Andra’s Cranberry Pie

No photos, sorry! Knitting in the Yukon over at sexy knitters club had a lovely bucket of cranberries in her post. Here’s a SUPER simple recipe (from my friend Andra, from her friend, etc), people always like it, and it’s EASY.

Preheat oven to 325. Put a bag of cranberries in a pie pan (wash or pick over if you want). Sprinkle about 1/2 cup sugar over the berries. Melt a stick of BUTTER (I do in pan, can do in microwave), then add 1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, 2 eggs, stir. Spread this over the cranberries. You can sprinkle a bit more sugar on top. Bake 50-60 minutes. If the berries are frozen it may take a bit longer.

Have back done on sizzle, front about 1/4. Little kimono is sewn and blocked. Pics soon!

common ground

I’m trying the link thing again…

The common ground fair was a good time yesterday.

Saw Bill from hope spinnery . He of the cathedral hat design (and see my pic below), and other wonderful patterns and yarns.

Saw MaryJoan from maine coast herbals . Love her products.

Bought Bartlett cheap ($4). Saw lots of people. Talked a lot about invasive plants .

Oh Oh Oh!!! I think I’ve figured it out!!!

Here’s sizzle progress…I didn’t get quite as much knitting in as I’d thought


I’m reading some new blogs and see that v is whoring for yarn . I must send some to her!

Here is a shot of my yarn ball. Like I need to create in any way more yarn for myself. But my yankee sensibilities (or obsessiveness) could not stand tossing out all those ends of yarn. Not to mention the long bits on some old color cards. When I get two or three of these I will likely make some scarf/shawl thing. It’s about softball size now.


Next blog challenge…getting those tags on the sidebar. I’m thinking I need to knit at least one sweater, and probably also hat and mittens for Dulaan . And since the sizzle is a sexy knitters club project, I should have one for them too.

A cold and rainy day, good for knitting!


Still mildy depressed about the rabies quarantine. At least it’s in home and Zuzu can be in the fenced yard under adult supervision. Weird news, the neighbor 2 doors down found a bat in the house and the teenage son tossed it outdoors. Weirder news, the neighbor next to them just finished the 5 week rabies treatment because there were 2 bats in the house, one found and tested negative, but no info on the other. I need to go and get the scoop first hand.

Spent the day “working” at LYS. It was a social day! Got a bit of knitting done on sizzle.

Here’s hedgies to cheer you (me) up. These were baby gifts, the zombie looking one got pupils before being given.


And here’s Mr. Zedge…my 10 year old son wanted a hedgy! These are all based on Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog pattern. Mr. Zedge and the purple one above are variations using sport weight yarn.


Off to MOFGA Common Ground Fair (working the invasive species booth) tomorrow. There is FIBER there!

sizzle started


This is a stashbuster for me and I’m using some discontinued Linet from Berocco. The label says use a 7, but it was too loose. So I used 6′s and was getting pattern gauge, but still too loose. So now on 5′s and the fabric looks better, but because I am now knitting the next size up, I’m not so sure I’ll have enough. So, will do borders in a dk cotton called Santos (also from stash, and used on baby kimono). Here’s progress as of last night. If you look closely, you can see where yarns switch on the swatch, but I figure it won’t be too bad on the sweater because it'll happen between seed and stockinette.


I’m figuring out how to put a list of blogs I read on the sidebar!

Someday I’ll figure out how to do the photo gallery thing, meantime, here are a couple FO’s

dna scarf for 4th grade teacher, made in May, also a stashbuster! (ds is now in 5th)

dna scarf

OK, so I have to make myself a new rule…until I get off of the dial up, only small size pictures!

This was supposed to be a stashbuster, but I so loved the frog tree alpaca (the orangy stuff near the brim) that when visiting my bro (and subsequently the LYS there), I got more, the coral and black frog tree. My row gauge was off (likely due to the local wool in the top portion of the hat), so the whole thing came out rather long and pointy. But a visiting friend liked it and it suits him well. This is the Cathedral Hat from Hope Spinnery (I still haven’t figured out the in text links!)


Still coping with (possible!) rabies exoposure consequences. Dogs have boosters. Hanging at home.


Yesterday afternoon I was happily making pizza dough when I heard a squealing noise outside. It took a moment or two to register. Then I looked outside to find these two charmers

(Sid on left, Zuzu on right)

extremely interested in something.

It was this

This is a high resolution picture, sorry if you’re like me and still on a dial-up. But note that you can even see its lower teeth (and that bats have no lower incisors). We couldn’t tell if the dogs actually had the thing or not.

All kinds of activity ensued. Dogs were put inside. Bat was corralled into a box (by dh in protective gear). As this was Sunday, we had to wait until today to bring it to testing lab. Late today we got the news, rabid bat. This means boosters and a 45 (FORTY-FIVE!!!!!!) day in home quarantine for these dogs who are current and up to date on rabies vaccine. What’s the point if you have to go through all this rigamarole? I guess it’s better than a 3 month facility quarantine or mandatory rabies test (do you know HOW they do that???, it’d mean no more dog). And Sid’s family’s other pets need boosters too.

just need to sew sleeve seems on kimono. Do you like antique rose and green ribbon w/ collar as in pattern

Or with pink and blue ribbon and collar flapped over?

I cast on for Sizzle. Until I work out the link thing, here’s url

Don’t have much done. Was going to include pic, but there are bunch in this post already.

Off to teach tae kwon do tonight…