pics are fuzzy, lots of action going on! We were up the hill at one of the cemetaries.
darts hanging off of dad’s hat

Then back home for cake
that’s a wolf on the cake… in case you couldn’t tell…

It’s official! I start the new job on Monday. Information Manager for the program. One of the (many) things I’ve been doing is writing our new website… hoping it will be up and going by Jan 1, because the one we have is woefully out of date.

Thank you all for your thoughts. His mom and mine are still friends. As a parent, I can think of no worse thing.

These things seem rather trivial in comparison, but the next three phone calls I received were these:

  • problems with my niece’s ears and discord in her parent’s marriage,
  • another niece (14 and hanging with the ‘wrong’ crowd) ran away from home… they know where she is but didn’t for a day or so, and
  • my intern is in the hospital… she had surgery for a badly burst appendix. It’s five days since the surgery and she is still there

Seems that was the end of suprises. For which I am glad. Hope your surprises are of the happy variety!