Dulaan 2008

OK, so I’m going on an assumption (hopefully that won’t be a problem!) that Dulaan will happen again in 2008.  So I knit this up the other night,
another yurt hat
and it gave me a cramp! doubled bartlet on 10′s! at least it should be warm.

Here’s the top,
quick decreases, then a couple even rounds towards the icord

Ooooh, oooh! Looks like the picture thing is working! Thanks Mel and Jennifer! Chris also sent me some good info…I’ll get to that too.

So I bought this last weekend or so,

To put in these

Does anybody know anything about putting yarn in direct contact with the cedar? Hoping to keep the stash safe!

zuzu…what’s she doing?

waiting for Gracie, so she can assault her!

they are playing!

where does one end and the other begin?

So I started the week at the dentist. What do you think of their decor in the bathroom?
i’ll tell you where i’m ending the week soon!


It’s like a big party-Wow, what a lot of comments!

Apologies for the big pictures.  This is all new…  They look ok on my computer at home, though they fill the full width of the text area, but at work (old Internet Explorer version), they are absolutely humongous, the whole blog is way bigger than the screen.

Previously I uploaded pics directly from my computer.  I did that in the last (contest!) post, and they were rather large, they filled the page!  My imaging software doesn’t have resizing options.  So I figured I’d put them on flickr and link to that instead of my computer…but I’m not quite getting it.  And don’t you know that I got a message from flickr saying I’ve reached my limit for the free account, even though when I was uploading pictures I’d only uploaded 30% of my monthly limit (the plan is to put all the post photos on flickr and point the blog there so I can close down the livejournal account, which is where they are now pointed to).  So.  I sprung for the $24 for the year.  But now I can’t figure it out!  Too tired.  Too much computer stuff.  At work.  At home.  I can download the flickr photo back onto my computer and it is much much smaller (6 kb vs 1.4 mb!), but I know there must be a direct method that is simple.

If any of you link your blog post photos to your flickr photos, would ya give me a mini tutorial? 

I was pretty excited that I can now email commenters back directly.  But I wonder if something is wrong.  About an hour or more ago I finished replying to EVERYbody (I think), but outlook is still sending messages…very…s…l….o….w…l…y!  About every 10 minutes one goes out.  WTF???

So, things to show you when I get the picture thing squared away,

  • 1st Dulaan hat for 2008
  • yarn storage reorganization and improvement
  • eagle over the river that nearly made me swerve off the road
  • doggies!
  • maybe a WIP, I keep starting it and getting about an inch into it and ripping it and restarting and ripping and restarting and ripping
  • Simpson’s avatar my son had me make

You know, standard odd stuff.


Welcome to my new blog!  I’ve imported the old posts (without comments), so it is mostly all over here now!

First huge thanks to ihswebsolutions.com!  They are fantastic! This blogger had great things to say about them at the end of May.   For $15 for the year, they registered my domain name and host the blog on their server!  Now, I know it’s not free, but it is about the same price I paid for the non advertisement livejournal account…so I’m thrilled.  The tech support has been great too!

So a contest is in order, don’t you think?  I was going to do a contest a day, but that seems like too much work, so it’s all here…

mountain colors bearfoot in the elderberry colorway

Renaissance yarns Connecticut Cotton, 310 yards per skein

Cottage Craft’s one ply yarn

And for the spinners!
I think it’s 4 ounces. I know it is wool. I know it is a nice browinish color. I remember the sheep type began with an ‘R’

I know this is 4 ounces, it’s batting, and from Wonderland Dyeworks, obtained at a fiber frolic a few years back

So… leave me a comment! Let me know if you are not interested in the roving or batts. I’ll draw random numbers. Contest will remain open until August 5th, 5 pm.

Errol Done

he’s helping the monkey bread dough to rise

The pattern was quick and easy, but the assembly directions left some things to winging it. One thing I didn’t get is that the cast on of the body (the bottom) had fewer stitches (and therefore was smaller) than the cast off (top). I somehow increased too much and my body was ‘bigger’ than it should’ve been, but I had the same number of stitches as the pattern in the beginning and end. And the head opening circumference was nearly an inch smaller than the top of the body. I thought of putting it together the other way, but then it looked like a penguin (widest at their butts) versus an owl (widest at their shoulders). And, you make this small, more or less rectangular piece called the ‘base’. It ends up being a good bit wider and longer than the opening at the bottom. The instructions were unclear about how/where to sew it on, and the pictures weren’t all that helpful, so I put it on the inside, then stitched over it again on the outside. The bottom looked a bit like a stoma, but his legs covered that up!

the back of his neck is a bit wonky too

but the kiddo likes him!

The monkey bread… Mom brought this for me (the mix and the mold). The kid has been after me for a couple weeks, ‘when are you going to make the monkey bread?’. It’s a time-consuming proposition, kneading, rising, making the little balls, rising, baking.

the dough was so sticky I had to knead it in my hands!

I forgot to take a picture of it when it came out of the mold. It looked much like a gooey volcano with caramel sugar sauce oozing all over like lava. And what did kiddo say? ‘I like the bread part, but it’s too sweet‘!!! He’s a sweet fiend, so I was a little surprised! I think it would be better if it was made from scratch, with just sugar and cinnamon in the glaze (who knows what is really in those packets).

And exciting news… I have my own domain! I’m still setting it up, but have managed to import all of my livejournal posts. I didn’t get the comments. Found instructions somewhere, but it was a whole page of code, and I just couldn’t read it all. I’m thinking by the weekend it will be up and going…will keep you posted. I’m sure I’ll have a contest to celebrate.

orange FO and Errol

Charmed Knits came, and before I could look through it all, the kid wanted it! He wants Errol! (that link is to an Errol KAL! Here is the general Charmed Knits KAL…who knew?) I’d finished the Orange Object, so Errol seemed like a good stashbuster.

Yes, we got our book. This morning. The kid was on page 26 before we got home (the store is about 5 minutes away!).

This book was sitting on the table, next to Sea of Monsters (go look at the cover) and I thought, wow, I really like the orangy brown colors in those covers!

So, yes, I have a thing about orange. And an orange thing.

I’d been thinking for maybe two years that I want to make a scarf like the greenish one I wear on my head, but in these two orangy yarns. One is Rotunda Print color 195, the other is Mosaic FX in sunset boulevard. I increased a stitch at both ends of each row, until I got 104, then decreased back to 1 (like a plain washcloth), did it on #15′s, so it was quick. I was a little surprised at how much shorter the triangles were versus when you increase on only one side (like mom’s shawl). What intrigued me was how fluid it was when it was done. Hold one corner and it falls like a square, more or less,

And hold another corner and it suddenly becomes very long and rectangular,

and hold it in between and move it back and forth and it’s like a slinky!

OK, so in my own defense about that get up (modeling Mom’s shawl)… I did wear the head scarf and green shirt during the day, but when I came home I took off my pants and grabbed the nearest shorts (you can tell I am a true fashionista and that my wardrobe choices take much deliberation). I call those shorts my ‘Bedrock shorts’.

shorts! as pants they would be quite frightening!

Did you see that shirt? I think it's from the 1970′s. In the 80′s I altered the collar so it’s no longer long and pointy. I like the fabric, I think it is really batik dyed.