Contest Details In Brief!

See yesterday’s post for pictures of prizes and more details…

Post to this blog or send me an email (if you have this) with your guesses regarding my stash details on any or all of the following:

total number of miles of yarn

number of skeins of sock yarn

total yardage of wool yarn

number of skeins of cotton yarn

total yardage of novelty yarn

Deadline Friday Feb 9, midnight. (I am learning that LiveJournal may not be my blog space of choice…but it will do until October when my first year runs out.) Leave me your blog url if you have one. Or you can leave me your email. If you don’t want to do that, wait until Feb 10 or 11 (when I post winners) and if you are a winner you can send me a post with your email.

Already I have one guesser that I can’t contact, so if you’ve sent in a guess and haven’t heard back from me, please send it in again. Thanks!

stash busting contest and yarn balls

Yesterday I was hit with a bout of obsessiveness. All because I had to go into the little room where I knew my social security card was still hiding. I thought I had it, but no, I had multiple copies of my birth certificate and my marriage certificate. OOPS. But, here’s the fun, this room also has much of my yarn, with most of the rest in the attic stairway right next to the room. And the obsessiveness? I had to count it all. Not only that, inventory it. Including knowing yardage. I only counted full skeins or ones that had been balled up and were pretty much whole. If I had no idea what brand/name the yarn was, I didn’t count it. I also didn’t count the many small balls I have around. Or the skeins involved with the grey sweater.

Maybe I was just bored of working on the grey sleeve of the grey sweater.

I want to get rid of some of the stash. Now I know some of you have nicer stashes, but some of you might not… So, how does this benefit you?
A contest!

Let’s say whomever can most correctly guess the total number of miles of all types of yarn I have will win this

a pink douple point needle case

inside showing 8 inch dp’s, sorry needles not included

and their choice of one of these

Plymouth Sockotta-sorry for the fuzzy picture!

And to get rid of more…let’s say that whomever can most correctly guess the number of skeins of sock yarn I have will get the other Sockotta. To give you some clue, all of it is in here,

And, to whomever can most correctly guess the yardage of wool that I have will win this

3 skeins Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra, 100% washable wool, dk weight, 125m
And this

Garn Studio Silke-Tweed, 52%silk, 45%wool, sport wt, 200m

And more, to whomever can most correctly guess the number of skeins of cotton yarn that I have will get this (I had thought to make some kind of bag with it, and to dye it either before or after…maybe you can do something with it!)

5 balls Super Cotton Club-it is very white, 60% cotton 40% acrylic, US11 needles, 30 yds
and this

2 skeins Crystal Palace Monterey, 100% mercerized cotton, worsted, 70 yds

And lastly, to whomever can most correctly guess the yardage of what I called novelty/lux yarns (I included a few rayon, one silk) will win

3 balls of eyelash, since they don’t have labels I didn’t “count” them. I think they are Berroco Plume or some Trendsetter eyelash

I have flashed some of my stash here and here. I realize just now that I didn’t include the acrylic blends…didn’t get any pictures. Maybe another time, most of it has at least some wool and is good for baby things. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures! Contest end date Friday February 9th, midnight

And have you been wondering about my yarn ball? It underwent a metamorphosis last night. I split out the wool and warm yarns into one ball and the cotton and rayon type yarns into another.

And I balled up the color cards I inherited from Libby at LYS. Here,

I have some remnants of the Hip Hop and some Chinchilla and some mohair, so I think I would have enough to make at least one warm and interesting scarf for Dulaan.

Today I saw a big black hairy dog that I thought might be one of Zuzu’s and Gracie’s brothers, either full brothers or half brothers from the other litter. He was walking near the Rail Trail in Hallowell. So I turned the car around, parked, got out, and said to the walker “Hi, where did you get your dog?”. He must’ve wondered…but he did say “from Portland”, so no relation. The dog’s name is Ezra, and he is significantly heavier than Sid, though not too much taller if at all. Pictures of him here, though he is a bit older now-10 months. I haven’t put any pictures of my dogs up recently, tried taking pictures last night, but they were playing and it is impossible to get a picture then! Here’s an ear, can you guess who it belongs to?

wallpaper and freezin boogers

kat wants to see your wallpaper. Here’s mine, courtesy of the Hubble telescope. I usually have a pinker background (I think the hodge 301 cluster in the tarantula nebula is on my computer at work), and I will probably change this one soon-it’s too blue. I used to have one of those whirlpool galaxies, but some days it felt like the work was dragging me into the computer, and not in a good way.

now you think I might be able to figure out how to make a jpeg of the screen, but no…

We were out to lunch at work today to celebrate the leaving of a couple of folks (well, good for them, we’re sad they are going…) and I brought that sock along. It has more issues than the issues it had before. Maybe knitting on the bike at the gym at 6 am is not such a good idea. I am thinking of ripping it back to before the heel. Or just taking out the needles and starting another sock altogether (there was a knot in the skein, so I have a couple of yarn balls).

More men for you. I won’t put snarky comments on each of them, all the same stuff…stiff long objects. And barbie in the background. They are just so 1960′s preppy. Kind of amusing.

And the booger freezin thing? MINUS 2 this morning! Any bit of moisture froze suddenly when that air hit it.

shoulders joined

I thought I would have been here by the end of football last Sunday…

Nothing fancy…3 needle bind-off. I think I like it better with the ridge on the outside, but this is a very plain sweater. I tried grafting one of the shoulders, but it wasn’t as neat as on sock toes, so I went with the seam.

Some more men’s sweaters for you…

honey that tower has nothing on us

she can rub my knob anytime

Some of these pictures are about as subtle as Smiling Bob on those Enzyte ads with his perky wave.

I actually liked the sweaters on the cover (the picture in the last post with the fishing rods)…but not so much these. The aran with all the bobbles? My general feeling about so many bobbles on a sweater is that they are like too many nipples all over your sweater. Like artemis of ephesus. And, on a men’s sweater? Why?

a good mug

Randi has challenged her blog readers to post a picture of their favorite coffee mug. Here’s mine, my mother’s day gift to myself a couple of years ago.

Made by Robbi

With my two methods of preparation, either a french press (if I’m making coffee for more than just me). This makes some rich and tasty coffee. Or the single serve melita. This makes really HOT coffee. And, in case you are looking for a place to get some yummy coffe (some of it organic and/or fair trade), try here. I should have included the french press cozy in the picture (but it is not knit). If you need one, hello yarn posted a knit pattern on Jan 19.

More old pattern pictures,

Men with rigid ready rods

Men with more rigid objects in hand, oh, and a ball. And is it overuse that makes him wear that on his finger?

Too bad for the Patriots. It’s kind of fun when the local team goes to the super bowl…some folks around here are rabid about their sports teams. But good for Peyton Manning and good luck to him. I think his commercials are mildly amusing, though I can’t quite say what they are for!

Coffee time!